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Storm IQ Tour Pearl - Listed Specs Only

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Storm IQ Tour Pearl Bowling Ball - WWRD 12/4/12

Storm IQ Tour Pearl Bowling Ball - WWRD 12/4/12

Storm IQ Tour Pearl

Storm Symmetric Drill Sheet
  • Color: Gold Pearl
  • Coverstock: R2S™ Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: C³™ Centripetal Control Core
  • Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Flare Potential: Low
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.49
  • Differential (Diff): 0.029
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: Butterscotch



    The Master™ line features new technology with innovative core designs and coverstock combinations that yield a wide variety of ball reactions. One such example of cutting edge technology can be seen in the original IQ Tour, one of the hottest balls on the planet since its introduction! In fact, the popularity of the IQ Tour has been so expansive that we are bringing you the perfect complement, the IQ Tour Pearl.


    When considering a new ball, it’s important to determine your needs. Some players are looking for more control while others desire strong backend flip. Top competitors want the best of both worlds! Enter the IQ Tour Pearl- the perfect combination of midlane control and backend hook. The IQ Tour Edition quickly became the new standard for benchmark balls in the industry. The C3™ Centripetal Control Core is engineered to yield ample midlane roll while smoothing out the transition. People have loved the unique combination of low RG and low differential as it allows even high rev players to better control the breakpoint. We added a new highly polished, pearl R2S™ coverstock to this phenomenal core to create a combination that makes this a MUST HAVE ball in everyone’s arsenal. You’ll be able to see the difference as this ball reads the midlane without over-responding to the friction at the end of the oil pattern. Then the real magic happens; it reads the backends with unparalleled consistency through the pocket. Pick up a new IQ Tour Pearl and see what makes Storm the best in bowling!
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    1. Anonymous User on 6/17/2015, said:

    The ball did not work for me one day it would hook to much the next it would not hook enough I would hit the pocet and it would still leave pins
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    2. Anonymous User on 4/21/2013, said:

    One of the cleanest bowling balls and one of the smoothest bowling balls I've ever thrown the ball I threw was pin down under the middle finger cg slightly below the pin ... I'm a two handed bowler 530 rpm 16.5-18mph
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    3. Anonymous User on 12/12/2012, said:

    Typical Conditions: Mostly House Shots so far Type of Lane: All Synthetic Weight of bowling ball: 15 Surface of bowling ball: Factory/Box What grit was the surface of the ball? 1500 Likes: It is a great compliment to the IQ Tour Dislikes: None so far My layout: 65 x 4 1/4" x 2 inch pin buffer My PAP: 4 3/4" over 1 5/8 up I firmly believe the IQ Tour ranks up there as one of the best balls ever made. I drilled my IQ Tour Pearl the same exact way as my IQ Tour. Because of the difference in the coverstock, the IQ Tour Pearl gets through the fronts easier then the IQ Tour, it also tends to store more energy and therefore is sharper in the back for me. The IQ Tour Pearl adds a great option for me in my tournament bag. It won’t take long before people realize this ball is a weapon! This ball really worked great on the transition on my 39-40 foot league pattern. I struggle to get a consistent 3 game reaction because the back ends get tamer as the night goes on. I started my league on 12/4/12 with my IQ Tour and shot 279. The second game the transition kicked in and I lost the angle to the pocket, which affected my carry, and I shot 214. I decided I was tired of fighting the transition, and switched to the IQ Tour Pearl in the 10th frame. The IQ Tour Pearl hooked in the back where the IQ tour didn’t and I shot 300 the last game. I know 300’s are cheap these days, but I didn’t shoot 300 in that house in over a year. I therefore credited the ball for making the difference. 5 days later my partner picked up his IQ Tour Pearl right before our doubles tournament. He came out of the box shooting 800 for the first 3 games. During the tournament there were already a number of bowlers throwing the IQ Tour Pearl. I can tell you the ball looked great in everyone’s hands. I feel every serious bowler should consider the one two punch of the IQ Tour and the IQ Tour Pearl. You won’t be disappointed! Video of Ball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5mqihqIHBY
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    Showing comments 1-3 of 3