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Motiv Primal Rage Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $159.95 
Motiv Primal Rage Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/18/13

Motiv Primal Rage Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/18/13

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Motiv Primal Rage

  • Color: Lava Red Pearl
  • Coverstock: Fusion™ Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: Impulse V2™
  • Factory Finish: 1500 Grit / Polished
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.55
  • Differential (Diff): .050
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    Already creating a buzz as the “red ball”, the Primal Rage is the most angular ball MOTIV has EVER released. The performance is incredible! The easy length and vicious response to friction are only possible through new Fusion™ Pearl Reactive cover technology. Merging this new technology with the proven dual density Impulse V2 core allows bowlers to play steeper angles and be more aggressive when the pattern starts to transition. And because it displays unbelievable continuation, The Primal Rage gives you the confidence to be firm with each shot.

    Bowlers on the pro tour that have thrown the Primal Rage say the continuation on the backend is very impressive. One bowler who is not even a staffer said this ball is a “game changer”. PBA® bowler Jake Peters stated, “The Primal Rage is unbelievable! It creates the perfect backend shape and has better continuation through the pins than any ball I’ve ever thrown”.

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    1. Anonymous User on 10/22/2013, said:

    The Impulse V2 core is back MOTIVnation! Wrapped around a new cover stock called Fusion Pearl, we introduce the Primal Rage! The Primal rage will be known as #redball. Out of the box at 1500 and MOTIV Power Gel Polish it provides the strongest overall and versatile motion from the MOTIV brand of bowling balls. I have drilled two Primal Rages so far. The first one was laid out 40 x 4.5 x 60 with a large weight hole 2” down my VAL. This ball is my favorite AND go-to ball. With additional surface it reads the lane earlier and it smooth, while out of the box or shinier it will provide more length and much more entry angle. This ball is great for league and tournaments! The second Primal Rage I drilled weaker with the pin above my middle finger, 60 x 6 x 40. This ball gives me easy length through the front part of the lane and a strong backend reaction. This ball is great on the fresh when the backends are crisp and a gem when the lanes begin to breakdown and we must move to the left. In comparison to the other bowling balls in the MOTIV line, this ball is going to get quite a bit of hype. #redball is making a statement on the PBA Summer Swing making the show on the 32’ and 52’ feet patterns, one winning the entire TV show! Here is a link to my Primal Rage in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFS_2yvZcNA William Welch Cliff Barnes Bowlers Mart MOTIV Regional Staff Davie, FL
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    2. Anonymous User on 7/19/2013, said:

    Yes, the Red Ball is out. And it is EVERYTHING it was advertised to be (and more). It is the strongest ball in the Motiv line. This ball will give you the ability to get into heavy oil AND bring the ball back to the pocket with ease. This IS a GREAT ball. Unlike most heavy oil balls, this ball clears the fronts and will give you a motion that no other ball can give you on heavy oil. Order yours today. You will not be disappointed. Alan Grobmeier Motiv Staff Member Below is a link to my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9az4dwsdpEM
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    3. Anonymous User on 7/14/2013, said:

    Ball Specs: Motiv Primal Rage Pearl Reactive 1500 Grit / Power Gel Polish Ball Specs: Symmetric Core Layout 55 x 3.5 x 40 (with balance hole) Bowler Specs: Right Hand. PAP 5 Over 3/4 up Rev Rate 275. Tilt 20. Rotation 50. Speed off hand 18 Review: The New Motiv Primal Rage fills the need for a Strong Pearl Reactive. The ball looks great with Pearl Red cover and contrasting logos. The total hook is almost as much as the Primal Scream on an oily pattern, but a little more on lighter oil. I believe this is because the Rage reads dry lanes drier than the Scream. The Rage is cleaner through the heads than the Scream. The backend motion of the Rage is very angular and the continuation is very strong. Light hits also carry very well. One thing that I noticed at my break point was how I could see the ball axis migrate when it made its move. This showed me the strength of the core matched with this cover. I tested the Rage on a fresh house shot as well as a high volume sport shot. The ball was at home on either pattern, and even though I was playing a different line, the carry was great! The Rage is very versatile for a strong pearl reactive. We have also found this ball works well with different layouts. We have not drilled a pin down Rage but we feel the reaction will be very good. Bowling This Month magazine gave the Primal Rage the highest backend rate ever. This rate along with the highest hook rate ever given to a ball (the Talon) shows the technology and improvements Motiv is using in manufacturing. Motiv is not sitting on old ideas and reactions, but continues to push the limits of filling bowler needs with the best ball that can be made at the time of production. Summary: The Rage filled a spot much needed and requested by bowlers. Great color and contrasting logos. Very versatile for a Strong Reactive. This is a great piece to have if you like hook and angle. Glenn PBA Member Motiv Staff Turbo Staff Video Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbluYOL_Le8&feature=youtu.be Sportshot64@comcast.net www.motivbowling.com
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    4. Anonymous User on 7/13/2013, said:

    MOTIV Primal Rage Review My information: Right Handed, Ball Speed-15mph average Rev Rate-280 average, Axis tilt-45degrees Axis tilt-15 degrees, PAP5’ over and 1’ up Ball Drilling on tested ball:65* x 45* @ 41/4” Ball Specs Suggested Lanes Conditions: Medium Heavy oil Core: Impulse V2 Coverstock: Fusion Pearl Reactive Box finish : 1500 grit sanded and polished with MOTIV Power Gel Polish Color: Lava Red Fusion Pearl RG: 2.55 15lbs. Differential: .050 15 lbs. Lanes tested on:14 year old Proanvilanes. I loved the Primal Scream, but wanted to see it get more length and have a bigger and more angular backend and respond quicker to friction down lane. Well the Primal Rage is just that ball. MOTIV just defined fast response time. The Primal Rage has the quickest response to friction than any ball yet from MOTIV. The Primal Rage’s response to friction is quick and very defined. The Primal Rage corners harder than the Primal Scream. The Primal Rage gets through the heads easily and starts to rev up later in the midlane. This allows it to store up all it’s energy for a very fast and angular bakend. When the Primal Rage starts to turn the corner, there is no quit on the bakend or wiggle down lane. The Primal Rage goes longer than the Primal Scream, but has less hook overall throughout the entire lane than the Primal Scream. The big difference is the overall backend motion from the Primal Rage. It beats the Primal Scream by 4-5 boards. On my higher volume 42’ house shot, the Primal Rage completely dominated the pattern. The Primal Rage got amazingly easy length through the front part of the lane, before making a very dramatic move off the friction at the breakpoint. I started the session at 24 over 14 out to 7 at the breakpoint. The Primal Rage was great on the fresher house shot, but once the shot opened up, the down lane reaction began to be even more evident and dramatic. Being able to move in deeper 30/18/10 and create shaper angles and having so much room for errors was fantastic. My shots that missed right came flying back to the pocket with amazing pin carry. My shots that were pulled left held line and still hit pocket. Going around the pattern is made a lot easier when you feel you have room for recovery, and the ball isn’t going to roll out when it encounters to much friction up from. I think the Primal Rage is a very versatile ball. It has the ability to handle patterns that are from medium heavy oil to medium. From first arrow to sixth arrow. Most styles will enjoy the Primal Rage. http://www.motivbowling.com/products /balls/primal-rage.html Angela Wilt AKA MOTIV GIRL MOTIV Staff Member
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    5. Anonymous User on 7/11/2013, said:

    Motiv Primal Rage Review. So what is all the Hype about this RED BALL? RED BALL, RED BALL , RED BALL Is it really that good? The answer to this question didn’t take long for me to realize –YES it is that good! Adding this weapon to my already strong line of MOTIV equipment is just what the doctor ordered. At some point you ask yourself what else can they come up with where could this product line go and what’s missing. Well the RED Ball- Primal Rage certainly answered that question. Absolutely the strongest , most devastating ball in the line the Primal Rage picks up where the Primal Scream left off. Incredible reaction, smooth roll and even stronger continuation through the pins. What an incredible addition to the already long and strong Thrash Frenzy as the Primal Rage brings in the ability to get in the oil and make that all so elusive left motion coming off the back of the pattern. This is the ball I’ve been waiting on for PBA event as it provides me the optimal shape and room on heavier oil conditions that are prominent at PBA stops. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this piece as it is really that good. Come get Motiv-ated with us and experience the RED Ball everyone is talking about. Rick Zakrajsek Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com
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    6. Anonymous User on 7/4/2013, said:

    I drilled my new #Redball with my favorite layout, 65*x5”x40*. As soon as I took to the lanes and threw a few shots, it was very clear this is a special ball. The Rage is clean through the front… goes long, and hooks hard off the spot and gets through the deck like the pins are not even there. The best way I can describe the over-all motion, is controlled aggression. It definitely gives me a different look than any ball I’ve thrown in the past. Compared to a similarly layed out Primal Scream, for me the Primal Rage hooks at least 7 boards more, primarily on the back end. Since the Scream and the Rage share the same core, this tells me that the fantastic new pearl cover on the #Redball is what makes this ball extraordinary. Here is my ball reaction video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1hLTw1BYdI In the video, I bowl on the 43 foot WTBA Tokyo Pattern, and a House Shot. I compare the Primal Rage to the MOTIV Ascent Pearl, Thrash Frenzy, Venom Strike, Venom Toxin, 2 Cruel, Raptor Talon & Primal Scream. I’ll be honest, the first few games I bowled with the Rage, I was a step or two behind on my moves – one board adjustments weren’t doing it for me. Once I trusted the aggressive nature of this ball, and made confident, aggressive moves when needed throughout the session (2 and 1, 4 & 2 etc), that’s when the wow factor kicks in. My swing loosened up, and that’s a real good feeling. --Kevin Gallagher— PBA Member MOTIV Staff
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    7. Anonymous User on 6/30/2013, said:

    BOWLER STYLE: Rev Rate: 400 RPM Ball Speed: 19 MPH PAP/Track: 4 3/8 left, 5/8 up Axis Tilt: <10 degrees Likes: I love how fast this Fusion pearl reactive cover responds to friction. I have never had a Motiv ball to this point that has so much angularity down lane. My first Rage is drilled 55 x 4 7/8 x 30 no extra hole. Dislikes: This cover does create a lot of friction too though so it is best used on medium volume and heavier. Also shorter oil patterns could pose a problem as the Rage may be far too difficult to control with say 23-25' of backend. With the Primal Rage I am able to be as firm as I want with my speed and always feel like the ball is going to recover. It allows me to play steeper angles through the front without feeling like I have to get a handful and/or slow my ball speed down. This piece of equipment has enabled me to play angles on the lane that just wouldn't be possible with any other ball. I can now make zone changes and be confident in knowing that I will get full recovery and great power through the pins with the Rage. I am more likely to use this piece towards the middle and end of a block as I do not feel it will work on the fresh. It is too shiny out of box and much to angular naturally to be used on fresh. That is why I have a 40 x 3 3/4 x 60 P3 hole one at 2000 grit in my bag. I use this one when I need a lot of friction production, but a significantly slower response time. This piece is good when I still need a smoother/moderate ball motion, but can no longer use a low RG, high differential core to create it. -Darren Andretta. MOTIVated Staff Member/Vise Inserts Staff.
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    8. Trent on 6/30/2013, said:

    Lane Condition: Modified Kegel Stone Street Layout: 4 ¾” x 4” 64* x 4 ¾” x 40* Motiv’s newest ball gives unprecedented backend motion of longer, heavier patterns while still retaining the versatility to excel on shorter, lighter patterns. The Primal Rage, affectionately known as the ‘red ball,’ not only looks good on the lane, its technology gives it the competitive edge. The high RG, highly dynamic Impulse V2 core (2.55 RG, .050 Differential) is wrapped in the new Fusion pearl coverstock. By finishing this aggressive pearl at 1500 grit + Power Gel Polish, the Rage has plenty of teeth to grip the lane through the oil while still retaining the energy needed to make an angular transition at the breakpoint. I drilled with a slightly weaker pin distance than my Scream because I wanted something to definitively push down the lane before it made its move to the pocket. The combination of pearl, high RG and the longer pin allow this ball to effortlessly glide through the heads. Once the ball is in the mids I can see the higher differential kicking to flare and the ball starts to read the lane, though it still is not hooking this early. Once my ball gets down to the breakpoint it releases its energy and makes one of the most angular moves that I have in my arsenal; the strongest for this amount of oil bar none. I have found that this ball is extremely versatile for me. Hook in fresh oil, skid and recovery on broken down conditions; the red ball has exceled on the large variety conditions I have thrown it on so far. The Primal Rage: Take our your Rage! Here is a link to my video of the Rage in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AneshhXglk Trent Overbey In the Zone Pro Shop Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com
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    9. Anonymous User on 6/21/2013, said:

    Primal Rage 35 X 5 ½ X 45Description: The Primal Rage is the 4th generation Primal that introduces a MOTIV piece with severe angularity and continuation. The Primal Rage coverstock introduces the Fusion Pearl Reactive Coverstock(OOB 1500 Grit/Polish) which is a pearlized version of the cover used on the Raptor Talon. The Primal Rage shares the same V2 Core as used on the Primal Scream.Reaction: The Primal Rage’s response to friction is much faster than any of MOTIV's previously releases. This ball is able to create some steep entry angles for guys who aren’t able to do so naturally. It doesn’t really have a best suited lane condition from what I have seen so far, although the Primal Rage is very valuable when seeing carry down. I felt for a ball that creates so much torque off the breakpoint, I could still stay aggressive. When I tend to go to a ball that really changes direction I feel I have to back off of it a little bit to get around the corner. My game is based on being aggressive so to be able to create more entry angle and still stay firm fills in a special void in my arsenal.Comparisons: The Primal Rage and Primal Scream are close in total hook, but the Scream just edges out the Rage. The Primal Rage is cleaner than the Primal Scream allowing it to cover several more boards at the backend. My Thrash Frenzy is more angular than my Primal Scream but isn’t as strong, so the Primal Rage falls in that spot for me.Summary: This ball allows MOTIV to officially have a well rounded lineup....from plastic, urethane, and entry level to very angular and heavy oil arcing pieces along with everything in between! The Primal Rage is MOTIV’s biggest release to date. This ball is designed for everything and I mean everything! Recently we have seen the Primal Rage make 2 PBA shows, one for a 52 foot pattern and the other a 32 foot pattern! I feel like the Primal Rage just doesn’t stop, it has continuation for days!YouTube Video: http://youtu.be/fqzcuF3dO7kMOTIV Staff/Turbo Staff/Boom Apparel Staff Mike Magolan
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