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Thanks Chris,

Thanks for the wonderful job you've done. The Crossroad (140952) you drilled up was perfect, especially the bevel. Just a minor tweak on it and it was good and ready to go.

I'm very happy with the service and workmanship. Keep up the great work and talk to soon.

James - California

Thanks Chris! I appreciate everything you do for me. Buddies is the BEST!

Todd Bicker - Michigan



Hi, We want to thank you for your good services when you have sent us the materials we have been ordering from you. All the supplies have been for preparation of the European Senior Championships 2012 in Norrköping, Sweden and now we have seen that it has helped Eva Renvall to 3 goldmedals out of 4 possible! Eva won the singles, trios and masters and she was the leader in all event as well.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes,

Katarina Renvall Eva Renvall Robert Zalitis
To say this email is a long time coming, is an understatement. My first order with Buddies was in December of 2010 and I have just finished ordering balls number eleven and twelve, now going on two years later. Not to mention, shoes, supplies etc.; but I digress. I felt it was more than about time that I express my gratitude to Chris.

Just as many others, I was skeptical of ordering equipment online, especially drilled equipment. Ordering other supplies is one thing, but as all bowlers know the fit of your ball is not something you want done incorrectly. Way back on that first order I sent Chris mine and my wife's measurements, and after a few phone calls and emails we were in business. I can tell you from ball one my wife and I noticed the difference. My wife immediately abandoned her other equipment, and I sold mine. She would rather bowl with one ball drilled by Chris then numerous others she owned and I can't say I blame her. The fit of the ball has always been spot on. Not to mention Chris' suggestions on layouts have worked out perfectly.

Chris has always made himself available, and taken the time to explain things to me or answer any questions I've had. I would dare say that the communication with Chris has been better via email and phone, despite the distance from Texas to Connecticut, than I've had with the pro shops that are in the very centers I bowl in. Chris has become more than a ball driller to me; he is someone I trust with any questions I have regarding bowling, someone I would call a friend in the business. Without hesitation I would recommend ordering from Chris and Buddies Pro Shop. You get excellent service, superior workmanship, and you save money. What more could you ask for? Give them a try.

Michael Head - Texas

Chris & Tim

I just threw the Nomad Dagger you drilled for me this week and I love it. I got the perfect reaction I was looking for and the drilling fit my hand perfectly. You guys rock.

Mark K. - Indianapolis
Buddies Pro Shop is the Greatest!!!

    I have been purchasing supplies, equipment and bowling balls from Buddies
Pro Shop for the last three seasons.  Earlier this year I saw their promotion to
send them a ball so the can take measurements so I can use their drilling
services for future ball purchases.  I sent my favorite ball and ordered a
drilled Roto-Grip Mutant Cell Pearl and the ball fit perfectly.  Since then I
have purchased two more drilled balls and everyone fits perfectly and is an
exact match to the others.  The last ball I ordered I request a specific layout
and drilling and them drilled the ball exactly as I described.  The best part of
dealing with Buddies Pro Shop is the fact I usually get my drilled ball
delivered 2-5 days after I place my order. Even my local pro shops can deliver
that quickly at times and I generally save $30 to $50 per ball.  I even raised
my average this season 18 pins since the start of the season with my new
equipment.  Thanks again everyone at Buddies Pro Shop, keep up the great work
you are doing.  You guys are the greatest!!!

A loyal Buddies Pro Shop Shopper

Tony Bartnicki
Schenectady, NY

I'm just writing to say that I'm really happy with the service you guys offer. Thanks for the short time of getting my dynorooz shoes, and all the others things you guys get me!! Thanks a lot. You are realy helping the improvement of my game. I'm a little step of making the national team in Brazil, so I'm really glad!

John Jr

This is exactly why I only order from you guys. You guys run a top quality shop and being stationed overseas it's nice to have someone like you guys to rely on to fill my bowling needs!
Dustin Ashmore

Hi Chris

I just wanted to say thanks for spending all that time with Dan and me last Saturday – we bowled 6 games Sunday afternoon to practice! I have my spot on the floor and I think I’ve found my mark – and I’ve got a little baby hook now!

Thanks again – Lis J

Hi Chris and Tim,

Attached is my photo with the Columbia full tilt which I had the 300 game at the Galway Open 2009 (Ireland) You can air brush all the bad bits out!!!! Tell Tim any sponsorship from Columbia would be appreciated........

Thanks to Buddies Pro Shop for all your expert help.

Kev - Ireland

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to layout my ball measurements. All the thumbs feel great and the same. The hammer burn has a nice smooth roll and great angle to the pocket. Shot 754 and 287 with it. Carries well to. Just want to say that I appreciate all you did over the pro am weekend in Raymond when you were so busy.

Jay Mantere - Lowell, New Hampshire


Well, finally got me a global 900 ball cant wait to throw it. You guys have the best serivce on the net hands down.

Charles Campbell - New Jersey

PS - Never one complaint!



Today I received my ball order and was pleased to find that I got the top weight and pin locations exactly as I ordered. This was my 3rd or 4th ball order from Buddies and I have been very pleased with all transactions.

Thank you!

Ed Mahagnoul - Faribault, MN



I have waited a few months before writing this! One reason being I wanted to have several purchases by which to evaluate Buddies performance. Let me first say that I previously had my equipment drilled by in my opinion one of the top ten drillers in the country and a columnist for Bowlers Journal International!

Chris drilled six balls for me and each one was perfect! In every case the pitches and layouts were perfect! The pin distance and top weight were exactly what I specified! In one case I made a mistake which was caught by Chris and verified by a telephone call to me.

I also purchased shoes, bags and other miscellaneous bowling equipment! In the case of the balls my average saving was sixty dollars per ball plus the free shipping. My savings on the other items 25-30% compared to my former proshop!

Anyone having doubts about purchasing from Buddies’ should rest assured that the quality and pricing are superior to many local and on-line sites!!

Thanks again for a most enjoyable experience!!

Mike Godersky - Wisconsin



Today I received the Wild Ride that I ordered from the Must Go section of your website. And once again it fits great. A few weeks ago I ordered a Rising SE (from your used ball section) and a G-Force Evolution. All 3 of these balls were, in my opinion, very good deals. These 3 balls, along with several other balls that I ordered from you in the past year (Cell, Kinetic Pearl, Kinetic Energy, Break Pearl, & Street Rod Pearl) will make up my arsenal for my 3 fall leagues. I’m kind of a ball junkie (just check your records) so most likely something else with jump out and say, “Buy Me!” I no longer go to any other web sites looking for bowling balls, shoes, or supplies. There simply is no need. You guys are great. Finally, if you ever get a killer deal on Dexter SST1, in size 10 or 10.5, let me know. Although I have ordered several different pairs of Dexter shoes from you, and I do wear them all, I always seem to go back to my SST1 shoes. The fixed heal and sole are the perfect combo for me and I use the same heal and sole on my other shoes most of the time. I’ve about worn them out but have a hard time convincing myself to order another pair when I have SST5 & SST6 that I can wear. So, I’m looking for that $50 closeout special on SST1 shoes.

Thanks again

Robert Hardy - Washington



Hey Chris,

I received the cell pearl and its perfect. Thanks again for the great drilling.

