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Hammer Absolut Hook Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $121.95 
Hammer Absolut Hook Bowling Ball - WWRD 11/19/13

Hammer Absolut Hook Bowling Ball - WWRD 11/19/13

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Hammer Absolut Hook Bowling Ball

  • Color: Black/Purple
  • Coverstock: H-200 Solid Reactive
  • Weight Block: Low RG FatMax Core
  • Factory Finish: 4 Stage Sanding Process- 800 Abranet®, 1000 Abralon®,2000 Abralon®, 2000 Abralon®
  • Flare Potential: Medium-High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48
  • Differential (Diff): .048
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    Hammer started this tough-hitting series with the Absolut Curve in July. Now we’re back to hook it from anywhere on the lane. The Absolut Hook is built with a new powerful H-200 Solid coverstock that’s designed to handle slick lane conditions. With its low RG FatMax core shape, this Hammer revs up in the mid-lane and offers big continuation down-lane. Think of the original Arson on steroids. This Hammer’s just begging to Hook. Don’t miss out on one of the strongest balls Hammer will have all season - the new Absolut Hook!
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    1. Anonymous User on 11/13/2013, said:

    BOWLER INFO: PAP/Track: 5 1/8” x 1” up Axis Rotation: 25 degrees Axis Tilt: 12 degrees Rev Rate: 440 Ball Speed: 16-18mph LANE CONDITIONS Lane Patterns Used: 40' House Shot, 2007 USBC Pattern, & 37’ Kegel Kode Pattern BALL LAYOUT: 60 x 5 x 30 COMMENTS With the success of the Absolut Curve, when the info about the Hook was released, I was excited. I love the Curve and use it a lot, but it tends to be a little too much angle in the backends for me at times. The Hook definitely compliments the Curve & fits perfectly in the Hammer lineup. The “Fat Max” core with a new coverstock helps blend the mid part of the lane and offers a strong continuous motion in the backends. This motion of this ball reminds me of the Arson, but stronger overall (earlier & more in the backends). In fact, I brought out my original Arson out of retirement that have the similar layout (2000 surface) and the Hook was 5 boards stronger overall…. AMAZING ~ An Arson on Steriods!! Dislikes: Needs to be used on the medium to medium heavier patterns. Even with the weaker layout I had on this ball, it was a little too much ball with my rev rate. I had to bring up the surface to 4000 Abralon to get the ball down the lane a little easier. I think this ball will be the best “Bang for your Dollar” oil ball for the majority of bowlers. This ball has a great motion that does not stop rolling in the backend – it really continues through the pin deck! The release date for this ball is Tuesday Nov 19th, so make sure you place your pre-order today! PICTURES AND/OR VIDEOS http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv150/Plowboy300/AbsolutHook-60x5x30_zps6a64f6b4.jpg
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    2. Anonymous User on 11/10/2013, said:

    Here is my review of the Absolut Hook. The Absolut Hook features the FatMax Core with a stronger solid cover compared to the Absolut Curve. I drilled mine with an 80 x 5 ½ x 20 layout. I had drilled an Absolut Curve with a similar layout so I wanted a better comparison between the 2 pieces of equipment. While the Hook comes factory dull, I did got over the ball with Ebonite Factory Finish polish to get more length and recovery on the ball and to match the surface on the Curve to get a better point of comparison. I found the Absolut Hook to be about 3-5 boards further left than the Absolut Curve . I found the motion of the Hook to be earlier and smoother than the Curve. As such, I found that straighter angles are better for the Hook because of its earlier/smoother motion. As such, my sense is the strength of this symmetrical release will be fresh patterns and patterns where there is over/under. When the heads start to go, the preferred option, I believe, would be to switch to a Curve or another weaker piece such as a Cobalt Vibe. Overall, Hammer has developed two pieces of equipment that complement each other nicely in the Hook and the Curve. I think the ball will be very effective for a variety of styles and because its core/cover combination, it may well be a nice benchmark ball for many players.
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    3. Anonymous User on 11/1/2013, said:

    Drilled this ball today and the ball is named HOOK for a reason. Reads the oil very well out of the box and hits like a tank and when it makes the turn the pins have no chance! Frank Barefoot Jr
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    4. Anonymous User on 10/29/2013, said:

    Layout=60x5x35 Rev Rate=425 Wow the Absolut Hook is exactly what it say a lot of hook. Like the Absolut Curve it has the amazing Fat Max core but with a little duller cover than the Curve. For me this ball gets a little earlier read in the midlane but transition for this ball is sick. It hooks out the building. Im easily 5 boards further left with this ball than I was with my Curve. This ball will find a spot in my bag for the long hall. Hammer and Jeff Ussery hit it out of the park again with the release of the Absolut hook. If you want a ball that has a ton of hook potential that you can control on house conditions get the Absolut Hook you wont be disappointed.
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    Showing comments 1-4 of 4