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Hammer Spike - Black/Blue - Listed Specs

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Hammer Spike Bowling Ball - Black'Blue - WWRD 6/10/14

Hammer Spike Bowling Ball - Black'Blue - WWRD 6/10/14

Hammer Spike - Black/Blue

  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Coverstock: GTR III Pearl
  • Weight Block: Widow Nasty
  • Factory Finish: 500/500/500/1000 Abralon® W/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.56
  • Differential (Diff): .054
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    Hammer’s got a new way to attack the pin deck with the new Hammer Spike. The Spike uses a high RG, high Differential core system that gives Hammer bowlers a new look at conquering drier lanes. Combined with the new carbon fiber outter core this ball is unstoppable. With our new technology we include a new 3-year warranty.

    If this is the right ball for you, see it first hand at the pro shop nearest you!
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    1. Les on 7/20/2014, said:

    BOWLING BALL: HAMMER SPIKE CORE: WIDOW NASTY COVER : GTR III PEARL COLOR: BLACK / BLUE RG / DIFF 15# RG (2.56) Diff(.054) LAYOUT: 70 X 5 3/4 X 50 REACTION: SKID / FLIP SURFACE: 500/500/500/1000 ABRALON WITH POWERHOUSE FACTORY POLISH BEST LANE CONDITION:MEDIUM TO DRY OIL LANE PATTERN: TYPICAL HOUSE 41', 40' KEGAL BOURBON STREET PROS: With SPIKE using high rg and diff core system combined with the new flex resin core and carbon fiber outer core system. Spike is very clean through the fronts, mid lane and is very quick and angular at the break point. This is a easy 3-5 boards more hook than original Spike. This is a great addition to the line and it comes with HAMMER's 3 year warranty!! Spike is a lot hook for the price point!!
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    2. Anonymous User on 6/10/2014, said:

    BOWLER INFO: PAP/Track: 5 1/8” x 1” up Axis Rotation: 25 degrees Axis Tilt: 12 degrees Rev Rate: 440 Ball Speed: 17-19mph LANE CONDITION Lane Patterns Used: 41' House Shot, 2014 USBC Team & Singles/Double Pattern COMMENTS Ball Layout: 70 x 4 3/4 x 35 Likes: This new Spike has the same core, but has the Carbon Fiber outter core and the Jet Black Pearl coverstock. WOW what a difference that I see in between the original & this ball. The Spike Black/Blue is definitely stronger overall than the original and more defined backend motion. Very clean through the front part of the lane and a nice strong backend motion that evens out the over/under that I had with the original Spike. For me this ball worked best on when the patterns were in transition and I needed a ball to recover in the backends when the lanes opened up. This ball is perfect for the medium-light to drier lane patterns. Dislikes: Tends to be a little too strong off the spot on the fresher patterns. I will drill another one with a pin down to smooth out the reaction for some tournament patterns. This ball will work perfect for the lower rev rate bowlers that need a ball to get through the front part of the lane & turn the corner when the transition has forced them left of their comfort zone. With the high rg / high diff core (w/ Carbon Fiber) & the Jet Black pearl cover, this ball will help bowlers have a ball that will get down the lane with ease & turn the corner in the backends. With the Carbon Fiber outter core, Hammer has provided a 3 year warrantee on this ball, so this is a great value for the money. Make sure you place your order through Buddies Pro Shop for this great rolling piece from Hammer. PICTURES AND/OR VIDEOS http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv150/Plowboy300/SpikeBlack-Blue-70x434x35_zpse1cb6f67.jpg
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    3. Anonymous User on 6/8/2014, said:

    Here is my ball review for new Black/Blue Spike by Hammer. It features the same core from the original Spike (made with the new Carbon Fiber)with a pearl version of the GTR III coverstock similar to that used on the Wrench.I drilled mine with a 25 x 4 ½ x 25 layout. I left the ball at box surface and put a weight hole on my PAP. I figured based on the core having a high RG/high differential and a pearl version of a coverstock that generally gets down the lane very well, that this ball would be a very angular ball. The ball did not disappoint!!! Even with the aggressive layout that I used in the new Black/Blue Spike, the ball got through the front with no difficulty and saved PLENTY of energy to the back part of the lane. As such, I found the carry and hitting power to be excellent. Watching the ball as it goes through the pins, it will be very easy to note that the ball continues very well…it does not quit. As is this ball is all about length and flip, this ball probably will not match up well on heavy volume patterns. I do see this ball matching up very well on lighter to medium volume patterns and/or patterns that have broken down toward the end of a block. The ball comes polished in a stunning vibrant blue and black swirl. The ball is scheduled to be released on June 10. If you are looking for a ball that will get down the lane and take a left turn, check out the new Black/Blue Spike by Hammer!
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    Showing comments 1-3 of 3