Dave Rice - New Hampshire



Hello Chris,

I just wanted to say thank you. I inquired a while back about a ball that you thought would work for me and you recommended the Gamebreaker. You were right. I had my best night ever so far this past tuesday night. On my peterson point league I rolled a 1025 for the four game set. I had 300 256 245 224. I had my first 300 and my first 800 series. I just wanted to thank you again.


Jason Farris - Missouri



Drilling fit was superb. Absolutely no adjustment needed. Got to throw the ball on a fresh house shot at new Brunswick Zone (synthetic) Not the right ball for the oily shot, but it rolled and tracked great. I will order a Virtual Energy and call you with the layout. Can I take a pic of my Virtual and email it to you so that you can lay it out the exact same way? Thanks again!!!

Tony Miller



Just received my Onyx Vibe. I must say, I was a little disappointed in UPS for playing games with me. They said that they will deliver my ball on Monday and it is here on a Friday. You can't play games with a guy expecting a new ball, that is torture :D.

EXCELLENT customer service from Buddies. This was my first time ordering and getting it punched up by Buddies. I was a little nervous because I have a very funny pitched thumb hole, but it is perfect. I haven't gotten to test it out on the lanes yet, but testing it onto a mattress, it feels perfect. The grips feel good and the correct color, who orders pink grips besides me? The span is perfect on the ball and the shipping was top notch and fast, not your fault UPS likes to play jokes on people, lol. Thank you for the great customer service, great product and great drilling. I will definitely be back to order from you again with drilling!

Bobby Keene



Dear Sir

About a month ago I asked you to recommend a ball for dry lanes, based on my style. You recommended the Vibe. Thank you. I purchased the ball from Buddies as I do all my balls, and it has been sensational. I was struggling in a sweeper 3 weeks ago because lanes dried out, pulled out Vibe for last game, shot 279 and won sweeper by 20 pins. There have been other occassions where it also has helped me, thanks again. I will always recommend Buddies for balls and advice.

Bob Chambers



This email is to express my pure gratitude to those that work at BuddiesProShop. I have never had an easier transaction through ANY other online site. My payment was received on a Sunday afternoon and now today, Tuesday evening, I have both of my bowling balls (Hammer The Hot Sauce and Black Widow Clear) in perfect untouched condition. I could not be happier with this transaction/shipping time for two 15 pound bowling balls.

Thank you guys so much for being an awesome company.

I look forward to working with you again,

Michael Todd - Media, PA



I want to say thanks for the new Swarm. I ordered it yesterday morning with the normal ground shipping, and it just got here. This is the fourth ball I have ordered from you guys, and i'm still impressed with you. When it comes time to get another bowling ball, i will be ordering from you guys again

Branden Back



Hi Chris,

I just wanted to let you know I really like my new Troad Pearl and Virtual Gravity. They were exactly what I was looking for and the layouts you used for me are working great. Also, thanks for the nice job with reviving my Absolute Inferno. It looks and it works like a new ball again.

Thanks again!

Tim - Washington



Good Afternoon Chris,

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for getting the Virtual Gravity out last Friday. I got it yesterday, so I got to use it last night in league for a game. The fit on the ball was fantastic. This is my first High Performance ball from Storm. I can’t wait to get to Las Vegas to find more oil to see what it will do.

Thanks Again for your great service.

Farron Falls - California



Everything arrived yesterday in great shape, thanks again for the great service and the specs requested.





Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery and great service. I ordered my third ball from Buddies on Monday afternoon around 4pm and it arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday at 5:30!!


Joe - Bowie, MD



Thanks Chad,

Yall have been great and continue to do so. I thank you and I will continue to buy products from yall. I am leaving now to go ship the shoes ups back to you. Again thank you and look forward to buying from yall again.

Justin Morgan



Dear Chad:

Thank you for your customer service regarding my order. You had the courtesy to notify me that the ball I had ordered was not available.

You took the time to call me and gave other options. I was able to go to your web site, find the specs on the balls that were available and was able to complete my order.

Thank you very much.


David Chaffee

Fresno, Ca



Hi Chris,

I received the balls tonight. Thank you very much for the SUPER FAST SERVICE. Buddies ProShop is the BEST!!!!!!

Thanks again,

Mike Estrella - New York 




Just wanted to thank you for another fine job on my equipment this year. Had a 300 on March 3rd with the Ebonite Infinite One and then on April 21st had another 300 with the Ebonite NVD. Thanks for everything, I'm sure to be in touch again.

Pat Candeloro - Rhode Island 




Solid work…Thanks again! Just picked up the package from UPS and everything (pitches, span) feel great. Pleasantly surprised…I wasn’t sure how ordering online would be. I will definitely let everyone know how great your company is and not to hesitate… I will be back soon. Actually I’m looking to try the Rouge. What are your feelings on this ball if I try it with the double thumb layout. I’ve been eager to try this layout.

Thanks again!


Josh Balaam - California




I want to thank you for helping me out with the changes on my equipment. Also, wanted to let you know on Wednesday night I used the 2nd dimension and 766 and a 701 no thumb problems. I'll probably run into you at Laurel Lanes next week.

Big Pete



I really appreciate the great customer service. I never hesitate to purchase from you and this is the reason why. Again, many thanks.

Isaac Barajas



Just got my Hot Sauce, I got to tell you each time I receive a ball the drilling is perfect.. FITS LIKE A GLOVE! I will try it out tonite! GREAT JOB!


Rick Busch - Pennsylvania



Once again, GREAT SERVICE from you and Buddies. Received the 3 Hy-Roads today and they look great. I will let you know how they roll once we get them drilled up.

Talk to you soon…

T.J. Farley




Great deals on the merchandise. I was able to get a couple of coworkers to get an Ultimate Inferno and when I showed them the prices and told them what a great job you do on the drilling. They will at the very least be checking the website and buying the merchandise from your shop, (I am sure the drilling will come with time). I will keep showing them the evidence, got the noize and azo, perfect again and fast.

Thanks to you and the staff.

David - Michigan



Great! Thank you very much!!! I am a new bowler (9 months) and you will have my repeat buisness.

Thank You Again

James (Mick) Cain - Arizona 



Hi Guys,

I just wanted to send you guys a message to tell you what a pleasure it is ordering from you. I have ordered several different items from you and all orders are carefully packed and shipped quickly. Recently I have ordered two Roto Grip balls from you and they have both arrived two days after I placed the order to me in Upstate New York. I really like the fact that when I order balls from you I can get specific top weights and pin lengths. That is really important for proper layouts of the ball as you know. I have had both balls drilled by my local driller and both balls perform exactly as I wanted. They are two of the best balls I've ever used. I will not hesitate to order balls from you again and recommend your web site to all my friends.

Thanks again. A very satisfied customer.

Tony Bartnicki - Niskayuna, NY




Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for drilling up the Ti-Pearl Messenger I sent you, exactly the way I wanted it. Being gone last week, I didn't get much of a chance to try it but Saturday I shot a couple of games with it and it rolled great.

Thanks again.

