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Motiv Venom Toxin Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $113.99 
Motiv Venom Strike Bowling Ball - WWRD 10/31/12

Motiv Venom Strike Bowling Ball - WWRD 10/31/12

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Motiv Venom Toxin

  • Color: Neon Green/Green Pearl
  • Coverstock: Atomix Hybrid Radial Reactive
  • Weight Block: Gear
  • Factory Finish: 2000 Grit/Power-Gel Polish
  • Flare Potential: Medium
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48
  • Differential (Diff): .034
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Description: The Venom ToxinTM  displays bright colors as a warning - This hybrid is deadly!  On light to medium oil, it is clean down the lane with a smooth, but angular backend that strikes with destructive force.  At the heart of the Venom Toxin is the proven GearTM core.  It produces a low RG for easy revs and a low differential to tame track flare and retain striking power.  The cover on the Venom Toxin is a new twist on Atomix technology called Hybrid Radial Reactive, aka Atomix HR.  It skids cleanly down the lane, then attacks on the backend with devastating power.
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    1. Anonymous User on 5/21/2013, said:

    The gear core is now deadlier than ever! Wrapped around a new formulation of the Atomix cover found in the successful Sigma line of bowling balls, we introduce the Venom Toxin! The Venom Toxin is bright, neon green with a beautiful purple pearl Neo-Mark and coming out of the box with some polish, it complements the Venom Strike and Primal Scream with ease. I have drilled two Venom Toxins so far. The first Venom Toxin I drilled was 50 x 4 ¼ x 70 with a balance hole 2” down on my VAL. This ball reads very early and gives me a strong smooth motion down lane. This ball is great on the fresh anywhere from 500-2000 with or without polish. This gives me a great look while playing outside, more direct angles. The second Toxin I drilled is 60 x 6 x 40 with no weight hole and this ball is one of my favorite options right now. This ball is VERY clean through the front part of the lane and can be weaker or stronger based on your hand position and surface choice. In comparison to other bowling balls in the MOTIV line, the Venom Toxin is intended to be your delayed hook option on light-medium oil. In comparison to other bowling balls in the MOTIV Line the Venom Toxin is much stronger than the Ascents and is longer and stronger down lane than its compliment Venom Toxin. Stop by your local pro shop and get MOTIVated today! Here is a link to my Venom Toxin in action: http://youtu.be/wzoCATxZEa0 William Welch MOTIV Staff Member Manager 10 Back Pro Shops Davie, FL
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    2. Anonymous User on 4/23/2013, said:

    Venom Toxin Watch out for the bite of the new bright green Venom Toxin. The Toxin is so versatile that it is quickly becoming the first ball out of my bag on almost every lane condition. I have used the ball on everything from Shark, to house patterns. The toxin is also a great compliment as a step down to the Primal Scream. In comparison it has more length than both the Primal Scream and the Venom Toxin. however it is not as angular on the back end as the Primal Scream. This ball allows me to open up the lane on drier patterns and play straighter on medium volume patters. For me this ball replaces the Sigma Tour. Justin Howard Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com
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    3. Anonymous User on 4/16/2013, said:

    My information Ball speed-15mph average/ Rev rate- 280 average Axis tilt-15 degrees /Axis rotation-45 degrees Ball drilling on the ball reviewed-75x45 @ 4 1/2" No weight hole Ball stats: Core-Gear Ball Covestock- Atomix Hybrid Radial Reactive Surface-2000 sanded/MOTIV Power Gel Polish, RG-2.48 15lbs. RG Diff-. 034 15lbs. Flare potential-3"+ Color-Neon Green with blue labels and lettering. Overview The Venom Toxin for me is a real special ball. In the Detroit area,the Metro Detroit USBC along with Blumark Group started a women's series called Women's Rip Ten Series.They have 6 events from Oct.-May.with a final for the the top 16 in points.Usually between.40-50 women compete at each tournament.Women from around the state and out of state are allowed to bowl.So this is and important and prestigious series. The series bowls at two different houses.One has old wood lanes and the other has high friction AMF HPL lanes.They put down a slightly modified house shot 42' at these last two tournaments..I could always hit the pocket ad nauseum,at these two houses,but couldn't carry.When the Venom Toxin came along,it was a blessing to me.On March 10,2013 I used the Toxin 7 of 8 games.To win the title.The ball got through the wood heads and didn't over react on the backend.The coverstock helped it get though the burnt heads,and the low Rg core and medium differential give me a great read in the late midlanes,and control the backends on this fresh shot.As the shot broke down I was able to move 5-10 boards left of the other women.This greatly helped me keep control of the breakpoint.By controlling the breakpoint increased my pin carry.This increase in carry greatly helped me mentally.Knowing that I was able to stay within my game and not have to try to find the reaction I needed in another ball. On Sunday,April 7,2013 at the house with the AMF HPL lanes,the early friction is present early.Using the Toxin 6 games of 7 to win back to back titles. The Venom Toxin let me play at least 5 boards left of all the other women to start.Starting 25 over 13.The milder coverstock and low diff. help the ball get through the heads and the low RG helps the ball rev up in the midlane,and control the backend when there is early friction in the heads on fresh oil.As the lanes transitioned I could just move left and stay in the oil. Moving about 30 over 17.On the synthetic lanes this ball had more backend than on the wood lanes.But I was still able to control the breakpoint without any violent over reaction.On the synthetic HPL lanes,the increase of friction at the backend helped create even greater entry angle,which increased pin carry.This ball is a winner.My favorite so far. The Venom Toxin is a great ball. If you don't have one yet,go out and get one.It will not disappoint. [URL="http://www.motivbowling.com/products/balls/venom-toxin.html"]http://www.motivbowling.com/products/balls/venom-toxin.html[/URL]
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    4. Trent on 3/25/2013, said:

