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AMF 300 Decimate Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $154.95 
AMF 300 Decimate Bowling Ball

AMF 300 Decimate Bowling Ball

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

AMF Decimate

  • Color: Aqua/Purple
  • Coverstock: F75 Hybrid
  • Weight Block: Combustion Core
  • Factory Finish: Neat T Pad (4000 grit)
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.55
  • Differential (Diff): .055
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
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    1. HANS on 4/19/2015, said:

    BALL SPECS Pin Length: 3" - 3.5" Starting Top Weight: 3oz Ball Weight: 15.2 DRILL PATTERN Dual Angle Layout: 60* x 5" 45* X Hole (if there is one): None BOWLER STYLE Ball Speed: 15.5 - 16 PAP: 5-1/4" (right), 7/8" (up) SURFACE PREP Grit: OOB, and "E" Pad Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Sanded and Polish LANE CONDITION Length: 39'-42' Volume: Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS, Modified House, WTBA London, USBC Blue #2, PBA Viper COMMENTS Clean through the heads and predictable ball motion. Back end is smoother than expected. The cover takes well to surface changes. I tried this at the OOB, "E" Pad, and "E" Pad with polish. Ultimately, I found that I needed a little more surface with this one to get a little earlier read. I found the ball to do well on fresh and did not like transition very well. With polish, I was able to get a bit more snap on the back end motion as one would anticipate. At the OOB or with a bit more surface, this is an easy step down from the Moxie. Overall, this is a great benchmark type ball and will suit many styles. Hans Schell, 900 Global Regional Staff; Colorado Springs, CO
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    2. Anonymous User on 12/4/2014, said:

    Drilling layout: 60x4.5"x40 on a typical league shot 1st off, this ball looks great, love the color combo. Ball is very smooth through the heads even having some surface to the cover. Not crazy aggresive in the back ends, which makes it very easy to control, even on a wet dry condition. Anyone looking for a high end ball, with control and great carry need to look at this ball
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    3. Anonymous User on 9/4/2014, said:

    AMF Decimate #15 3" pin 2.75oz top Rt hand 14-15 mph PAP 4 9/16 Drilling 5 X 5, label Volume 38-41ft THS, Kegel Challenge Series AMF Decimate, SUPER excited to drill this one. As a big fan of the 900 Global S75 I am happy to see that cover back in action on this ball. Put my favorite drill pattern on the Decimate, 5 x 5 over label, no weight hole. Left in OOB 4000 for summer league. The reaction of reactions is back! Skid up front, nice mid-lane and a powerful backend move. I think a tad more angular than the old S75 for me. Needs a little oil up front but I can see this being a house shot monster! The symmetric combustion core seems to store tons of energy for the backend. Next move is to hit it with an A pad and see what a little surface does to the reaction. Great core/cover combo here in my opinion, a winner for AMF!
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    4. Donny on 8/18/2014, said:

    The decimate is a ball that can be used for many medium heavy to heavy oil patterns. If you like to play between 10 and 20 this is a great ball to use. This ball has a hard arcing reaction on medium heavy to heavy oil patterns. Depending on your speed you could also use this ball outside of the 10 board. This is a great ball for long oil patterns. Donny Carr
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    5. Anonymous User on 8/7/2014, said:

    The new AMF Decimate and Torch are a great addition to the awesome incinerate solid and Incinerate pearl balls. I drilled the Decimate stronger than the Torch. I drilled my Decimate pin up and to the right off ring finger and the CG and mass bias to the right of thumb with a weight hole over in the P2 at a 7/8's hole at 3 inches deep. What this has done for me is give me full advantage of the core cover combo. It reads the front and middle part of the lane very well giving me the ability to play them straighter or move in and play the lane in around third and fourth arrow. Now the Decimate will be the stronger of the two and weaker than the Incinerate solid. Stronger than the Torch by about 7-10 boards for me. (I'm right handed). The Incinerate will be about 10-15 boards stronger than the Decimate. The Decimate will be stronger than the Incinerate Pearl 5 boards. The Incinerate Pearl will be about 3-5 boards stronger than the Torch. These choices are off my style of bowling and will differ when not on a typical house shot. Now when I drilled my Torch I went with a pin up, Cg kicked a little and mass bias right next to thumb. In doing so I allow my moves to be easy due to the fact that the decimate is about 7-10 boards stronger. My Torch being drilled that way gives me a smoother front end with all the punch on the back. When I need to have more control and extra pop on the backend I will take out the torch. These new cover core combos you will see on and in our equipment make decision making easier than ever! Andrew Jensen 900 Global/AMF Staff
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    6. Anonymous User on 8/4/2014, said:

    In my arsenal this ball was drilled to roll. A great hybrid piece with predictability, its one of those balls right off your hand you know what kind of chance you have. A great time to get yourself a feel of what AMF & 900 Global have to offer!!
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    7. Anonymous User on 7/29/2014, said:

    The New AMF DECIMATE has a Hybrid cover and these covers tend to be very versatile. The DECIMATE core/cover combo creates a smooth earlier roll with a strong mid-lane motion that seems to work best on medium and medium heavy oil patterns. I drilled the ball with a 4 X 3 lay-out and the break point shape was arcing in nature on both the medium and the heavier patterns. The ball never displayed any over-under reaction when leaving the pattern, so if you’re looking for a go to ball this is the one.
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