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Motiv Ascent - Pink/Purple Pearl - Listed Specs

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Motiv Ascent Bowling Ball - Pink/Purple Pearl - WWRD 5/30/12

Motiv Ascent Bowling Ball - Pink/Purple Pearl - WWRD 5/30/12

Motiv Ascent

  • Color: Pink/Purple Pearl
  • Coverstock: MOTIVator-Z™ Reactive
  • Weight Block: Recon
  • Factory Finish: 2000 Polish
  • Flare Potential: Low
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.59
  • Differential (Diff): 0.025
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a

    Description: When we asked pro shops if we had gaps in our product line, the most common response was that we needed to offer a very affordable performance option for entry level bowlers. Therefore, we are excited to introduce the Ascent™ line from MOTIV™. Available in both a solid and pearl option, the Ascent™ line offers two different ball motions for Light Oil. The gorgeous Pink/Purple Pearl edition is much longer with a more angular backend. The Red/Blue Solid Ascent reads earlier and produces a smooth strong arc to the pocket. Both Ascent™ balls combine the MOTIVator-Z™ cover from the QZ2 Backdraft with the proven Recon™ core . The resulting RG is 2.59 with a .025 differential on the 15# model. Invite your entry level bowlers to elevate their game with the new Ascent™. Make their first ball purchase a top quality piece of equipment from MOTIV™
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    1. Anonymous User on 8/7/2012, said:

    MOTIV's Ascent Pearl. Fantastic looking piece from MOTIV that just turns heads! The Ascent Pearl with its combination of pink/purple looks truly one of a kind. MOTIV with its release of the new Ascent Pearl & Solid have their first bowling balls in the entry level reactive resin bowling ball field. The Ascent Pearl is definitely for medium to dry lane conditions. Bowlers with 350+ rev range will find this ball to be pretty versatile on many conditions with the ease of how this gets down the lane and plenty of backend pop when it hits friction to play the inside lines. Bowlers who fall in the average to below average rev range will find this ball more useful on medium to dry lane conditions. This is a great piece to play the friction line when your higher end equipment is hooking too much. In particular on THS when the outside area (especially the heads) start to wear down from all the traffic and you find yourself moving in but not creating enough angle to get the 10 pin out then this is your answer as well. You can stay right as the Ascent Pearl will get through the heads with ease and have plenty of hitting power off the backend friction allowing you to keep a better entry angle while your opponents are losing theirs with every move.
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    2. Anonymous User on 7/11/2012, said:

    Ascent Pearl----- Far from Entry Level the Ascent Pearl gives me that look I need late in a set or that short pattern on wood look without the over/under reaction most reactive equipment provides. Its like having a urethane advantage without everyone complaining because your tearing up the lanes with Urethane. In my mind this ball is entry level only in process as you don’t sacrifice striking power or reaction based on that price point. This ball could easily sell for much more and performs like it costs more…Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors because this ball is anything but girly! Smooth off the friction with the ability to get through the heads is what means the most to me. My ball speed is on the medium side so I really need something to get through the heads. I don’t have the luxury of piping it at 20+ mph so I have to rely on my equipment to do what its intended to do. The ability to get down the lane and retain the energy needed to strike consistently is a true bonus as you usually don’t get that from a ball at this price point. Needless to say I was presently surprised at what this ball brings considering I expected it to be a ball I didn’t get to use much! Yes I was surprised ---OH! and the Chicks Dig it too! Rick Zakrajsek Motiv Staff Ohio www.Motivbowling.com GET MOTIVATED!
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    3. Anonymous User on 7/3/2012, said:

    Elevate your game with the new Ascent line! The Pink / Purple Pearl Ascent features the MOTIVator-Z cover from the QZ2 and the proven Recon core. The gorgeous pearl cover provides the ball with length and an angular backend. INNER CORE: Recon™ COVERSTOCK: MOTIVator-Z™ Reactive FINISH: 2000 Polished 15# SPECS: RG: 2.59, DIFF: .025 The all new Ascent Pearl wraps a VERY clean MOTIVator-Z Pearlized cover around the proven Recon Core! This ball provides incredible length with a very predictable motion downlane. For me this ball is an option late in blocks on shorter patterns when surface is just not an option. The best quality of this ball for me is it's ability to get through the fronts without being overly sensative to the friction down lane,which keeps it an option on shorter patterns late because it's not going to over soo all of that friction down lane. I can also use this if I'm bowling a longer format tournament on a high friction surface. It's a ball down from my QZ2's and allows me to stay in the same area without having to keep chasing it left and giving away the pocket. In league conditions this ball is a little to weak for me with my ball speed but I have drilled this ball for bowlers with much slower ball speeds and they LOVE it on the THS. It allows them to stay around 2nd arrow and stay in the pocket all night. I would recommend this ball to bowlers with slower ball or bowlers bowling on a very high frictioned surface. Also for tournament players who bowl longer format tournaments on a variety of conditions and surface. You can never have to many options and this ball certainly fills a void in my bag! Michael Cousins Motiv Staff Vise Staff www.motivbowling.com www.viseinserts.com
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    4. Anonymous User on 6/25/2012, said:

    MOTIV Ascent Pearl Review______________________ My information: Right-handed,Ball Speed:15mph average.Rev-rate:280 rpm average,Axis rotation:45*,Axis Tilt-15* Lanes:Anvilanes 12 year old,Pattern:2012 Men's U.S.Open pattern 42' and 42' house shot Stats of Ball Used:15lbs. Top weight: 3.1 oz.,Pin:3.0oz.,Drilling: 70*x60*x41/2" no X-hole MOTIV Ascent Pearl Information: Inner Core:Recon,Coverstock:MOTIVator-Z Pearl Reactive,Cover Finish:2000 grit wet/sand and polish. 15lb.RG:2,59,Diff: .025,Color:Purple/Pink/Silver Pearl. When you think of entry level,you don't think about getting so much ball at a entry level price. The Ascent Pearl uses the proven Recon symmetrical core and the MOTIVator-Z Pearl cover from the QZ series. The pearl MOTIVator-Z cover and the high RG and the low differential from the Racon core helps get the Ascent Pearl down the lane without burning up too much energy.The Ascent Pearl gets through the heads with ease and conserves all the energy for the angular motion at the backend. The Ascent Pearl is best suited for med/dry lanes. Angela Wilt MOTIV Staff member.AKA/MOTIV GIRL http://www.motivbowling.com
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    5. Anonymous User on 6/18/2012, said:

    Ascent Pearl Review Ascent Pearl INNER CORE: Recon™ COVERSTOCK: MOTIVator-Z™ Solid Reactive FINISH: 2000 Polished 15# SPECS: RG: 2.59, DIFF: .025 Review: Elevate your game with the new Ascent line! The Pink/Purple Pearl Ascent features the MOTIVator-Z cover from the QZ2 and the proven Recon core. The Ascent pearl cover provides the ball with length and an angular backend. Finally, MOTIV is introducing our first ever product at the entry level price point. The new Ascent Pearl and Solid are simply amazing. Do not let the term "entry level" fool you, as that is simply referring to the cheaper price point. The All NEW Ascent Line gives you alot of "bang for your buck". I recently drilled both my Ascent Pearl and Ascent Solid. In this review, I will discuss the pearl. I loved how clean the ball got through the heads and provided great length down the lane, followed by an amazing angular backend reaction once it encountered friction. I took this ball straight of the press and shot a perfect 300 out the box. I bowl on worn AMF HPL as my home center so I often see alot of quick break down or drier lane conditions. This ball allowed me to play straighter angles on the fresh and continue migrating left as they broke down without sacificing pin carry. I personally like to start with the solid and as the break down forces me left and I then like to open the lane up with the pearl. As most MOTIV releases, these balls hit very hard and keep the very low. At this price point, you can NOT find a better product. Bowlers of all levels with be completely satisfied and ready to become MOTIVated after throwing the ALL NEW Ascents. Get MOTIVated!!!! Bobby Middleton Jr MOTIV Staff Member www.motivbowling.com
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    6. Anonymous User on 6/18/2012, said:

    The Bowler: Ball speed = 17 Rev Rate = 400 PAP = 5 ¾, 3/8 up The Ball: Motiv Ascent Pearl Surface = 2000 Polished The Ascent Pearl is a long and strong entry level bowling ball. This ball will give you lots of length with a quick change of direction. The Ascent Pearl is a pleasure to use on broken down patterns and lighter house shots. It glides down the lane ignoring dry patches and bouncing off the friction down lane with an angular breakpoint. The purple and pink pearl is easy on the eyes and gets noticed quick from other bowlers. I was able to use this ball going straight up the lane or I can go in deep and bring it back on the lighter patterns. It does need friction to get it started but the Ascent Pearl is several boards stronger than the RX1 Silver Pearl on the same lane conditions. This balls strength is also one of its weaknesses, with the easy length it can wiggle on carry down, but if that’s an issue in your home center I would also recommend purchasing the Ascent Solid. I’ve also found the Pearl shines on sport patterns later in tournament blocks during the dreaded BURN. In closing: This Gem makes a fantastic light oil ball as well as an entry level ball for someone looking to hook the ball for the first time. Michael Mambourg Motiv Staff www.Motivbowling.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0OIOkihfQw&feature=g-upl
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    7. Anonymous User on 6/11/2012, said:

    Your climb to the top starts here! The Ascent Pearl features the pearl formulation of the Motivator-Z coverstock (featured in the QZ series) and the proven Recon core. The Ascent Pearl comes out of the box at 2000 wet sand with Power Gel Polish and is ideal for the bowler upgrading from entry-level plastic balls, or the avid bowling looking for a great dry lane ball with great looks! I have drilled two Ascent Pearls, one with my favorite layout (50 x 5 x 40, hole on P1.5) and the other (50 x 4.75 x 70, big hole on P3). My Ascent Pearl with the pin over the bridge (50 x 5 x 40) has become one of my favorite bowling balls! This ball rolls very close to a QZ2 Blue/Black. It gets through the front part of the lanes very well, without over reacting on the back part of the lane. The second Ascent Pearl, with the pin under my bridge, is great for league, as well as tournaments that put out short oil (cheetah). In fact, I used my Ascent Pearl with the pin under the bridge en route to a local scratch sweeper victory in West Palm Beach, FL. In comparison to other bowling balls in the MOTIV line, the Ascent Pearl provides a very long and smooth reaction. When placing the pin above the fingers, the reaction is very similar to the QZ2 Blue/Black. In contrast to the Ascent Solid, the Ascent Pearl provides the bowler with more of a skid/snap reaction. The Ascent Pearl has looks to kill for, and has a reaction which will kill the pins! Here is a link to my Ascent Pearl (and Solid) in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAsP6muGIvk William Welch MOTIV Staff Member 10 Back Pro Shops, Manager Fort Lauderdale, FL
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    8. Anonymous User on 6/11/2012, said:

    Motiv decided to fill there only gap in the product line by creating an entry level ball. We all know other companies entry level balls have a certain purpose. What Motiv created were two, the Ascent Pearl and the Ascent Solid. Both balls have different characteristics, the Pearl is a bit longer and straighter with great down lane motion, the Solid reacts a little earlier and will cover more boards for the bowlers that needs a little more help. This is a ball made for every bowler, the new bowler, and the bowler that is looking for something smooth on burnt up or drier lane conditions, having said that, it's really good on the fresh THS. This ball will not let you down and is a step or two above ANY companies entry level equipment. This is the best of the best at this price point. I am a senior pba member and my ball speed is 15.5 mph, not real slow, not real fast, this ball gets through the heads with ease with a nice smooth backend reaction. A perfect fit in any bowlers arsenal. The best thing about this ball, is our customers love it! David Member Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com USBC Certified Coach PBA Member Bowlers Design Pro Shop
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    9. Anonymous User on 6/11/2012, said:

    Motiv Ascent Pearl The New Motiv Ascent Pearl is the next best thing in entry level performance. Motiv hits another home run with the new Ascent pearl. This is the first low end ball I have ever thrown that does not quit when it gets to the pins. Not only does this ball look amazing and have great shelf appeal, it also performs on the lanes as well. I love how this ball is predictable shot after shot. This ball will provide you with great length and predictable down lane motion. I drilled this ball to utilize its length and then pop on the back end. I used a 50 x 4.5 x 40 layout. I like to use this ball on lighter volume patterns and when I can play the gutter. This ball plays about 5 boards farther out than I can play with the orange recon. It gets down the lane a farther and still makes it to the pocket. Do not be scared of the entry level tag on this ball, as it will fit in the bag for any level of player. Justin Howard ~ Motiv Staff
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    10. Anonymous User on 6/1/2012, said:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ6XNmfzCO0&list=UU_UfaMLNb-OqK-X52iv5GJA&index=1&feature=plcp Here's my video review for the new Ascent pearl. This ball gives bowlers a reaction that is stronger than the recons but weaker than the rest of the line. The two new Ascents compliment each other very well, and both provide outstanding performance at an entry level price point. Hope you enjoy the video, and make sure to visit www.motivbowling.com for great information. Motiv staff memeber Josh Stephens
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