Tony Cifaldi - Wisconsin



Hi Chris,

Just thought I'd let you know that the Virtual works like a charm for me..does exactly what I wanted it to. Yesterday, I used it right out of the box in the middle of a tournament. Out of the 18 frames I bowled with it, only 3 shots were not strikes...they were ten pins. Even when I didn't throw the ball that well, it was like it had eyes and stopped at the pocket. The pins carry is tremendous. The fit on it is good as well.


Denise Johnson - New York



Wow high 5 Buddies. I ordered the ball Friday afternoon and it was on my door step the following Wednesday afternoon..Doubt it could get any better.. Congrats on your excellent service..

Thanks ever so much!

Terry MacFalls - Missouri




Both balls worked great last night even if it was practice. The drill patterns couldnt have been more dead on. The Mars with drilling into the pin was great, went really long with the right amount of backend. Its the first time I've had this pattern and it seems like you have to control the ball more with this pattern rather than the ball doing everything or to me it did. The Rogue gave me hand actually. Was able to slow the speed down get deep for my game and swing the ball(kinda) with the aggressive pattern you put on it. Both balls should work great on a 2nd set shot giving me two different lines to the pocket. Im gonna try to send you a ball after leagues are done to maybe get a new thumb hole put on a couple of balls. I love it now but it wont hurt to try I guess.


Eric Schultz - Michigan




Thanks for the effort and information on my last couple of orders. I live in Maine and both orders got here the day AFTER I ordered. That is insanely fast, I know you are not driving the UPS truck but you guys are quick!

Thanks for being a great company.




Hi Chad,

Thank you for all your help to you and heather. I recieved the ball and I love it, I hope my dad does also.

Thank you again,

Stefania Torres - California 



Had a nice night yesterday with the Virtual/Hy-Road combo.. Thanks again Chris… I’m used to a little different feel from ball to ball with my old driller. Not with your work. Everything feels the same! I love it!


Joshua Balaam - California




I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that the New Breed that you drilled for me and the Twisted Fury Solid that you drilled for my wife have been excellent. I was able to shoot 299 for 2119 at country tournament last weekend and have shot 708, and 713 in league with the ball so far while Stephanie's average is already up 9 pins in just three weeks. She is extremely happy with the fit and feel of her ball and she says that has made the biggest difference for her. She hasn't shot under 600 yet with the ball. We just wanted to say thank you for the great service and selection that you guys offer at Buddies.

Hope all is well.

Kyle and Stephanie Shivers




Thanks again, you are a great guy. Also thank Buddies for us for all their great pricing and their customer service. You are all great…

T.J. Farley - APO Pacific



Hey Chris,

It's the guy from VA that drove up to your shop a few weeks ago. Just wanted to say thanks for a job well done. I got the Rouge Cell thursday and the fit was perfect, so much so I used it thursday night in league. The ball had the same look as the Cell pearl, just stronger. In the first frame of the second game I had to change to the pearl which worked really well since it allowed me to keep the same line. Wound up shooting 737 for the night, very good night for me. Needless to say I'm very pleased with the Roto Grip equipment and the way you've set it up for me. Thanks again, you'll be hearing from me for all my future equipment, that's for sure!

Kenneth (Wayne) Whitley - Virginia



Hi, Chris

Thanks for recommending "The Rising SE" from Track. It was very clean all the way down the lane in this usually oil-flooded house (at Lowell). I felt loose and free the whole night. I shot a 600-serise (625) for the first time in one and a half years since I started bowling here.

You are the best.

Joyce Jeong - Massachusets



I would like to thank you for the excellent service. I received the Bowling Ball with the specs that I asked for and it was shipped the next day after I ordered it. Nobody does it better than Buddies Pro Shop.

Thank you,

Andy Sova



Hello, I'm Jon Crowder from New Jersey.  I just wanted to say thank you for shipping my order so fast I ordered it on Tuesday and I got it today.  Once again thanks for delivering great products in great time.



Hey Chris,

Thanks again. I love this ball. Hits hard with great carry. You've got my business "buddy".

Chuck Charpentier - New Hampshire




Thank you for squeezing us in Saturday. Hunter's first 2 games when we left there
Saturday with the new Venom were 179, 200. I shot 729 on Sunday with the Hot
Sauce Pearl. Thanks again.

Thank you.

Jeff Heppner - New York


Morning Chris,

The order arrived yesterday.  All looks good.  Many thanks for the prompt attention.

Best regards,

John Kucharski - Massachusets




This was my first order from your website... I am very satisfied. The order was shipped out quickly and the packaging of the product was well done and arrived in very good condition.

Thank you.


Grace Botelho



Hey Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that the 8th game I threw (December 26th, Brunswick Lowell) with the Storm Virtual Gravity you drilled for me resulted in my first 300 game. I love the way that ball rolls - very aggressive, excellent carry. Pretty soon, I think I order another! Thanks to everyone at Buddies Pro Shop.

You're the best!

Steve Harter - New Hampshire




I just wanted to say thank you for your help. Once again Buddiesproshop went above and beyond to provide the best customer service out there.

Big thanks to all the guys at Buddies,

Adam Lew - Chicago, Illinois



Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service I received from your store. I ordered the Tony Stewart bowling ball just yesterday & received it today!! Wow! I can't believe how quick that was. As a matter of fact, I got my email notice that it had shipped & 5 min. later, UPS was at my door. I will definitely tell my friends about this site & will order from it again when I need more stuff. Thank you so much for a very pleasant transaction! :)


Brenda Schuett



I have to say this is the best service I have ever dealt with online. I placed a order one night and got it the next morining amazing service.

Ryan Na



I just purchased a pair of SST 8's and couldn't be more pleased. I got them within 2 days in time for my league and proceeded to shoot 300-770 my first night wearing them. The shoes were great and the most comfortable pair i have ever worn.

Thank you,

Jim Wollschleger



Hello to Buddies Pro Shop

Re: Order

I  want to say thank you for wonderful the bowling bags. I ordered a Team Columbia 3 Ball Roller Black/Red (and was also SURPRISED to receive FREE 2 travel nametags) ! Also a great price on the bowling bag as no other website compares.


Karen Oestreich




You guys did it again. This time my brother picked me up a ball for my birthday and it was drilled perfectly without me even knowing about the purchase and him not knowing a thing about my specs. You guys took care of everything...again.

Thank you very much and happy holidays!

David Edwards - Michigan



I must say that you all offer so much to the sport of bowling!!!! With your tech center info site, your ball videos for sure, free shipping, and the best combo packages to date pleasing all from newly wed bowlers to those trying to break through the ABT circuit...

Thank you much for all the things you offer and have done...Happy New Years...


John Henderson



Thank you for a great shopping experience. I ordered on Saturday evening and received it Yesterday(Tuesday) afternoon. Everything was as advertised.


Mike Hoffert



Hi Chad

Once again you made me a happy customer. The balls came a day earlier then expected. I love both my Virtual Gravity & my HyRoad. Your sugestions on layouts really helped me a lot. First time out of box ran the first 8X'S with the VG. Lots of X'S with the HR. Lots of HAMBONES with both balls. AWESOME carry with both balls Your service is unsurpassed. Speedy, HELPFUL, courteous. Another reasone why BUDDIES PROSHOP is #1 & why I shop at Buddies. GOOD JOB CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne - Wisconsin



Thanks for the bowling bag and fantastic shipping and handling. I received the bag, in less than 24 hours from ordering. I was totally shocked when I got home from work, and my bag was here already. It actually took less then 1 full day for shipping.

