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Brunswick Brute Bowling Ball

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Our Price: $129.95 
Brunswick Brute Bowling Ball - WWRD 9/15/14

Brunswick Brute Bowling Ball - WWRD 9/15/14

All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Brunswick Brute

  • Color: Navy & Light Blue Pearl Hybrid
  • Coverstock: Fortify Hybrid Reactive Coverstock
  • Weight Block: Brute Low RG/Low Differential Symmetrical Core
  • Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad; Royal Compound; Royal Shine
  • Flare Potential: Low
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.491
  • Differential (Diff): .032
  • Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): n/a
  • Fragrance: n/a
  • Description:


    Fortify Hybrid Reactive coverstock is Brunswick’s hottest creation based off our performance enhancing additive chemistry technology. Fortify Hybrid Reactive combines a new base coverstock with an enhanced additive package that will provide the easiest length with the quickest lateral traction of any coverstock to date.


    The new Brute Low RG/Low Differential Symmetrical core features a compact design to provide maximum energy retention. The new core shape revs quicker producing maximum performance and drilling versatility.

    Ball Motion

    With its Royal Shine Finish, the Brute skids effortlessly through the front, revving strong in the mid-lane saving axis rotation for the backend to provide greater entry angle to the pocket for superior pin action. The Brute will provide maximum length with exceptional backend punching out pins on variety of light to medium oil lane patterns.
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    1. Anonymous User on 1/24/2015, said:

    If you are looking for a ball that won't over react on the backend of the lane. A ball that has a smooth continuations all the way thru the pins. The brute is that ball no question. I personally love this ball and it make reading a pattern easier.
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    2. Eileen on 1/19/2015, said:

    The Brunswick Brute is probably the best and most versatile ball in my bag. I drilled one and can't ever find a reason to not throw it. On the league house shot, I am able to move a little further the right, and keep my angles straighter through the fronts, and when it gets the pins, its a no doubter. The last 4 weeks of leagues my low series with this ball is 722. I have never seen a polished ball be so smooth in the backs. This ball makes reading the lanes very simple. A MUST FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE! Dave Rice
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    3. Anonymous User on 1/19/2015, said:

    The brute was a great addition to Brunswicks all purpose line. This ball will allow you stay further right than normal. It is very clean with a incredible amount of length and great motion off the end of the pattern. for me, this ball is very versatile which always a good type of ball to have in your bag. The brute also earns its name by the pin action it creates when hitting the pocket..great ball! Brunswick Advisory Staff, Seth Carden
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    4. Anonymous User on 1/15/2015, said:

    There is only one other Brunswick ball ever made that I like as much as this one, Versa Max. This ball became my favorite piece in the bag after the first night I threw it. Very clean, very controllable, great energy retention and awesome pin carry describes this ball. This ball is a house pattern killer. It does not hydroplane in oil and it does not jackknife off of the dry. If you need a new medium ball that you can throw on a wide variety of conditions, look no further than this one. Greg Piper
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    5. Anonymous User on 12/27/2014, said:

    What can i say about this ball. Brunswick has made a home run with this ball. The brute can be used on many different patterns always providing great predictability, with unreal hitting power. Ball is great on many oil patterns and different surfaces. This ball reminds of the wrecker but on steroids!
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    6. Anonymous User on 12/18/2014, said:

    Mine is layed out 40 x 4 -1/2 x65..this ball is amazing on a variety of sport patterns on the fresh & burn..probably one of the most versatile balls I've ever thrown..would highly recommend to everyone... Warren crawford
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    7. Anonymous User on 12/8/2014, said:

    The brute is everything Brunswick wanted it to be. Control , smooth and power. This is an a multi use ball. Use it on house shot, sport and when the lanes get alittle funky from carry down. Brunswick didnt miss anything with this ball , you need it in your bag.
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    8. Brandon on 9/19/2014, said:

    BALL SPECS Ball Weight: 16 lbs DRILL PATTERN Dual Angle: 70 x 5" x 35 X Hole (if there is one): None BOWLER STYLE Rev Rate: Higher, between 370 and 410 rpm, aka Cranker Ball Speed: 16.50 mph PAP/Track: 5 3/8" over and 7/8" up with a high track SURFACE PREP Grit: Box - 500 SiaAir, Royal Compound, Royal Shine Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Polished LANE CONDITION Length: Multiple Volume: Multiple Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Multiple BALL REACTION Length: 9 / 10 Back End: 9 / 10 Overall Hook: 7 / 10 Midlane Read: 7 / 10 Breakpoint Shape: 9 / 10 (Angular) COMMENTS Likes: Very versatile ball with easy length Dislikes: None The Brunswick Brute is the newest ball in the All Purpose line. With it's hybrid cover and a new base coverstock that was used it the Fortera Exile, this ball is very versatile and would be good for medium to lighter oil conditions. The Brute would be great for a house shots, but would still work on sport shots because it is very clean through the front part of the lane. With my pin up drilling, I get the length because of the cover with a lot of recovery down lane. Once the ball gets into the roll stage, it doesn't quit going through the pins. If you are looking for an all purpose ball, the Brute won't disappoint. Check out the video of me throwing the ball that was produced by tamerbowling.com: http://youtu.be/w6pwdqQegYo?list=UUjHcws-w_hDpcIZO9FQqnKw
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    9. Anonymous User on 9/18/2014, said:

    The Brute is my go to all purpose house shot ball! Right of the box it was pretty clean with a very strong hook down lane. When I lightly took the shine off the ball it hooked even more and matched up perfectly to that Medium house shot. This ball hits like a Brute!
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    Showing comments 1-9 of 9