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DV8 Ruckus Schizo - Listed Specs

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DV8 Ruckus Schizo Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/16/14

DV8 Ruckus Schizo Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/16/14

Dv8 Ruckus Schizo

  • Color: Neon Lime/Neon Yellow Pearl
  • Coverstock: Class 12F Reactive
  • Weight Block: Ruckus Medium RG
  • Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad, Royal Compound
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.54
  • Differential (Diff): .052
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): 0.013
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    Featuring the new Class 12F Pearl Reactive coverstock wrapped around the Ruckus core, the Ruckus Schizo skids easily through the front and midlane flipping on the backend for the most breakpoint potential of any DV8 ever on medium to oily lane conditions.
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    1. Anonymous User on 1/5/2015, said:

    I am left handed, and my Ball Speed is between 15-16 mph. My First Ruckus Schizo ball is drilled with the Pin in the middle above my Fingers and the CG in the middle of my palm. The ball surface I lightly hit the ball with a 4000 pad. The patterns I have used this ball on the USBC Red Pattern, High Way to Hell, and Abby Road. What all I can say is WOW!!! I have not had a ball yet that can come off the spot like this ball. I can move inside and throw the ball left and the ball will recover quickly. I have drilled a second ball that is a Pin down below my Fingers and the CG is stacked and I have hit this ball with a light 2000 and this ball works well when my pin up Schizo is going down just a bit to long. I have a great combination with these 2 balls because when you are bowling well and when you get some carry down or the heads go away sometimes when you change to another kind of ball you won't get the same carry so I have drilled 2 of each ball 1 with a pin up and 1 with a pin down and this has worked for me that past 2 years. I also have a great 1-2 punch with this ball and the Rude Dude. If the Schizo is way to much ball I got with the Rude Dude and the 2 balls I have used every were I have bowled the past 3 weeks. I have loved all of the balls that DV8 has put out and they keep coming up with better and better balls and they have hit a home run with these latest 2 balls. I have not shot under 650 the last 3 weeks and I bowl in Sport Pattern leagues and tournaments. I think that DV8 and Brunswick and Radical are making the best balls out on the market right now and Storm better watch out!! The Schizo get through the heads really clean and saves its energy for the back and has a good recovery and great drive to the pocket. You will need one of these in your bag because I promise you will not be disappointed. I have not seen anything yet on this ball that I don't like or a condition yet that I have not yet able to throw the ball on. DV8 thank you SO much for bringing out terrific balls that hit hard and can't wait to see what we have next!! Doug Cutler DV8 Regional Staff Member PBA Regional Champion www.dawngoodbowling.com
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    2. Anonymous User on 12/6/2014, said:

    DV8 SCHIZO!! This is the amazing ball !!!cover out the box is 4000 with the skid flip motion that is awesome on medium to heavy oil. This Ball will carry on a lot of patterns were your leaving a lot of corners. If you're looking for a bowling ball to read the med lane this is the ONE!! I even change the cover down to 2000 and still had the same look but with a 3 board inside move. The ball had more hitting power even the light hits had pins moving on the deck. Maurice Moore DV8 Regional Staff. Layout: 55/5/40 Style: Stroker.
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    3. Tim on 10/5/2014, said:

    The Ruckus Schizo features the same core as the first two Ruckus balls but with a slightly tweaked pearl cover compared to the others. It comes with the same compound finish as the original Ruckus. I was curious how these two balls would differ, so I drilled the Schizo similar to my favorite Ruckus and took to the lanes. I went with a 65 x 5 1/8 x 40 dual angle layout. Within a couple shots, the difference between these two balls was clear. The Ruckus is a long/strong type ball. On fresh patterns, the high volumes can cause this ball to be very touchy and erratic. I found this ball to be much better suited for medium volumes and broken down patterns where more launch and backend angle is required. The new Ruckus Schizo read the midlane more, and blended out the wet/dry of the house shot much better. Since they are the same core and finish, this has to be attributed to the stronger coverstock. Overall hook on the fresh pattern for these two balls was pretty close (the Schizo probably 1-2 boards more overall), but how they read the sensitive areas of the lane was the big difference. I knew they wouldn't be close, but for "shiggles" i grabbed my Ruckus Feud to see how it compared. The Feud is still a hook monster and still the strongest ball I know of. The Schizo was about 6-7 boards less hook, as the Feud just dug through the oil much better. To try and bridge the gap between my Feud and Ruckus, I felt it was better to break the compound off of the Schizo with a 3000 pad. This made the ball about 3-4 boards less the the Feud, and about 3-4 more than the Ruckus, and still maintaining the predictability that set the Schizo and Ruckus apart. The DV8 product line is filling up nicely, and offers tons of different ball motions across the entire catalog. The Ruckus Schizo is a great addition and will offer bowlers of all styles great backend motion without making them pull their hair out because of over/under reaction.
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    Showing comments 1-3 of 3