Thanks again,

Tim Spangler



The Emerald Vibe is working great, though it still hooks a ton when used properly, but I can straighten it or hook it depending on the way i release it. And the carry is awesome, the pins are staying low with just enough energy to knock them ten out. Thanks again for the very good advice on the ball to get, I'll see you soon. To me, you are not just a top notch guy in the business, you are a great person to deal with as well.


Alejandro Pacla - New Jersey 




I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. I just received my order and everything was exactly as I wanted. I'm an above average bowler and like to try different things. A while back, I tried the band-aid like material on the back of my thumb and the release of the ball has improved dramatically! A few people I bowl with don't understand why I bother to try new stuff and yet they continue to average in the 180-190 range and I'm in the 215-225 range (195-205 sport). When I saw that you had a variety pack of this thumb tape, I just had to order it. It came today and I'm really looking forward to experimenting with the different textures and getting some of my teammates to try this. I can only hope that it helps them as much as it has helped me. I wanted to say thanks for carrying a variety of products and the speed of delivery will make me continue to shop with you and I'll push people to you as much as I can.


Richard Anderson



Just wanted to say you guys have been GREAT to work with! All your orders are accurate, shipped promptly and your pricing is phenominal!

Even my pro-shop guy has told me to go to your website as your products are good when he can't get something in a timely manner.

Good job!

Kris Geister



Chad, thanks for all your help and doing it in a timley manner. Your customer service was excellent.

Shawn Whitehead



Hi Chis,

My name is Henry Cataldo and I purchased The Sauce @ Strikers East in Raymond during the manufacturers demo. You might remember me I said I bowled with Clay Swartz & Steve Harter...Well the ball arrived Thursday evening in time for my friday nite leauge with my wife...1st Game out of the box "300" Followed by 266 & 214 for a 780.......


Henry - Lowell, Mass.





It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff in Raymond last Saturday. You guys are very professional and know your stuff! I have been using The One for a week now and I've shot 700 and 752 on consecutive days. The layout and feel of the ball is awesome. The thumb fits like a glove. I will be ordering another ball within the next week or so. 

I'm looking for a ball that I can use once the lanes start breaking down. I would prefer to stay with Ebonite and was thinking about the Playmaker or Bash/Clash, but I wanted to see if you had any recommendations. I will also be ordering a Neon Orange Maxim and a few accessories with this.

Would it be posisble to order this through you or do I have to go through your website? I appreciate your help and Thank You again! You have become my go-to guys for bowling equipment.


Matthew Senay - Lowell, Mass.



Hey guy's.

You have probably gotten pretty familiar for me over the last few months. I have ordered a lot of stuff for myself and some friends who do not have internet access at home. Just wanted to say thank you. Every order i have made has arrived promptly and EVERY one has been correct. You guy's run a very good business and are very helpful to the bowling community. Please don't go anywhere.

Thanks again,

Shane Lumpkin - Tennessee



I would just like to thank Chris and the rest of the staff at Buddies for their continued professionalism, knowledge, expertise and focus on customer service. My wife and I attended one of their Demo Day sessions in August and that alone would have been worth the 2 1/2 hour drive from home to the bowling center. But, even though it was wall-to-wall people and a constant flurry of activity by the Buddies staff, they still managed to tweak the thumbhole of the Cell they drilled for my wife last March to make sure that it matched all her other equipment. My wife did the CATS analysis seminar and I did the Demo Day portion. After our portions were over, Chris still found enough time, amidst the commotion to measure my hand because I told him that I had concerns over the specs on the spec sheet that I had faxed him, namely hand pain and a propensity of dropping the ball on the downswing. Needless to say, my wife and I ordered 2 Playmakers [1 each] and an NVD from him that day, drilled to both our new specifications. It would have been easy for them on what I'm sure was one of their busiest days to tell us to come back on a less hectic day, but they didn't. They took the time to pay individual attention to us and they've made us customers for life.

Just last Monday, my wife shot her highest series, 688, with her Cell and Playmaker and I am up a full 12-14 pins in every league, including my first 800 in two years, an 804, with my Playmaker.

I thought everything was about as good as it was going to get with my grip, my fit and my overall game. That is, until the guys at Buddies took care of me. I would say to anyone out there looking to give themselves an added advantage on league night or for tournaments, give the guys at Buddies a try.


Chris and Jen Morciglio - Sussex County, NJ



Hi guys

I just wanted to let you know as to how impressed I am with your service. It has only taken 2 weeks from the time I paid for my bowling balls, to receipt of them at my local post office in Tasmania, Australia on the other side of the world. That is excellent. I will happily order from you again in the future.

Kind Regards

Luke Salmon - Australia



Since you have reworked all my bowling balls my average has gone up In 4 weeks of the season from 180 to 198 and climbing I'm throwing 600 series most of the time or right at 590. I already have my high game for the year so far of 279 first seven 9 spare then all strikes to complete the game so thanks again for your time and work you have done to my bowling balls and I'm looking for my best season ever.

Thanks again.

Tom Martin 




I wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you provided when I purchased my equipment. To be able to bring in a ball and then to have you turn around and drill a new ball to be exactly the same as my old ball is truly amazing. The ultimate thumb service is more than worth it, couple that with the outstanding resurfacing, advice and ball comparisons, there is no reason to go to another proshop. It was well worth my drive from Detroit to come and see you (1475 miles round trip) . Your reputation as having the best service is well deserved. Perfect job on both of my purchases (Twisted Fury Solid & Avalanche Solid).

To add a cliché, Ball resurfacing $30, two bowling balls drilled perfectly $280, 11 and a half hour drive to get the best service... priceless.

Thanks a million Chris to you and your staff.


David Edwards - Michigan




I placed an on-line order with your company last week and this Monday I rec'd both balls (Brunswick-Twisted Fury Solid - for me and an Ebonite - Plastic as a spare ball for one of my daughters). You were referred to me by a long time client or as long as he's been bowling I think he's only in his late 20's - (John Halliday/Jackson, NJ - I believe you also drill his equipment). I bowl with his father also John Halliday, Sr. I signed up on line for your shop to advise me via e-mail for specials from time to time. They said for service and competitive pricing check you guys out, I did, and am very satisfied,

Thanks Bret Winters - New Jersey



Hi Chris,

I got the Rapid Fire Pearl tonight , 10/1/08, and decided to bowl with it. The lanes were "medium" as far as oil goes. I threw one ball with my Monmentum Swing and struck. I picked up the Rapid Fire pearl and threw games of 191, 192, 187, and 254, so I'm pretty happy. From every angle it hit the pins like a train going 250 miles per hour. It is avery versitile ball. When the lanes dried out I could move left and swing it. I even tried all the way over to the 34 board throwing over the 3rd arrow,all the way over to the 4 board and back with minimal revs and struck. Thank you so much for the recommendation on a ball. I think I will really be able to staighten out more on fresh oil.

Thanks again, Chris Potucek

P.S. It smells really good too!!




Chris has done it again and gave me exactly the reaction I was looking for. The ball is smooth through the head and hooks like a monster on the backend. You've made a long time customer from this showing!


