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Motiv Sigma Sting Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $139.99 
Motiv Sigma Sting Bowling Ball - WWRD 12/16/13

Motiv Sigma Sting Bowling Ball - WWRD 12/16/13

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Motiv Sigma Sting

  • Color: Black Pearl/Yellow Pearl
  • Coverstock: Fusion Pearl Reaction
  • Weight Block: Sigma
  • Factory Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
  • Flare Potential: Medium-High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.47
  • Differential (Diff): .047
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    The pearl Sigma Sting™ is tuned to be an amazing benchmark ball. Engineered for medium oil, it provides great length and outstanding backend motion that continues confidently through the pin deck. This is the first time MOTIV has put a pearl cover stock around the Sigma™ core.

    The low RG Sigma™ core utilized has been a favorite of MOTIVated bowlers because it provides a versatile ball motion with a very high strike percentage.The 15# model has a differential of .047, which produces plenty of track flare without expending too much energy, leaving fuel in the tank for a strong backend.

    The Sigma Sting™ cover technology is Fusion™ Pearl Reactive, first used on the Primal Rage™. This shell is known for being very angular when it encounters friction, yet retains energy for bulldozing continuation. It is tuned with a 1500 grit Power Gel® polished finish to give this low RG ball more length and faster response.

    The Sigma™ Sting from MOTIV™ is an incredibly versatile benchmark weapon that will be used by a wide array of bowlers. It is a must-have piece for bowlers building a solid tournament arsenal. It also provides the perfect shape for many league bowlers that need something angular, but not too jumpy on a house shot.
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    1. Anonymous User on 2/4/2014, said:

    The pearl Sigma Sting™ is tuned for medium oil, making it an incredible benchmark ball. It provides great length and a smooth, but angular backend motion that continues confidently through the pin deck. This is the first time MOTIV has put a pearl cover stock around the Sigma™ core. The Sigma™ Sting from MOTIV™ is an incredibly versatile benchmark weapon that will be used by a wide array of bowlers. It is a must-have piece for bowlers building a solid tournament arsenal. It also provides the perfect shape for many league bowlers that need something angular, but not too jumpy on a house shot. Review: I punched up my Sigma Sting with my favorite layout (55 X 4 1/2 X 40) which is with the pin just slightly over my bridge. I have been trying something different here lately and it seems to be working out. I have been putting my favorite layout in every new ball produced by Motiv. I normally play around with different layouts versus using my favorite layout all the time. By doing this I am able to let the core and cover be the difference in ball reaction. Its more helpful because I am truly learning my arsenal and Motiv's product line better than ever before. The Sigma Sting has not dissapointed at all, thats for sure. I love how the Sting can be the first ball out of my bag and tell me exactly where I need to be. Whether its moving a few boards left or right, or perhaps moving up to a Motiv Cruel Intent or down to Motiv Tribal. This decision is made considering variables such as lane condition, lane surface, and etc. The Sigma Sting is very clean through the front part of the lane with a strong read in the midlane with a smooth but angular reaction in the backend. It is not as angular as the Tribal for me but its definitely more predictable, which is great when your encountering too much over under on the lanes. Compared to our very popular Sigma Tour, the Sigma Sting gets much more length and has a quicker response to friction (more angular). The Sigma Tour is much smoother overall than the Sting. But the Sting does make a great compliment to the Tour if the tour begins hooking to early. The Sigma Sting has earned the right of becoming my "benchmark" ball. Which is great because thats exactly what Motiv advertises it to be. They hit it right on the head! Don't waste anymore time and order yours today! Its time to Strike Up a Buzz and Get MOTIVated!!!! Bobby Middleton Jr MOTIV Staff Member www.motivbowling.com
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    2. David on 12/19/2013, said:

    It's too bad you can't give this ball a 10. I have always liked the Sigma Core, I still have my original SR2, that's loyalty. I have had this ball 2 weeks, and it never ceases to amaze me. This ball reads the lanes so well, it is actually fun to watch. I recently bowled in a PBA event on the 35 foot Cheetah pattern and used this ball most of the 12 game qualifying block. This is not a short oil ball, however it is sooo good you can throw it on anything. The combination of the Sigma Core wrapped around the Fusion Cover has produced my new benchmark ball. Use your favorite "go to" layout and let it rip, this ball hits pins like they are mortal enemies. If this is not part of YOUR arsenal, your giving up pins and honor scores. MOTIV Dave, MOTIV staff www.motivbowling.com PBA member, USBC certified coach
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    3. Anonymous User on 12/18/2013, said:

    SO …Replace my Sigma Tour will you? I’ve always said all I need in my bag is a Sigma Tour, a Sigma Tour and a Sigma Tour as this ball has been everything to me! Its earned me multiple top 16 PBA Regional Finishes. A PBA 299 game and multiple league honor scores including an 842 Series. So you cant get it out of my hands. I won’t do it! When I heard we were coming out with a new Sigma I just couldn’t believe there was more that this line of ball could give. BOY was I wrong! This ball not only gives me everything the original Sigma Tour did but so much more. I’ve always loved the ball continuation the Motiv product line has provided but this one is just plain CRAZY! With its repeatable, reliable and consistent motion and its unbelievable continuation through the pins the STING in now my new benchmark ball. This balls shape combined with what the Cruel Intent and Primal Rage bring makes them the PERFECT 1-2-3 punch for any condition. This ball is truly amazing and will give you the response you are looking for on THS as well as many of the tough Kegel Challenge or PBA patterns. This SIGMA STING is the ball you will grab to measure all other balls against. The proven Sigma core with the new Pearlized shell is what makes this ball so versatile. Don’t miss out …COME GET STUNG! Rick Zakrajsek MOTIV STAFF www.motivbowling.com
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    4. Anonymous User on 12/11/2013, said:

    The Sigma Core really put MOTIV on the map a few years ago when it first came out. Due to the core’s versatility and predictability the original Sigma Tour was the “Go To” ball on tough tournament conditions for competitive bowlers. MOTIV took this popular, proven core, and paired it with what most would say is the most successful cover to date (Fusion Pearl Reactive – first seen on the Primal Scream) and you have the best of both worlds. I drilled my Sigma Sting with my favorite layout, 60* x 5” x 40*. I am a somewhat rev-dominant player, with a rev rate of 400, and a launch ball speed of about 18mph. The first thing I noticed is that the Sting was stronger than I was originally anticipating. In fact, for me, the Sting hooked 3 to 5 boards more than the Primal Rage (The Redball). The difference was in the mid-lane read. The Sting picks up earlier and has more continuation through the back portion of the lane. This difference is no due to the low RG Sigma Core. Here is a video where I compare the Sigma Sting to several other MOTIV bowling balls on the 39 foot WTBA Seoul Pattern. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvMqQ-qg4oM The Sigma Sting is a perfect compliment to the other recent MOTIV releases. Even though it has the same cover as the Cruel Intent, Tribal and Primal Rage, the shape of the hook is completely different. This is just what you want – bowling balls that go through the pins in different ways to optimize your carry percentage. For me the best time to use the Sigma Sting is when I’m looking to blend out the pattern a bit. When the back-ends are a bit unpredictable, the Sting gives me my best look. The tougher the pattern, the more play my Sigma Sting sees. I am able to control the pocket really well on fresh oil with this ball as it seems to stay in the pocket zone longer than the other balls in my arsenal. When I need to make a big jump inside and open up my angles, I’ll switch to my Tribal or Rage. --Kevin Gallagher— PBA Member MOTIV Staff
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    5. Trent on 12/8/2013, said:

    Layout: 5” x 4 1/8” 65 x 5” x 40 Test Pattern: Modified House Shot, 39ft Brunswick Pro Lane The Sigma core is back and better than ever! Wrapping this award-winning core (2.47 Rg, .047 Diff) in the potent Fusion Pearl coverstock (finished at 1500-grit) has provided the market with one the best benchmark balls that anyone can have. I drilled this ball to give myself a perfect compliment to my Primal Rage, especially knowing that the only difference between the two is the engine inside of them. While the Rage effortlessly glides down the lane and then unleashes a fury on the backend, my Sting gives me a slightly earlier read and a more controlled motion at the spot without sacrificing any hitting power. I have found so far that it does not matter what angle I am playing, the Sting reads the lane beautifully and still drives strong through the pins. I have been able to move as much as an 11-7 from frame one to field ball game three and not have to worry about whether this ball was up to the task or not. If you need versatility in a ball that is also the perfect benchmark for your arsenal, look no further than the Motiv Sigma Sting. Strike up a buzz! Trent Overbey In the Zone Pro Shop Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com
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    6. Anonymous User on 12/1/2013, said:

    I absolutely love my Sigma Sting. It is the quintessential benchmark ball in the MOTIV line up. It responds so well to any physical adjustments that a bowler can make. I personally can alter its roll with loft, hand position changes, and speed changes. It comes into play everywhere. No matter the lane surface or pattern it will see play at some point. It isn't pidgeon holed into one environment. I have used it on fresh, transition, carrydown/burn and it performed admirably. I love balls like this because I can stay in the same part of the lane and just change the front to back hook. I have been able to play open or closed angles with it and be successful as well. Overall, a wonderful piece for building an arsenal around. The epitome of a phenomenal benchmark ball! Mine is drilled 60 x 5 x 70 with no extra hole. I enjoyed mine so much at box surface that I never touched it. -Darren Andretta, MOTIV Staff Member/VISE Inserts Staff
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    7. Anonymous User on 11/29/2013, said:

    MOTIV Sigma Sting My Information- Right-handed / Ball Speed-15mph average/ Rev Rate-300-325 rmp’s average Axis Rotation-45 degrees/Axis Tilt-15 degrees/PAP-5” over and 1” up Layout of ball tested-80* x 50* @3 1/4” P-2 X-hole Lanes tested on-14 year old Anvilane lanes. With a 42’ blended house shot. Color- Black/Gold with Orange and White logos. Coverstock- Fusion Pearl Reactive Core –Sigma Factory Finish-1500 grit sanded/with MOTIV Power Gel Polish Flare Potential-Medium RG-2.47 15lbs. Diff.-.047 15lbs. Opening Thoughts The basics on the MOTIV Sigma Sting : MOTIV has finally put a pearl coverstock on the popular Sigma core. The ball is a fairly medium revving ball ,that gets good length through the heads with a long and continuous movement to the pins. It is the longest continuation I have ever seen from a MOTIV ball. Lengthwise it compares to the Thrash Frenzy but more aggressive at the breakpoint. and more continuous. The Sigma Sting fits somewhere between the Primal Rage and the Thrash Frenzy. One of the nicest things about the Sigma Sting is that it performs well on such a wide variety of conditions .And works well for a lot of styles. The Sigma Sting has all the features that make a ball great. It is predictable and keeps you in control of your breakpoint. It has a strong enough movement that is arcing and continuous without being uncontrollable. Yet strong enough to allow bowlers to open up the lane. In 2011 MOTIV produced one of the best control balls ever.The Sigma Tour.It was one of the most predictable balls made. Now MOTIV has updated the Sigma line with the Sigma Sting. They took the popular Sigma core and wrapped with the Fusion Pearl Reactive coverstock. On the oil,a condition that that you would think wouldn’t be a strong suit for the Sigma Sting,it performed very well.With the heavy oil in the fronts and the fresh backends,I saw nothing but positive things. It navigated the heads with ease and turned up the revs late in the midlane ,showing no sign of squirt or jump at the breakpoint.When it encountered the dry at the breakpoint,it never overreacted,it just went into it’s long continuous movement to the pins. The breakpoint was always predictable.The ball reacted to the way the bowler rolled it. When the heads got spotty and the carrydown became evident, it just took a simple move left to adjust for the angle to the pocket. On the blend and breakdown condition,I still had plenty of oil in the heads left ,but could now bounce it of the dry downlane without overreaction.This is where the longer continuation helped.I never had any fear it wouldn’t recover.I now could confidently use the length of the ball to get it through the heads and around the pattern without fear of it burning up to early and hitting weak.The pin carry was still good. When the lanes became fried and the heads were gone and the pattern blown up,it was time to put up the Sigma Sting,and pull out the light bulb core of the Tribal. The Sigma Sting is very user friendly for all styles.The power player will be able to use drilling and surface to get even more length so the ball can use it’s powerful,yet predictable backend movement. The Tweeners will be able to increase their hook potential at the breakpoint,but still allow them to play more down the boards.Yet still have a ball to help them open up the lane. And the Straighter and speed dominate style players will be able to drill it up stronger and still stay in their comfort zone.And have a little more hit and carry from the outside angles. The Sigma Sting is not the strongest ball in the MOTIV line, but it is a ball that will allow you to go to it with confidence. http://www.motivbowling.com/products/balls/sigmasting.html MOTIV GIRL Angela Wilt : MOTIV Staff Member
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    8. Anonymous User on 11/25/2013, said:

    Sigma Sting - #Strikeupabuzz The original Sigma Tour was my initial MOTIV piece drilled as a MOTIV Staffer. The NEW Sigma Sting represents a different reaction despite using the popular Fusion Pearl Cover combined with the reliable constant motion of the Sigma Core. Although the Sigma Sting uses the Fusion Pearl Cover, I wouldn’t characterize the ball as having an angular motion. Even with the low RG (2.47) core, it still gets plenty of length with the out of box surface (1500 Wet Sanded/Polished). This time the #redball cover provides a very continuous motion that makes the Sigma Sting very distinct. In comparing the Sigma Sting to MOTIV’s previous release the Cruel Intent, the Sigma Sting doesn’t provide as much over all hook. For me the Cruel Intent allows me to play further in and exits the pattern more forward than the Sigma Sting. Next, the Tribal is much cleaner and has a much more pronounced backend compared to the Sigma Sting. You can see in my video how each ball actually differs and will notice how different the shape is for each ball. You can see my video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdhJwJ4jaqc I currently have two Sigma Stings, one pin up and another pin down. The pin down Sigma Sting is noticeably earlier and stronger overall as it should be. The pin up is obviously cleaner and stronger downlane, but the similarity between the two is that they both see the same continuation throughout the roll phase. This will be a benchmark ball for anyone, both of mine are still benchmark balls even with the different layouts. The Sigma Sting it is plenty of ball to throw on the fresh, but is clean enough and can corner with deep angles on a lighter or broken down conditions without over reacting. I have thrown it on several occasions on different patterns and I know we can all tell right away how much we like a ball, well this one is sooooo good! MOTIV Staff Member Mike Magolan
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