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Motiv Tank Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $122.99 
Motiv Tank Bowling Ball - WWRD 4/24/13

Motiv Tank Bowling Ball - WWRD 4/24/13

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Motiv Tank

  • Color: Army Fatique
  • Coverstock: Ballistix Solid Urethane
  • Weight Block: Gear Core
  • Factory Finish: 2000 Grit Sanded
  • Flare Potential: Medium-Low
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48
  • Differential (Diff): .034
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    The Tank™ is built to dominate with a powerful impact on high friction lane conditions. It crushes the pins with a strong, controlled ball motion. Armored with our new Ballistix™ Urethane cover, The Tank™ is sanded to a 2000 grit finish. Allying this finish with the low RG / low Diff Gear™ core, this machine is put into motion early, driving down the lane with powerful control and smooth predictability. It hits the pins with a devastating impact. Competitive bowlers with higher rev rates will really benefit from the smooth strong motion the Tank™ provides on broken down, high friction lane conditions.
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    1. Anonymous User on 5/21/2013, said:

    The TANK is MOTIV Bowling’s first Urethane release. The new Ballistix coverstock wrapped around the Gear core is MOTIV’s new choice for dry lanes. Control and conquer is the tagline for this bowling ball and it lives up to that phrase on dry lanes! I have drilled one Tank so far. I drilled it pretty strong with the pin 4” from my axis point with a hole on my PAP. Out of the box, the Tank is great, however I prefer my Tank with much more surface to read the lane earlier. The Tank will be my ideal choice for low volume and shorter patterns when I need to use direct angles. In comparison to other bowling balls in the MOTIV line, the Tank is the weakest overall. The Tank will give you the smoothest reaction throughout the lane. High rev, lower speed, and seniors are going to love this ball as it will give them a great reaction to the pocket. Stop by your local pro shop and get MOTIVated today! Here is a link to my Tank in action: http://youtu.be/I-hICgJitDY William Welch MOTIV Staff Member Manager 10 Back Pro Shops Davie, FL
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    2. Anonymous User on 4/29/2013, said:

    Motiv Tank Review- I guess with my style of bowling I never thought Id be in a position to again use or need a Urethane ball. Nevertheless just this week found myself in a position where I needed a Urethane piece. Old wood house ( yes they do still exist) very low volume house pattern and against some of the bowlers in my area that are good on house shots..yes I said it on house shots. Fortunately for me this was not your typical house shot and the control and predictability the Tank provided me was unbelievable. Consistent roll and read is what you get. A great piece for those dryer conditions that will allow you to cheat the pattern and stay in your comfort zone. This ball certainly lives up to its name as it like all my other Motiv equipment Hits like a Tank! Strong drive and consistent roll through the pins delivers the carry power you need on this type of condition. Oh and it just looks cool too! Motiv hits the mark again with a great additional to your arsenal . If you like Urethane or jest need something to get you through on those tough dryer conditions the Tank fits the bill. Hit the mark the the new Motiv Tank! Rick Zakrajsek –Motiv Staff www.Motivbowling.com
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    3. Anonymous User on 4/23/2013, said:

    The Motiv Tank, I have to say that this ball really surprised me, I have never owned a urethane ball in my whole bowling career until this one, and I must say, it is a special tool to have. The gear core and the cover actually mix really well, with a true urethane roll, it still hits pretty hard for being what it is, I thought this ball would maybe be my practice tool for getting sharper, but realize that rolls very good on fresh lane conditions, and fighting over under conditions when playing further right. Overall this ball is a really good piece to have on you at all times, it is a fun, yet very effective ball and gets the job done. I look forward to using this ball more and more in the future. Elliot Ten Motiv Staff Member www.motivbowling.com
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    4. Anonymous User on 4/16/2013, said:

    TANK! The new Tank by Motiv is exactly that. A ball that is very smooth and predictable and still delivers a huge punch through the pins. The tank is a ball that rolls very well and picks up very early with the new Ballistix Solid Urethane Coverstock. Drilled at 70 x 4.25 x 75, still rolls smooth and then likes to pop on the back end. The Tank holds true to its urethane nature and never over or under reacts. It is very predictable and a great tool to have in the bag. Mine is primarily drilled for length to play on low volume and when I can play outside of the track area. Overall a great tool to have in the bag for low volume and dry conditions! Justin Howard Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com
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    5. Anonymous User on 4/12/2013, said:

    Tank: 50 X 4 ¾ X 50 MOTIV’s current goal is to release bowling balls that will be able to provide bowlers with an arsenal of equipment to combat all conditions. Description: The Tank uses the same Gear Core found in both Venom’s, while introducing the new Ballistix Solid Urethane Coverstock. Reaction: The Tank has allowed me to start the ball in the track area so far in league and although that isn’t ideal for a league scoring pace I can see that on lighter or shorter conditions it will allow me to play that part of the lane when needed. The Tank wants to start up very soon and has very little backend which is optimal for control. Comparisons: The Tank is just a touch cleaner in the front part of the lane compared to my Solid Ascent, where the Tank really differs is in the backend. Once the Tank starts its trajectory that is pretty much the line it will hold from the foul line to pins, there is very little backend motion nor should there be for a Urethane ball. Comparing it to the Venom Toxin since they both have the same core, the hybrid polished cover on the Venom Toxin allows the ball to be cleaner than the Tank but, once it starts to hook it shows just how much stronger it is compared to the Tank. Summary: Those looking for that old school urethane look MOTIV has released the Tank just for you! The Tank will give you more options to confront shorter or lighter oil patterns. It is also a great option for those with very high rev rates when looking for something that hooks more reliable than your spare ball! YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sL5GUMdxZg Mike Magolan, MOTIV Staff Member and Turbo Staff Member
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    6. Anonymous User on 4/11/2013, said:

    Likes: Very smooth and predictable. Helps me blend the lane out. The shape the Tank makes is ideal when control is at a premium! Dislikes: The Tank is a very conditional piece of equipment. It is important that the bowler understand when to put it back into the bag. BALL REACTION Length: 3/10 Back End: 2/10 Overall Hook: 4/10 Midlane Read: 8/10 Breakpoint Shape: 2/10 Due to the fact that I only have 8 degrees of axis tilt most of my equipment reads very heavy and can create erratic over/under reactions. The Tank enables me to be aggressive and play my own game without sacrificing control and pin carry. I will use this ball a lot on the fresh THS I tend to see around Long Island. There are several high friction centers usually accompanied by extreme wet/dry lane conditions. I tested the Tank on the USBC Open Championships Team pattern. I was able to play around the track area very direct and keep my angles closed. I don't have to make huge moves like I do with the modern equipment when transition occurs. I personally feel that because MOTIV decided to use the GEAR core instead of something less dynamic (like a light bulb) that this ball will be much more user friendly for the bowlers. -Darren Andretta, MOTIVated Staff, www.motivbowling.com, www.viseinserts.com
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