Carson - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada



Hey Chris

I just wanted to let you know I finally threw the NVD you guys drilled for me at the Demo Day. Boy is that ball strong. I might have to alter the surface a little to calm it down. It is very early and has a strong continuous backend that is somewhat smooth but very strong. Thanks for the great ball you sold me and again you and your staff and your company are TOP NOTCH. Thanks again and hope to keep in touch with you guys and also hope to see you at the next Demo day you guys have.


Joe Renaldi - Pennsylvania



To: Chris Forry and the Buddies Pro Shop Staff,

On behalf of Calvin Wallace, President of Strike Nation Bowling Club, and all of our members and friends that participated in the Powerhouse Challenge on Saturday, August 23, at 10 a.m., I want to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for having us as participants in this great event! Our members appreciated the enthusiasm and extremely helpful tips from your talented pro-shop staff, and all of the representatives from each of the bowling manufacturers who were present. We are grateful for the opportunity to experience something that is usually only available to bowlers on a professional level. Please extend our warmest thanks to Doug Kent, Dino Castillo, and all of the bowling manufacturers and their representatives for their time and assistance as well. Please continue to keep us informed of any future events and tournaments you will be hosting. We hold you and your staff in high regard and look forward to supporting your next event. We wish you much continued success in the bowling world!

Best wishes and warmest regards,

Ramona Wallace, Secretary Strike Nation Bowling Club - New Jersey



Hi Chris,

I would like to thank you, Bill, Tim, and all of the staff for making our visit to the Powerhouse Challenge a rewarding and wonderful experience. Thank you for the individual help that you gave me. I practiced with the balls today and threw high games of a 232 with the Kinetic Pearl, a 217 with the Momentum Swing, and a 190 game with the NVD. I received many compliments on the Golden Globe and it took a bit, but I was able to pick up the single pin spares with it. Please keep in touch regarding any tournaments and other Demo-Days you may have. Thank you for the recommendations for places to eat and stay. Hope to see you next year.


Chris Potucek & Margaret Potucek - Taylor, PA




Good evening Chris,

I would like to say that I really enjoyed the PowerHouse Challenge Demo Day, especially the Bowlers Map Coaching. I can say that coach Frank Moran provided me with the information that I needed that will help elevate my game and I really appreciate the time and effort that he put in as well. I would like to say thank you to Chris, Chad, Tim, and of course Big Al for taking care of me on that day and any other day. I look forward to the next Demo Day.


Mark Richards - Bronx, NY 



Hello my name is Joe Renaldi.

I hope you remember me from Saturday bowling in the Powerhouse Challenge Demo Day and buying the Ebonite NVD that night as well. I was the one with the 4.5 inch pin. I also mentioned that I knew Tom “Beans” Biniek from Pennsylvania. I live in Taylor, PA. I just wanted to let you know that I had a blast Saturday bowling your company’s Event. It was much better in my opinion than the one you held in early April due to the fact that it seemed to be more availability to ask questions to the staff that was working including the PBA pros and Brand staff as well. I can’t wait to come up again to bowl another Demo day. Your staff you have running the pro shop including yourself are TOP NOTCH and I mean that with the utmost sincerity. I haven’t thrown the NVD yet because I am still sore from bowling 2 squads of the Demo Day but I will hopefully keep you posted on how the ball performs. I couldn’t believe how great the ball fit my hand. It was like I couldn’t even feel it on my hand that’s how comfortable it was just holding it. I really had fun even waiting to get the ball drilled by you personally instead of shipping it to me. I am glad I stayed to talk with you guys in the shop while you were laying out and drilling the ball.

Joe Renaldi - Taylor, PA

Thanks and hope to see you in the spring for another eventful demo day.



Just wanted to give a shout out to you and all the staff at Buddies Pro Shop for your continued excellence in customer service. Since I started purchasing equipment from you guys, I have been particularly impressed with the speedy delivery, ease of ordering, and low prices that are second to none. Buddies Pro Shop is a true asset to the bowling community, and I am sure that I will continue to be a customer for a long long time. Thank you!
Paul S.
Albany, NY


Hey Chris.

I know this message is pretty late. But it's so worth it. I just bowled my first 300 with it. Thank you so much. Yesterday I bowled a 289 with it as well. And I bowled my 2nd 700, 1st at my house, Fishkill Bowl. This is just another success story and I want to thank you once again. The 289 was a funny story. It should have been a 299 but one of the strikes on the last frame was on the wrong lane. Haha. Go figure. Haha. But yeah thanks a lot.

Matt Fein - New York



Hi Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me today and the excellent fit on the Cell that you drilled for me. The experience was well worth the trip. I was thinking about your recommendation of the Arch Rival as a replacement for my Total NV. I saw your review on YouTube and also noticed the video of the Ebonite demo day. At the end of the video it says there is going to be another demo day in August of 2008; is this correct? If so, I'd like to hold off on my purchase and come down again to demo some balls. Would you please let me know the details of the demo day (if it's happening) when you have a chance?

Thanks again,

Allen Petit - Auburn, Massachusets



I appreciate all of your advise and look forward to buying from you guys again. Hopefully after this purchace people at my location will open their eyes and finally realize that you guys are the real deal.


John Hughes - APO, AE



As always you guys were on point with my order. I placed my order while in Iraq in hopes that it would be in my mailbox when i returned home...of course it was!!!

Thanks Again!!




Thanks guys!

I ordered a pair of SST6’s on Friday night 5/30 and received them on the next Tuesday! That was just in time for my Summer league which started Wednesday night. They fit great and work great. Just another example of your unbeatable service. I’ll be ordering again soon, I guarantee it!

Thanks again guys,

Mark Downing



Buddies staff,

Thank you for your great professionalism. Your service is second to none. It was fast, painless, and I received my order within days of purchase. Thank you, keep up the good work.

P.S. I lover your ball review videos, I look to your site to see what the new equipment looks like.

Mark Weissmann



Good afternoon Chris,

I would like to say thankyou to you and your staff for the great service that you guys provide and for being patient with me and providing me with a answer to any questions that I have,once again Chris you have out done yourself, you know me I will be calling you soon!!!!!!!

thank you,

Mark Richards



Chad you are a smart person.

After I sent you that email I talked to my local pro. He had the same idea for my 2nd R.F. I'd like to know if this layout would take the place of the Special Agent that rolls over the holes? Or do you think I still will need one but with diff layout. Chad THANKS for being a BIG help with my bowling this year. You made it easy even for my wife to oder balls, even to my spec. You're one of the reasons why I mke Buddies Proshop MY#1 place to buy my bowling equipment from. Keep up the good work Hope to hear from you ASAP THANKS!!!






My fiance, Krystle and I attended the Ebonite Demo Day, and bought new balls. She got a Track Kinetic Energy, and I picked up a Hammer Black Widow Bite. Tim was great to work with. It was nice to actually have the person drilling my ball ask me questions regarding what I wanted. He did a great job laying out the balls, now it does exactly what I was looking for. A huge improvement over my other balls I had previously had drilled elsewhere. Your shop is truly A+, and I look forward to my (our) next ball purchase with you guys.

Thank you,

Tom Furst



Just Received My Shoes. Thanks so Much There a lot better then my sst 5’s. I will be buying a lot more stuff off you guys.

