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900 Global Network Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $159.95 
900 Global Network Bowling Ball - WWRD 2/5/14

900 Global Network Bowling Ball - WWRD 2/5/14

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

900 Global Network

  • Color: Caramel/Gold
  • Coverstock: XPT 74 Pearl
  • Weight Block: CFT2 (Asymmetric)
  • Factory Finish: Neat "T" (4,000 Grit)
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.49
  • Differential (Diff): .051
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): 0.030
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    With a newly developed coverstock blend and our strongest asymmetric core to date, the Network has everything you need to conquer the lanes. A strong midlane read, powerful backend motion and endless continuation are at your disposal!

    The new XPT74 coverstock is chemically engineered to have more uniquely shaped porosity structures that extend deeper in the shell, allowing for quicker oil absorption yet maintaining responsiveness down the lane.

    The re-engineered CFT2 core features modified densities that have created a lower RG, higher Differential and 900 Global's strongest Intermediate Differential to date, enabling unprecedented power and energy through the pins!

    Use the Network on moderately heavy lane conditions and GET CONNECTED!
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    1. Anonymous User on 3/23/2014, said:

    Put this ball in your bag, The 900 Global network is all about a very strong backend And super control. If you like to stay in your comfort zone for longer periods this is your ball. I found that I could play within three boards of my original starting point on medium to medium heavy lane conditions for a three game session. This ball gave me an easy read in the mid lane which made adjustments simple. Get one you won’t be sorry. Donny Carr 900 Global Staff
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    2. Anonymous User on 2/10/2014, said:

    This ball is definitely a must have in the bag! With the new XPT74 coverstock and the denser CFT2 core gives this ball a great read on medium to high oil volume. I laid this ball out with a 5 ½ X 4 X 4 ¼ with my PAP being 5 1/8 right 0 up or down. With this layout the ball roll is amazingly clean and powerful through the entire lane! In medium to high volume this is the ball to have in your hands. The XPT74 coverstock absorbs the volume and the CFT2 core allows the ball to store all its energy until it hits the end of the pattern and blow through racks leaving nothing standing. In comparison to the Protocol the Network will read the lane sooner but not over react. If you want to stay in the game then you need to have the Network in your hands!
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    3. Anonymous User on 2/10/2014, said:

    900 Global has out done themselves!!! I give this ball 5 out of 5 stars. This ball is great for every type of lane condition. This balls gets down the lane, whether you're a cranker or down-and-in bowler, and rolls up hard to the pocket. This ball even carries the off hits! It's a must have ball, complete with an extra 5-10 pins added to your average!
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    4. justin on 2/7/2014, said:

    I just signed with 900 global and cant say enough about how hard they hit! This network is the perfect ball for me with a high rev rate gets through the front part of the lane real well and reads the back mid lane so hard and continuous. Great go to ball!
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    5. Anonymous User on 2/5/2014, said:

    Who needs Wi-Fi?? You can reach the pocket with the new Network from 900 Global! Clearly will be the best ball in 2014. Many entry angles, and amazing recovery! Just check out the honor scores so far!! A total must have at all the Demo days. Add the popular 74 coverstock to the Protocol core, and what do you get? Power into the pocket, and pin carry that destroys your opponent. Not to mention the color of the Network.. Looks like it belongs on the top shelf at Hershey's Chocolate Factory Store! Pure asymmetrical powerhouse! 7 arrows on a lane..why not be able to cover all of them? Drilled a few up already with instant results. See my videos of 900 Global/AMF products in actions on youtube, username "conventionalspinner"...
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    6. Anonymous User on 2/4/2014, said:

    The Network by 900 Global this is a fantastic new ball from global. used a 4x4x3 layout to let the ball roll early with a very strong back end. The network has everything thats needed for high scores on multiple lane conditions. The network does need some oil for the best performance. Great ball global a must for all bowlers.
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    7. Anonymous User on 2/3/2014, said:

    The Network OOB finish #15 3.5" pin 3oz top Rt hand 14-15 mph PAP 4 9/16 Drilling 5" from PAP Dual Angle Layout 60* x 5" 45* Volume 38-41ft THS, Kegel Challenge Series All I can say is WOW! The Network is something I've haven't seen in years and a 1st in reaction from 900 Global as far as flip. Extremely aggressive backend on this ball. Excellent "open up the lane" ball. Deeper I went the better the ball performed. Can handle typical league pattern oil with ease. I saw no squirt in midlane or in carry down after transition. The has excellent midlane and a booming backend! I'm talking old school mid 90's snap!! It's an easy 5 boards stronger than my Black Eagle Pearl or Hard Drive. Best thing...it carries!! 760-290 1st night out and 299-787 2nd night! Very impressive ball, it turns heads on the lanes. Cool color scheme helps as well. A pearl for almost all conditions is a rarity, 900 Global has a winner here.
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    8. Anonymous User on 2/2/2014, said:

    The new Network is do out on February 5th and I'd have to say this is one of the best balls I have ever thrown! Let me start by saying I'm right handed. I throw 15lbs. and have about middle of the road speed around 15-16 mph. I turn the ball very well with a release loke an underhand spiral throw with a football. I drilled mine pin down just below the ring finger and kicked the cg and mass bias out to the right with no hole. I left the surface OOB. I don't use grips. My PAP is over 5 1/2. I decided to drill mine this way because I have had success drilling stuff up this way and changing the surface if needed. In throwing this ball on synthetic and wood I have to say this ball rolls unbelievably well and I would suggest the Network to anyone! I have been able to play up the lane and also deep inside at 5th arrow and striking at will. I would say that my average has been nothing less than 235 everywhere since getting the new Network! I threw my new Network recently on the hardest shot we have in town, a tournament called Sandhills. I what's the world with this ball and couldn't believe the shot was as if it was a house shot. I was playing 5th arrow an sending it to about 8 board soft with my hand and and just getting around the ball so it would tip down lane. I ended up -31 over all in the tournament which got me a 10th place position with a file of about 170 bowlers. I was very happy with the results do to the fact it was "32 foot flat" Accross with an out of bounds at about 7 board. Now when I have used my Network on the THS it rolled amazing as well and I can play so places on the lane with this ball if I need to that its almost to sick to be true! I have already cashed in on a couple BIG DAWG POTS and a few high games along with some brackets. I can play up 5 board with the Network or I can play in at 5th arrow and man is that a great feeling to know you have a ball in your hand that good! If you've been thinking about getting a new ball you should really consider this one! You won't be disappointed! Andrew Jensen 900Global Staff #bestballsontheplanet
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    9. Anonymous User on 1/31/2014, said:

    All I can say is wow! This ball is a winner, an absolute champion! The Network gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility in where to play on the lane. If you want to go up the boards, you can. If you want to swing the ball, you can do that as well. It’s almost like the Network knows what to do no matter the condition. I am really amazed at how strong the motion is when you play close to the ditch. My favorite line with this ball is straight up 5 or 6 and let it snap in the back ends. This is also the hardest hitting ball I have had in a long time. Now that I have thrown the Network for about 15 games it has given this ball even more versatility. Now if I tug it a board or two, it just rides clear to the pocket. I have thrown the Network on both wood and synthetic lanes and have noticed the same motion to it. It clears the heads very smooth and has a very defined motion off the break point. If you are looking for a great ball for both league and tournament conditions the Network is the ball for you. Both the performance and the color of the ball will have your team mates asking what you are throwing! Don’t miss out on this awesome release from Global!
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    10. Anonymous User on 1/30/2014, said:

    The Network is yet another great piece from 900 Global. The new Network features the same CFT core as the Protocol so you get that nice, strong backend motion you would expect, however with the new XPT coverstock the Network picks up a little earlier in the midlane. This creates one of my favorite reactions I have ever had from a ball. This ball gives me the ability to move left and really open up the lanes on heavy oil. A must have for someone looking for a ball to open up the lanes on a house shot, or just anyone else looking for a strong piece they can ball up to.
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