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DV8 Rude Dude - Listed Specs

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DV8 Rude Dude Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/16/14

DV8 Rude Dude Bowling Ball - WWRD 7/16/14

Dv8 Rude Dude

  • Color: Neon Orange/Neon Yellow Solid
  • Coverstock: Class 7G Reactive
  • Weight Block: Dude Symmetric
  • Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad, Royal Compound
  • Flare Potential: Medium-High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.557
  • Differential (Diff): .040
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:

    Providing an all-purpose ball motion that is beyond compare, the Rude Dude delivers obscene down-lane motion and offensive power through the pins. The combination of the Dude core and new Class 7G solid reactive coverstock provides strong and continuous hook motion that is downright obnoxious on medium to oily lane conditions.
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    1. Anonymous User on 5/1/2015, said:

    The Rude Dude is a bomb! If you liked the original Dude you will love this ball! I drilled mine 60x4x45 with a medium to high rev rate and the motion down lane with this ball is amazing. It gets down lane cleaner than the original dude with more angular backend. I have used this ball on a house shot and several sport patterns and you can play up the boards or get in and swing it. This ball is great for anybody’s game. If you want a ball that is controllable and doesn’t read off the dry boards violently this is the ball for you! #teamDV8 Jason Wendt DV8 Regional Staff Member www.dv8bowling.com
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    2. Anonymous User on 1/5/2015, said:

    Hello to everyone and this is my Review of the Rude Dude. I am left handed and I throw around 15-16mph The lanes conditions I bowled on is the USBC Red Pattern, and the High Way to Hell, and the Abby Road. The surface on the Rude Dude I just hit it with a light 4000 pad. The way i drilled my first Rude Dude is the Pin about 1" above my Finders and the CG just to the left of the center of my palm. The second one I drilled I have the pin just below my Ring Finger and the CG just kicked left just a little bit. I have the surface on this one a light 2000 pad. I have compared this ball with the Schizo, and also the Diva Pearl. The Rude Dude is such a GREAT ball and right now this ball is my starting ball and the last 3 weeks I have only used this ball or the Schizo. My pin up ball is the one I have used the most on Fresh lane conditions and if I get any carry down, I go to my Pin down Rude Dude. This ball get threw the heads really well and has great recovery off the back and is really smooth off the back and it still hits really hard. I recommend using this ball on Light to Medium lane conditions, and also THS. If the Rude Dude is just not enough, I go to the Schizo and I have not had any problems getting the pocket. The Rude Dude and the Schizo is a great 1-2 punch. If the Rude Dude is to much, then I have gone to the Diva Pearl and The Diva Pearl is much smoother in the back as my Rude Dude is. If you want a great Starting ball and a ball that looks great and strikes a lot, you will need to get a Rude Dude, because for the price you will not go wrong. DV8 has come out with another GREAT ball and I can't wait for what they come out with next. If you want a ball for Heavy oil this is not the ball, but just go to the Schizo, or the Ruckus Feud. I want to thank DV8 for producing the Best Balls on the market right now!! If you have not purchased the Rude Dude or the Schizo yet, you need to. This ball will help you with completing your Arsenal. Doug Cutler DV8 Regional Staffer PBA Regional Champion www.dawngoodbowling.com
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    3. Tim on 10/5/2014, said:

    When I first saw the specs for the Rude Dude, my first thought was "Oh boy, another ball with some kind of compound on it. Why don't they make a sanded symmetrical ball?" The Marauder Madness was a great ball for me so I thought I was missing that in my bag since mine had been retired for a while. The Rude Dude cover is that strong that it was better to put some compound on it so that it didn't hook TOO much. Out fo the box, the Rude Dude cover is strong enough to handle oil, even with the comound on it. I was very surprised at the amount of hook this ball gave. The black/purple Dude was my favorite ball of all time. I could slow down and use it when they were tight, I could throw it normal when they were average, and I can step left and get around it when the lanes hooked. That ball matched up to my game better than I have ever seen. Because I have a long/high backswing, it is difficult for me to try and slow down. I had the hardest time with the Dude when I had to slow down to get it to turn up to the pocket. I still had success doing so, but that is where I had the most trouble with the Dude. The new Rude Dude is designed to handle medium to heavy oil. The times where I had to work to get my Dude to face up with pocket is the perfect situation for the Rude Dude. It digs through oil and makes a hard continuous move off of the dry, so you don't have to try and make the ball do things. You can just relax and focus on your routine, knowing the ball is going to read the lanes the way you need it to. This is the best 1-2 combination in the game, without a doubt. Layout: 65 degrees x 4 3/4" x 35 degrees
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    4. Anonymous User on 6/24/2014, said:

    PAP - 5 1/4, 3/4 up RPM - 350 16 MPH Patterns: THS, Viper. Length: 42' and 39' Layout: 70 x 4.25 x 35 The Rude Dude is the second ball from DV8 in the Dude line. With the symmetric core, the Rude Dude features a very strong but controllable backend motion, but still manages to easily clear the heads. I always liked the original Dude, it’s a ball I can play straighter up the lane with and not get an over/under reaction on the back-end. Especially when bowling on the tougher sport shot patterns. The only complaint I’ve have with the original was when the lanes where freshly oiled or on the tighter side, then it was sometimes too easy to push it through the breakpoint. But with the Rude Dude’s more aggressive coverstock, that’s no longer a problem. The ball now gets through the fronts as easy as the original, but picks up on the mid-lane much quicker. I also liked the way I can change the surface on the ball without losing the basic shape of the reaction. Out of the box, it comes 500 and buffed, but bringing it up to 2000 and shined allowed me to use it on “burn” and still get the same basic reaction as the out-of-box finish did on fresh. Overall, the Rude Dude has a unique reaction and makes a great addition to anyone’s bag. Comparatively, I would say it’s about 30% more aggressive overall than the original Dude, and about the same overall hook as the DV8 Diva, but with a more arcing shape.
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    Showing comments 1-4 of 4