Thanks so much for the great service.

Peter Worthington - Australia



Hi Chris,

I just wanted to say thanks again for hosting us at the Demo event! Your team was fantastic and I was really impressed with how organized everything was and the execution of the plan. You guys certainly know how to put on an A class event!

Thanks again, and please stay in touch!

Nothing Hits Like a Hammer!

Jeff Ussery - Hammer Brand Manager



To: Chris and the Entire Staff at Buddies Pro Shop,

I just want to thank you for a great time and a wonderful event yesterday. The Ebonite International Demo Day with the Pros was the best one I have ever attended. Billy, Tommy and Chris were great to talk to. I heard nothing but great things from all of my friends who attended the 3 pm session and stayed for the expo @ 4 pm. Chris, you and your staff are top notch and please keep up the great work and excellent service. Let us know when you will be doing this again we will be there. Talk to you soon.

Have a great day and get some rest! ;-)

Sonya Hurt - New Jersey



Good evening,

Congratulations on your turnout for your Demo Day!

I've heard nothing but great things from my club members. You've been good to all that come to you. I hope that God continues to bless you and your family. I was very disappointed that I couldn't make it. I'm dealing with a illness they call Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. My left lung has been giving me trouble lately and we've been dealing with it the best way we can. My club members was so blown away by your hands on instruction and help that many are looking forward to coming to you again.

Thanks for everything!

Calvin Wallace - Strike Nation, President - New Jersey



Hi Chad

LOVE my Rapid Fire!!!!!! It did just what you said it would do. First time I used it in league shot only 605 left 8 SOLID 8pins (I'm LH) SOLID 9 ROCKET 10. rest were weak 7pins only had 15X's all night. But my ball driller told me to not try to turn ball so much. Take a little off the ball & slow down the speed a TAD. This ball has come a live!!! I Was + 115 for 3 games Mon. Well over 700+ Fri. After doing this my carry was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This ball carries the off hits, sends messengers. It is GREAT. STRONGEST ball I ever had in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are one of the reason's why I make BUDDIESPROSHOP MY # 1 PLACE TO SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The whole staff was a great help with this ball selection. I still say a ball drilled with your personal spec. is a big help. Once again you made me a happy customer.

Wayne Schanke




I just wanted to say thanks for getting us our bag so quick, only two days. My wife and I share it on our league and it is fantastic. (storm 6 ball roller)

Thank you for all the help.

David in Michigan.




I just ordered my Brunswick Twisted Fury on 3/18/08, and it is at my house on 3/19/08. That is fantastic service, and I greatly appreciate it. I have also purchased ball spinner supplies, in the past for my vertex ball spinner, and your service is the best. I will continue in the future to use your pro shop for my bowling supplies.

Thanks again.

Bud Hardman - East Greenville, PA



I just wanted to thank EVERYONE at Buddies Proshop for making each and every one of my orders exactly what I want and thanks for your excellent Customer service and speedy shipping. I really appreciate your phone calls before shipping the orders out to me if something is within the borderline of the requested specs. That's just one of the many many factors that puts you guys way above the rest. Your videos have been super helpful to me. They act as a good database when I need to get an idea on a balls overall reaction or need to compare reactions. The layout description is an added plus in the videos and has helped me fine tune my layouts prior to drilling a ball up. Thanks for putting all the time and effort in your videos, they are greatly appreciated as I am always referring to your website searching for new ones. Also thanks for the Storm yo yo and grip sac on my last order. Totally unnecessary but a great surprise!

Thanks again,

Adam Lew - Illinois



Hi Chris,

We received the ball last night and she couldn't wait to try it out , so we ended up going to the bowling alley. She was very happy with it. As usual the drilling and the layout was perfect. As per your advise she is now lifting some weights to make her stronger.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Mike Estrella - Bronx, NY



Hey Chris,

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did with the Immortal Pearl I ordered. It is probably the best fitting ball I have ever owned, and it rolls exactly like I wanted it to. I went 772 the first night I tried it, and 720 this past Sunday in an association tournament. You have earned a long time customer in me, and the next ball I get will be from you guys, and I even convinced a friend of mine who usually drills his own stuff to try you guys. Again, thank you so much!

Best of luck,

Chris McGraw - Maryland









You guys are just AWESOME. I just received the ball. This makes my day, week, year! and my Husbands birthday on Sunday. He is battling back from an illness that almost took his life and bowling is his greatest joy (addicted or bowlaholic might describe us too)!! He has been wanting this ball since it's release. I have had such a hard time trying to get one of these balls from our bowling supply companies (2 months). They promised one by Tuesday, and once again didn't have it, and didn't care. I have ordered from you previously and thought it was worth a shot. We are in the process of possibly taking over our local centers pro shop and we will definitely be using your services and we will definitely tell all the bowlers at our local centers (5 in our area) about you guys! It is obvious you care about the people (bowlers) you service and about your business and it's reputation. That is a hard thing to find these days. Really, you will never know what this means to me. It might just be a bowling ball to you guys, but it is much more to me and our children that we have this to give to him on Sunday. Thanks you so very much!!!!

God Bless you all!!!

Michelle Carter & Family - Waynesboro, PA




The ball arrived yesterday and is in perfect condition. Thanks to you and the staff for your prompt attention. I will certainly call on you again for future equipment needs and pass the word to my friends.


Jeff Poholsky - Pittsburgh, PA



Thanks again for the great customer service!

Gary Renhaw



Hi Chris 

This order has been a great success I don't know if the package follow the normal USPS express mail internationnal way but it has been much more fasten than the first one. I hope It would be the same for my future orders. 

Great thanks for your job and efficiency! 

Gilles - France 



Sorry Bill,

Did not know who to address this to. But I must let someone there know what a satisfying experience I had with my first transaction with your company. I purchased a Vertex Ball Spinner from you last week. I received it today and it is wonderful. Not only did you have the best price I could find, I checked your "Rep" with some of the Bowling forums around and found that you have quite a following. They were right and the transaction could not have been better. Thanks again for the GREAT service!!!!

Joe Bettinger



I wanted to thank you for the great products and fast shipping. I recently got a Columbia 300 Momentum. The ball arrived the next day and the packaging was great. It was a great transaction and I look forward to continuing using BuddiesPro Shop for all my bowling needs. I have recommended you to everyone for bowling equipment.

So thanks again.

Albert Pagan



Good evening,

I would like to express my deepest THANKS for all you've done for me today. It was a great experience! I was totally blown away by the amount of attention you bestowed upon me today during my visit. It is people like you that makes this world of bowling an easier road to travel.


Calvin Wallace - New Jersey



I have had nothing but GREAT service from Buddies. I have talked to Chad numerous times and he has helped me decide on a ball or to let me know that one that I ordered would be in and my order would be delayed a few days until the other item came in. He also wanted to make sure that it was ok that my order would be delayed or was there something else that I wanted so my order would not be delayed.

Chad is outstanding!

Thank You for the GREAT customer Chad and all others that have helped with my orders.





I just wanted to say thank you, again, for the great service yesterday. You've made it another great experience. Also, thanks for the tip, I'll work on opening up the hand more in the backswing. I'm sure we'll see you soon.