    Lane Condition: 40ft THS on Brunswick Pro Lane Medium Volume Layout: 5” x 4 ¼” 65 x 5 x 35 The Venom Strike has had great success in giving bowlers a smooth, controllable reaction with great carry. Its successor, the Venom Toxin, is no less impressive. By using the same proven Gear core (2.48 RG, .034 Diff) and wrapping it in the new Atomix Hybrid Radial Reactive coverstock (finished at 2000 + Power Gel Polish) we get a ball motion that is both controllable and strong off of the friction on Medium-Light/broken down lane conditions. I laid this ball out very similarly to my Strike so that I had a solid one-two punch when combating tough conditions where control is priority number one and I have not been disappointed. I bring the Toxin out when the lanes break down and I need something that can project right and can recover in a strong arcing motion. I see this ball clear the heads extremely well; it then gives me a good midlane read without over reacting to early friction and then finishes with an aggressive backend move that is predictable. All of this controllable motion translates into a strong presence through the pins, driving through the pocket with ease. I have even been able to use this ball to compliment my Primal Scream since their projection shapes are similar for me, though clearly they are meant for different volumes of oil. If you need a great ball to give you strength, but control, later in the day (not to mention something that looks quite striking), grab the Venom Toxin. Trent Overbey In the Zone Pro Shop Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com
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    5. Anonymous User on 3/23/2013, said:

    I have thrown this ball on a variety of shots and have put a lot of games on it. I tested it on Kegel Middle Road, and PBA Viper. It performed admirably on both. I was able to keep my feet around 20-25 and breakpoint around 8-9. The Toxin matches up very well in my home center. The THS there tends to play as if there isn't a lot of volume. This piece allows me to either challenge the friction more with fast speed and end-over-end roll, or move right of the track and bank it off of 5 down lane. This is generally how I personally use the ball more often than not. I intially didn't like the reaction out of box, but as I bowled with it more, it grew on me. I just re-apply the polish every 10-12 games. I should add that I see this core stand up much too early when there isn't enough oil up front. This is in my opinion a core dominant ball which is why as weak as some may perceive the cover to be, it can still hook quite a bit laterally. I see this as a great piece to build an arsenal around for more walled conditions. It is just a tad weak for higher volumes. Higher rev or slower speed bowlers will find many uses for this reaction shape. I drilled mine 70 x 4 3/4 x 35 no extra hole. Here is the link to my video review for the Venom Toxin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMTKROm7CE8 -Darren Andretta, MOTIVated Staff, Vise Inserts Staff. www.motivbowling.com
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    6. Anonymous User on 3/14/2013, said:

    The Motiv Venom Toxin!! I was very excited about this release before I received this ball and couldn't wait to drill it up and throw it, after throwing it for the first time I realized why I had been so excited, this ball rolled amazing. What I noticed is the great looking green color that it has, very catchy to the eye, this medium to light oil hybrid is a lot of bang for the buck, it is as clean through the fronts as any Motiv ball ever made in my opinion and still has the backend to finish out the job. This ball has great hitting power and is very versatile, after rolling about 15 in a row with it, I knew this was going to be my favorite ball of them all, and certainly a benchmark ball as well. I think everyone needs the Motiv Venom Toxin, I can see this as being probably the best Motiv creation of the year, and also a favorite amongst all companies overall, don't miss out on this great release! Order one through your favorite pro shop today. Elliot Ten Motiv Staff Member Visit us at: www.Motivbowling.com
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    7. Anonymous User on 3/14/2013, said:

    The MOTIV Venom Toxin’s Gear core, combining a low RG with low differential gives you an even roll, combined with a hybrid cover which gives you just the right amount of traction, makes this ball a benchmark piece for me. I drilled mine 60* x 5” x 40*, which is one of my favorite layouts. The most noticeable thing about the Toxin is how low and compact the pins fall as it clears the deck. This ball fits right in the middle of my arsenal, so it’s perfect ball to start off with at a beginning of a session. It gives me a predictable read that allows me to get a feel for what the lane is giving me that day. Here is a link to my ball reaction video. On it I compare the Venom Toxin to 4 other MOTIV balls, the Pearl Ascent, Primal Scream, Thrash Frenzy & the Venom Strike. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tJHLLTK2kw I feel the Toxin really shines on fresh medium oil patterns. It allows me to groove it right up the track area. Plus, I’m able to stick with it for a surprisingly long time as the lane breaks down. Only when I get inside of 4th arrow is where I start to see carry issues – then I simply make the move to my Thrash Frenzy to pick up where I left off. I am a big fan of the Gear core… controllability is the name of the game here. And putting that engine with the Hybrid Radial Reactive tire, is a match made in heaven! --Kevin Gallagher— PBA Member MOTIV Staff
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    8. Anonymous User on 3/11/2013, said:

    Venom Strike – Layout 65 X 4 ½ X 65 MOTIV’s current goal is to release bowling balls that will be able to provide bowlers with an arsenal of equipment to combat all conditions. Description: The Venom Toxin is the second Venom placed in the lower mid-price range. The coverstock on the Venom Toxin is a modified version of the Atomix coverstock called Hybrid Radial Reactive. For the core, MOTIV again used Gear Core from the recent Venom Strike and retired GT1. Reaction: The Venom Toxin is very clean through the front part of the lane and provides a sharper controlled downlane motion, notice I didn’t describe it as angular. The Venom Toxin is a great ball when you find yourself playing straighter angles, but some of your more predictable pieces don’t recover enough. For me the Venom Toxin provides a shape between your smoother predictable pieces and your pieces that have a lot of backend. I tend not to get in too deep as I don’t have the rev rate, but at the same time I don’t like get too straight, both of the Venoms typically let me play in the zone where I am most comfortable. Comparisons: For me, the Venom Toxin comes out when the Venom Strike is either too early or too smooth downlane. It also plays well when my Thrash Frenzy moves me too far left, the Venom Toxin doesn’t have as much backend potential. Although the Venom Toxin is just as clean as the Thrash Frenzy, the Venom Toxin’s attempt to recover is much more subtle. Summary: I think that both Venoms make for a really good 1-2 combination and at a very low price point! The Venom Toxin gives you more backend than usual for a ball with predictability and control. YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4mh8spVjkc Mike Magolan, MOTIV Staff Member and Turbo Staff Member
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    9. Anonymous User on 3/8/2013, said:

    Venom Toxin Review An interesting fit for sure for me as I wasn’t sure what to expect initially from this piece. I liked my Venom Strike although it didn’t see much action with my bag full of Motiv Primal Screams ( my GO TO ball) –When it did see action I was very impressed with its ability to provide me with a different look and shape when compared to the Scream. So out comes the new Venom Toxin and Im thinking where does this fit for me. My new Thrash Frenzy gives me the long and strong flip action I so desire and my Primal Scream gives me that strong read, Strong finish on heavier patterns so Im covered right? Oh..but maybe I was a bit hasty. The new Venom Toxin just fits so well between those two pieces for me its like a fit made in heaven. Its longer than my Scream and strong like my Frenzy but really reads the pattern in the oil providing me an incredible look a bit deeper than the frenzy with all the read of the scream! I was impressed with the ability of this piece to get through the oil and still finish with a strong powerful angle and the motion through the pins I’ve come to expect from a Motiv ball. The color is Amazing and looks even better in person. A pin up drilling gave me the length I needed to get the ball down the lane and the strong motion to the pocket opened up the lane for me left to right. Don’t miss you chance to get this piece as it will be out of your bag quite a bit and gives you a good option on the fresh as well as through the transition. Venom Toxin is definitely all ball that will see plenty of action for me! Rick Zakrajsek Motiv Staff Ohio www.Motivbowling.com
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