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Motiv Octane Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $146.95 
Motiv Octane Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/2/14

Motiv Octane Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/2/14

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Motiv Octane

  • Color: Black/Purple Pearl
  • Coverstock: Agility™ SFX Reactive
  • Weight Block: Quadfire™
  • Factory Finish: 5000 Grit LSP
  • Flare Potential: Medium-High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.55
  • Differential (Diff): .043
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    Get revved up with the new Octane™ from MOTIV! This medium oil machine is fueled for an explosive backend motion. It features the Quadfire™ weight block and new Agility™ SFX Reactive tread. It is a very impressive piece of equipment.

    The engine powering the Octane™ is the proven Quadfire™ core, which provides a 2.55 RG for easy length and .043 differential to create the track flare needed for the transition on medium oil conditions.

    The hybrid black and purple pearl cover on the Octane™ is the new Agility™ SFX (Skid Flip Xtreme) Reactive formulation. This new technology provides outstanding length and an absolutely explosive backend reaction. Factory finish is 5000 Grit LSS (Laser Scan/Polished).

    The average bowler will have a blast throwing the Octane deep down the lane and outside to the dry boards so they can watch it come screaming off the backend. Highly competitive bowlers will definitely fill a hole in their arsenal with this Octane. The easy length and steep angle at the backend will allow them to play a line that many others will not be able to touch.
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    1. Anonymous User on 7/20/2014, said:

    I am really impressed with the shape this piece makes. It's very unique to MOTIV. I have a ball that enables me to move right and send the ball left without hooking early or laboring off the spot. It takes time for this to develop on my side of the lane (lefty) but it's a great feeling to know that I can when called upon. I have my Octane drilled 50 x 5 x 30. It is the same drilling as my favorite Primal Rage. I feel like the shapes are similar, but the Octane just has more on reserve. More total hook and more angularity. The red ball is great from a zone left of where I am using my Octane. I honestly didn't touch the cover very much at all. I just cracked it with a 4000 grit pad. For how I plan to use this ball, I don't really want to add surface to it. I imagine though it would bring my breakpoint closer to me and offer a strong, continuous shape down lane. Right handers are going to love this piece for the simple fact that they play some pretty steep angles. This ball will recover from a long way. I see it being a great tool for the hook guys who need the recovery playing 4th and 5th arrow or by the straight player who needs a clean reaction and energy retention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA3awUT7z1w&list=UUWNlQhKlVxh-XjpI40E-tpw - Darren Andretta, MOTIV Staff, VISE Inserts Staff
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    2. Anonymous User on 7/3/2014, said:

    OCTANE!!!!! My definition of Octane is now- Length, angularity and power. This ball is completely off the charts NASTY!!! This ball shows an incredible ability to get through the front part of the lane and the most angular back end motion to date from Motiv. From the average league bowler to the top professional bowlers in the world this piece offers something for everyone. The ball is initially rated for Medium oil patterns but performs well on med-heavy and med-light oil patterns as well. This monster will allow even some of the rev challenged players to get in deeper with the big boys. What I liked most is what it provided me on the med-light oil patterns that I bowled on in the PBA Sr masters event on the burn and double burn. The Octanes length and smoothness through the front end of the pattern allowed me to continue to use it with only minimal adjustment. I was able to stay a bit more right away ( 20-18 at the arrows) versus having to get in deeper with everyone else and deal with a major transition. The key was the room right this ball creates with its ability to come back hard and strong from the friction right!!!! An just like every release Motiv has put out over the past few years this ball is CONTINUOUS though the pins retaining its energy for the right place at the right time!! Get this ball and your game will never be the same!! Rick Zakrajsek MOTIV STAFF www.motivbowling.com
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    3. Anonymous User on 6/24/2014, said:

    Octane - 40 X 4.5 X 45 Description: The Octane uses the same Quadfire core as the previous Thrash series and older QZ series, but with the brand new Agility SFX coverstock. The addition of the Octane has filled MOTIV’s slot for an angular, medium oil ball. Since the release of the Primal Rage MOTIV has released several pieces that have angular motions…Well the Octane provides plenty of length, continuation, and significantly more backend than previously releases. Reaction: The Octane’s core/box cover combination is ideal for moderate to lighter volumes. I feel like I can stay very aggressive with the Octane and still maintain the shape downlane. On the easier conditions I have thrown on so far the ball really helps me open up my launch angles, I am one that usually keeps them very tight on most patterns. This ball is going to work on a lot of different patterns, especially if you hear what I have to say about the surface adjustment I made and watch the difference for yourself in my video. I personally found the Octane even better with the cover adjusted to 3K Abralon. After adjusting the surface to 3K I found that it allowed me to get further in on the pattern (Obviously) but also just as continuous making the ball overall just stronger. You can see in my video that the 3K cover on the Octane allowed me to get in even deeper than I was with the Primal Rage. I haven’t tested it with more surface than 3K, but I can only imagine that this ball can be thrown on some heavier patterns with surface and still open it up downlane. Comparisons: I compared the Octane to 3 balls in my video, but I didn’t compare it to the Sigma Sting due to time restraints in the video, so let’s start there. The Octane provided me with more length than the Sigma Sting, but also provided more backend. Because of the more aggressive motion off of the friction I was actually required to play deeper, but the overall amount of hook they provide is very similar. Comparing the Octane to the Primal Rage I noticed that the Primal Rage forces me deeper due to the earlier core, but I’d also have to say that the new cover on the Octane makes it more angular than the Primal Rage. Next, the Tribal required me to square up compared to the Octane, making the Tribal similar in length and but less angular downlane. Last, the Venom Shock was noticeably different. The Venom Shock started up much sooner and is much stronger midlane, with a very subtle change in direction downlane compared to the Octane. Summary: This is truly an improvement once again to an existing core. This is an important ball for me as a power tweener. I often find myself not being able to get in as deep as the power players, but the shape of this piece helps me get closer, with the necessary length and more backend than I have ever seen in a ball. YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FA7MzZQ26Y MOTIV Staff Member - Mike Magolan
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    4. Trent on 6/22/2014, said:

    Layout: 50 x 5 x 35 If you want some premium grade performance to fuel your scores, look no further than the Motiv Octane. Wrapping the reliable Quadfire core (2.55 RG, .043 Diff) in the brand new Agility SFX reactive hybrid cover (finished at the new 5000-grit LSP) brings a new dynamic not previously seen in the Motiv line up. While it is technically listed as a hybrid, I believe you will find that it reacts much more like a pearl once it gets to the breakpoint; to say this ball gives easy length and an explosive backend reaction would be a tame way to describe it. On a fresh house shot the Octane glided down the lane and released an astonishing backend motion which continued all the way through to the pit; I was frequently taking out the 8-pin with the ball. It was strong enough to throw on the fresh but clean enough for me to continue to get left with it as the lanes were breaking down. When I threw this ball in Reno during my singles event it was turning heads with its corner-turning ability. At one point I was laying the ball down on 38 and could hit as far right as 6 at the breakpoint and this ball still came back with an attitude. I believe that the ball motion the Octane provides will not only look good on the lanes as a skid-flip reaction but will also help many bowlers create angles that are more advantageous for carry. Inject your game with some #PremiumGrade Octane! Trent Overbey In the Zone Pro Shop Motiv Staff www.motivbowling.com
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    5. Anonymous User on 6/16/2014, said:

    The Octane is one special ball! A new hybrid cover wrapped around the tried and true Quadfire core (previously featured in the Q & Thrash series balls). The Octane has the fastest response to friction of any ball that I’ve thrown. What does this mean? I can move deeper with more confidence than ever before. It is designed for Medium oil, but for my game I use it most often when I need to chase the oil line on longer sport patterns at the end of the block. When there is friction out on the lane, this ball has some of the best hook potential of any ball I’ve got, all on the back end. Here is the video I’ve made demonstrating the Octane. In the video, I graphically compare the ball motion with 6 other MOTIV balls… The Ascent Pearl, Ascent Apex, Venom Shock, Tribal, Primal Rage & Cruel Intent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBY9DVtWEEo If you are looking for a ball on short oil patterns, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this piece. It will see that friction and jump… after all – that’s what it’s designed to do! You’d want to look for a ball that is smoother off the spot. But, when the conditions are right – the Octane is the difference maker… the ball that makes it look like I have the whole lane, when everyone else is struggling. In essence, think of it this way – when the Octane sees oil, it skids – a lot. When it sees friction, it hooks – a lot. There are times when any competitive bowler needs an Octane. Or if you just bowl league and you like to see that skid/flip shape, this ball is just what you’re looking for. --Kevin Gallagher— PBA Member MOTIV Staff
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    Showing comments 1-5 of 5