Thanks again,

Tom Mongeon - North Adams, Massachusets




Just a note to say thank you for your excellent customer service, will definitely be dealing with you in the future, hassle free and quick, again thank you.

One satisfied customer!

Steven Simmonds - Australia




Thanks very much. Hope you and your staff at Buddies had a very nice Christmas. Shot 800 tonight with the Black Widow. 279 (10 pin 5th), 298 (4-7 -Ah nuts!) 223, had to strike out in 9th and 10th to do it. 800 on the head. Thanks again for all your help. Good luck in your bowling as well. You guys are the best!

Bob - Roselle, Illinios



Hi Chad,

My brother received the items last Friday, and I just want to let you know “THANK YOU SO MUCH”. You will have me for the life time customer. By the way, you will be very successful because your outstanding customer service.

Thank you again.




I made an order and received it in two days. That was an incredible transaction. I have ordered much of my rquipment from BowlingBall.com until now. I will be a returning customer! Great job!


Shawn Thomas - Waxahachie, Texas



Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you guys credit for your great service. You are very helpful and your responses on shipment inquiries are quick. The selection of merchandise as well as the prices are top notch. But perhaps the biggest thing for me is that you ship your products FAST. If I order on a Monday I'm almost guaranteed to receive my package on that Friday. I have to say, I'm a very satisfied customer and I will continue to look to your site for my future bowling needs.

Thanks again,

Phillip - Florida



You are the best, I will continue to promote your company as much as possible.

Thanks again!

Dave Nerenberg - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 




I wanted to let you know I received the Columbia300 Momentum you drilled for me and I used it last night. The ball fit perfectly right out of the box and reacted as I’d hoped it would on last’s conditions (good second and third game, first one not so much). It provides me the option of a different line and reaction than my Storm equipment. I appreciate that you drilled the ball and got it to me in time to use it this week. I look forward to trying it on my Sunday league tomorrow if we don’t get snowed out and it looks you’re next in the storm’s path.

Thanks again for the great service and enjoy your holidays.


Kevin Thompson - New Boston, Michigan



I wanted to thank you for the great products and fast shipping. I recently got a Columbia 300 Momentum. The ball arrived the next day and the packaging was great. It was a great transaction and I look forward to continuing using BuddiesPro Shop for all my bowling needs. I have recommended you to everyone for bowling equipment.

So thanks again.

Albert Pagan - Bronx, New York 




I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for your recommendation on the Hammer Anger. Not only was it the right ball and the layout you suggested is perfect, but the drilling was right on. This was my second ball I got from you and it wont be the last.

Thanks again

Alain Leblond




Received my NVS on schedule. Thanks to your prompt service, was able to have my NVS drilled on Thursday afternoon in time for league play.

Thanks for your professional service.

Carter G Barker




Received " Charley's " bowling ball today. Charley, Nick and I thank you for everything you have done. I will pass the word to everyone in my leagues about the great service and good deals.

Thank again.

Bill Frank - Altoona, Pennsylvania




I just received my Storm Triple Tote from you all. I also bought a No Mercy from you about 2 weeks ago. I am very pleased with the fast shipping and the service you provide. I would like to thank you for the coupon you sent me with the bag. My girlfriend and I have puchased a lot of bowling equipment from you. I am happy to have your pro shop patch on my shirt. I have told a lot of people about your pro shop. Once again thank you for the fast service and the coupon. Untill Next time.

Thank You.

~Christopher Craven~ South Carolina



Hello Tim,

Today I got a chance to use the Anger you drilled up for me. I threw it on a medium heavy shot and it was strong. The hit was great. When I encounter a heavy oil shot I think it will perform exactly as I wanted. Thank you for taking the time to look at my game and come up with a drilling that would do what I need. This is why I will be a Buddies customer forever!

Thanks again.

Tony Cifaldi - Cumberland, WI



Hello from Germany,

I found youre webside in youtube.com. Thanks a lot for all this movies, informations, news and facts... your site is one of the best bowling internet sites ever. In german internet we miss such a site like yours. Keep rolling.....

Greez from germany Stuttgart

Denis Deuschl



Hey Chris,

Just wanted to let you and your fellow staffers know that this time you all really went and done it for me ! I've been wanting the Angular One for the longest and I ordered it from you guys and off course your prompt delivery is still on the money, But the thing that I want to tell you is that the first night using the ball in a tournament , I shot my first 300 !!! Wow, it was amazing. I am very pleased with the Black Widow Pearl and the Angular One that I've purchased from you guys.

Hey Chris, thanks for the specs on both balls, they are paying off $$$. Keep up the excellent work.

Still a satisfied customer,

Leroy Fields - Bronx, NY



Hi, my name is Mark Richards and I would like to pay extra thanks to Chad for his patience with me in helping me with the purchase of my Roto Grip Illusion bowling ball. I can not wait to meet him and thank him personally.

Once again thank you.

Mark Richards - New York 



Awesome…thanks so much for the outstanding communication. This is my second experience purchasing equipment from your business and I will continue to do so in the future!

Happy Holidays!

Scott Siegel 



Hi Chris,

We took the new toys out for a spin on Sunday and I started with the new anger, xx9x9xxxxx9. Put it back in the bag as that was working just fine. Moved on to the BWS and went 6x7x7799xxx6. Lanes were still quite oily so it may not have been the best conditions for that ball anyway. I need to learn to adjust faster also.

Jimmy is so much more comfortable with the fit on his BWS and anger that he won’t even try to use his #12 total inferno as a spare ball any more. It could be a ruse to have yet another ball. J Sunday morning he rolled an x8xx7xxx98 for a 212 so he’s becoming more consistent. His spare shooting will come with time and more practice.

Rachael rolled a few games and dramatically increased keeping the ball on the alley. That was a big step forward for her. Thanks for being patient with her and getting the fit correct, we’ll look into lessons for her.

We appreciate all the time you afforded us along with the congeniality and expertise of you and your staff. We look forward to a long relationship.

Best Personal Regards

Jim, Mary, Rachael and Jimmy  - New Jersey




Just e-mailing back to confirm that we got the bowling ball. We were very impressed with the prompt service and will tell my other bowling buddies about your shop. It fits perfectly and acts just the way we wanted it to go. I tried it today but the lanes were bare and the heads were worn so it hooked a little too much so i got out my ebonite ice.

Thanks again!

One Happy Customer,

Carson and Kurt - Saskatchewan, Canada 




I just wanted to say thanks for the great service on my order, no. 69812. Placed it on Monday, received the tracking number very quickly and in 2 days it's been delivered with no fuss at all. A fantastic online buying experience, with great prices to boot! I'll definitely be back in the future and I'll be recommending your site to all my friends.

Thank you once again.

Colin - Singapore 




I wanted to thank you for the ball. It fits absolutely perfect, and it does break a lot earlier, as needed. On another note, I bowled a 300 with the T-Road Pearl this week....I think the Rival made it nervous...lol!

Thanks Again

Paul Arruda - Dartmouth, Massachusetts 



Hello Buddies,

I recently placed two orders for my bowling partner (not the only time I’ve done so) and would like to once again thank Buddies for their outstanding service! My friend and others were so impressed in the past, they’ve continued ordering from Buddies! Because Buddies has been my primary preference when it comes to Bowling Balls, Supplies etc., adding the super service and delivery, I’m quickly becoming the ‘go to’ person to place orders … *smile*.

