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Ebonite Pivot Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $149.95 
Ebonite Pivot Bowling Ball - WWRD 9/10/13

Ebonite Pivot Bowling Ball - WWRD 9/10/13

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Ebonite Pivot

  • Color: Red / Gold / Green
  • Coverstock: RCM Hybrid
  • Weight Block: CB-2 Asymmetric
  • Factory Finish: 500, 1500 Abranet
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48
  • Differential (Diff): .049
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): .017
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    In continuing the development of new Ebonite covers, the R and D Department at Ebonite have created a cover that our testers have been raving about. Testing by our test staff as well as our Pro Staff all had the Pivot providing better mid-lane and backend continuation when compared to the control target. Taking it a step further, the pro staff specifically highlighted the carry and power the Pivot had through the pins!

    All new CB-2 Core is designed utilizing data and information on core shapes and dynamic properties that bowlers have historically enjoyed! The dynamic properties of the CB-2 Core, and more importantly, the core shape lead to a ball motion that is quite impressive. Best used when bowlers have oil in the front part of the lane, such as when league or tournament play starts. The Pivot will provide great down lane continuation, and great power through the pin deck.

    With the recent efforts in the R and D area, we are finishing the Pivot with an all new surface finish for an Ebonite Branded H.P. product! The finished process is sanded with 500 Abralon and sanded with 1500 Abrabet™…only a two-step process!

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    1. Darcy on 2/2/2014, said:

    all i can say is wow what a great ball shot 258 out of the box. hits hard, hooks a ton and looks great. my go to ball on the fresh.
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    2. Anonymous User on 12/6/2013, said:

    Another outstanding bowling ball by Ebonite! It seems like every ball that EBI brings to the market is developed to fill a need for the bowler’s arsenal development. The Champion is an incredibly versatile ball and rolls well on most every environment. The one challenge for the Champion was higher volumes and longer patterns. Ebonite releases the PIVOT which meets that need perfectly. You will notice the Pivot is clean through the front like the Champion, a bit stronger in the mids and has tremendous response at the breakpoint, especially considering the box surface (1500). Most balls with that much surface have a tendency to slow down too quick and leave nothing for the back of the lane. The PIVOT is the first ball that still has a lot left as it motions toward the pocket. The coverstock and the core are matched perfectly with the PIVOT. The one thing that stands out with the PIVOT is the continuation through the pins and the pin carry. I recommend the PIVOT to anyone looking for a piece in their arsenal for medium to heavy oil environments and who wants to STRIKE!
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    3. Anonymous User on 10/29/2013, said:

    This ball gives me the ability to keep my lines a little straighter in front of me (what I prefer to do) still having the continuous motion down lane. It gets in to a roll very soon but stores enough energy to still make a smooth continuous motion down lane. I have mine drilled pin above the ring finger with the CG kicked out a little bit. Weight hole near the thumb. This is one of my favorite layouts no matter what Ebonite ball I have in my hand. Certainly a MUST HAVE ball is you are looking for something medium to heavy oil that will get through the fronts while keeping enough energy for the backend reaction. Stefanie Johnson (Nation)
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    4. Anonymous User on 9/17/2013, said:

    Got my hands on this baby a week early, and I've thrown it in four leagues in four different houses (one easy, two mildly easy, one moderately difficult), for 21 games (seven series) in 2 1/2 weeks. Have yet to be forced to change balls, as this ball allows me to move as far left (with room to spare) as I need to without losing backend. My low series out of the seven thus far is 652, a composite 229 avg in the 21 games, and I have a 300 already (game #13). This is by far Ebonite's most impressive ball since the Mission $250K, and on par with the awesome Gamebreaker. My only problem now is, when will I go back to my other balls? Love it!!!
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    5. Anonymous User on 9/11/2013, said:

    Threw this ball on fresh sport condition and it performed great. When others were struggling to get a consistent reaction, I noticed that I had room for error with the Pivot. It's a strong ball with a nice arcing motion vs. angular and it hits like a truck. -Aesha Phoenix, AZ
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    6. Anonymous User on 9/10/2013, said:

    At first when you hear someone make a reference that a ball is like another ball, it usually gets dismissed. When someone tells me a ball is a gamebreaker on steroids, I think they are flat out crazy. I just attended the demo day at Riverside Lanes in Titusville and was able to test out the Pivot. The Ebonite demo leader Anthony Amadeo explained that Ebonite having huge success with the Gamebreaker, has looked for similar ball motion. Well folks, here it is. The Pivot is truly a Gamebreaker on steroids. The ball cleared the mid and virtually recovered from anywhere where I threw it. Ebonite needed a ball to help propell them back to the top... This is the ball to do it. I was convinced and fell in love again with Ebonite. There is not many products that I feel strongly about from Ebonite. The One, Gamebreaker, and Missions were those balls. Now the Pivot will join them and I get to have my new old Gamebreaker back again in the Pivot.
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    7. Anonymous User on 9/10/2013, said:

    I'm a house bowler who also bowl on the collegiate level. This ball has great length with amazing back end. Its a game breaker on steroids. I would recommend this ball to anyone! It works on both house and sport conditions. Ebonite got it right with this one.
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    8. Anonymous User on 9/10/2013, said:

    A great high performance ball. Has a lot of back end continuation and hooks a bunch. If you want to Bowl To Win this is the ball for you!!!!!
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    9. Anonymous User on 9/10/2013, said:

    This ball is amazing. Very continuous through the mid-lane, and has a strong motion to the pocket in the back-end. This is my go to ball on fresh. It will join the ranks as one of the best ebonite balls I have ever thrown. Bowl to Win!
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    Showing comments 1-9 of 9