Once again, thanks to you and your staff for being …. “BUDDIES .. THE CHOICE OF BOWLERS FOR BOWLERS”

Vernon in NY




Buddies team,

Chad, my recent ball purchase from buddies is another example of the good service you guys provide. Thank you and your team for drilling the Black Pearl and sending it to the hotel where I was staying. The ball arrived on Thursday and I arrived that Thursday night. My tournament started the next day. Although I had other balls, I decided to start with the Black Pearl. With only one practice ball on each lane, my first game in the tournament I started with the first seven and left a solid ten pin in the eighth & tenth for a 259. I finished with a 694 series. An excellent ball and the drilling fitted perfectly.

Bill and Chris, I think you guys made a good choice in bringing Chad on board. We talked on the phone and he was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Great attitude.

I rate you guys a 3X (excellent, excellent, and excellent).

Dave Parker - Georgia



Chad this ball does nothing for me when I'm playing inside around (3rd arrow). I figured it wouldn't. But get it up 7-8 This ball is AWSOME!  I had it drilled for a very smooth reaction & thats what I got. Drilled so I could play a left handed Norm Duke shot from outside. Chad, you have again made me VERY HAPPY!!!!!! Next ball on my list a Secret Agent. What type of LH. ball reaction can I expect. Chad, thank for again comming through for me with a ball to MY SPECS!  You are my #1 shop. Ball was also a day earlier then expected. GREAT service! Hope to hear from you soon. THANKS!

Wayne Schanke

Received the package and my grandaughter loves it. Look forward to
ordering another one for my younger grandchild.


Alice Solorio - Mecca, California


Once again Chris, you and your staff have overwhelmed me with your fast and prompt service. I am pleased with the ball and I am anticipating great games with this ball . I have told some bowling buddies about your establishment and they too were amazed about your service ! Once again thanks for your input in helping me to choose this ball and I as I said " I am very pleased " . Y'all keep up the good work.
A Satisfied Customer
Leroy Fields, Bronx,NY

You guys are faster than you even know!  I received the towel a couple of days ago! 

Thanks again.  Peri


I just wanted to thank you for the great products and fast shipping. I recently got my girl a Columbia White Dot and a pair of Circle shoes. They arrived very quickly and the packaging was great. It was a great transaction and I look forward to doing much more business with you in the future. I have recommended you to everyone for bowling equipment. So thanks again.


Jason Farris - Missouri

Hey BuddiesProShop Team,

I just placed my first order with you guys recently and I can definitely say this won't be my last!! I got excellent customer service, great communication during the order process, and for using a money order, the turn around being less than 7 days, was more than I ever expected!!  I contacted Chris for some drilling options and with those suggestions and one from a friend of mine I drilled up the ball and it is all that I expected. My new Brunswick StrikeZone has put me in the pocket, just how I wanted it to!!

Thanks again guys! You can count on me for future orders!!

Keep Up the Awesome Service,
Jason H - Ohio  


Hello Chris

Wish I could explain that drilling...pin under ring...anyways, thanks again, threw 6 games at Bristol with it, playing over 15 to 8-10 it held nice with a smooth arc and ripped the pocket, couple of deflecting 10 pins but it just destroyed the pocket most of the time. First 3 games was 215-225-227, then moved deeper inside to 20 to 12-15 and it held, shot 233,279,279. I -slowed my ball speed, if I kept it at 15.25 to 15.75 it was sweet...the first 1 or 2 games I was at 16.2-16.6.

Joe Gaydos - Waterbury, Connecticut

Hey Chad and Chris,

Since I talked to you both on the phone today, I am so glad that everything worked out.

I am extremely satisfied with all your work and time you invested in my last order that I already received. As I told Chris already the balls just fit perfectly.

I just placed my order and payed via paypal. I did not use the two day air delivery option. I hope the triple tote arrives in time so I can take it with me to Germany.

Would apprecitae it so much if you send everything out today. I never had a better experience with a pro shop in my life and I guess Buddies will be the only place I want to do business with in future.

So thumbs up and with luck the bag will be there on Thursday.

Thanks again guys.
Bo-Constantin Behlich - Germany



Chad, I have been working so much lately that this is the first chance I have had to thank you for getting all that stuff put together for me so fast on short notice. Everything came in on time and the guys have taken it back to Italy.

Thank you again

Ron Clifton - bowl4fun.com 



Thanks for the communication on my order that I asked for, you guys have been awsome so far! I guess there will be no need to talk to the local proshops anymore!! You guys have been just awesome!


Jason Hammond - Ohio   





I called and talked with I believe Tim, regarding possible drill lay outs for the Ogre pearl. I need a ball to throw down and in around 5 board.

I want to thank him for taking the time to talk with me on this matter. This is my first experience with a Visionary product and was not sure how to proceed. He was very helpful and the information I could give him was spotty at best, ie; rev rate, speed, pap etc.

I really enjoyed your web site and watched many of the videos on the different balls. Especially for the stroker, which I believe I fit the category. The only thing I forgot to mention was the fact I have gone from 15lb to 14. Thank you again for your courtesy. I will visit your site often.


David Chaffee - Fresno, California

Just wanted to let you know that I received the bags today and they look fantastic. Thanks for the prompt service. Can not wait to order from Buddies again.


Tracy Farley - Tampa, Florida


Hi Buddies ProShop Staff:  Some say I have a gift for words, but I'm stuck.  Wow!; seems to be the only thing I can think of.  I received an e-mail from you today that I read about noon.  It said that my ball had been shipped and I should allow 5 to 6 working days for it to arrive.  About 3pm I received a call from my neighbor across the street informing me that my ball was here.  I don't know how you did it, but thank you.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again and I will most assuredly recommend you to others.  Thanks again.


Jim Cronkite - California

I just recieved my Black Widow Pearl from Buddie's and it's perfect--just what I ordered.  That's the point--Out of about twenty balls that I have ordered/recieved from Buddies there have been NO discrepencies.  This simple fact makes it easy to just take the exemplary service you guys provide for granted.  But, believe me, once I stop to reflect, I don't take the great service  for granted--I am pleased to do business with such a reliable online pro shop.Thank You Very Much!

Frank McElroy - California

Hey Chris,
Thank you so much for drilling my new Odyssey, Toxic, and No Mercy. The No Mercy is just plain sick...holy crap Batman!!!! Ball fit is spot on.
Btw...you are a marketing genius...I will be buying the BWP in the fall and GNR rocks!!!
Ron Shen ... Maryland


Just want to say thanks.  I called and spoke to you about that used AP2
you had and you suggested it would probably be what I was looking for
and you were right.  I went to the Lebanon Baloney Tournament this past
week-end after receiving my AP2 on Wednesday.  I had it drilled on
Friday with a stacked leverage drill and never got a chance to practice
with it before the tournament so I was thinking of leaving it home, but
I said what the heck, let's see how good it is.  Holy cow!  The first
time I threw it was during warm ups.  I was able to open up the lanes so
much.  By the third game I was standing at 38, rolling it over 18,
watching it go to about 10, and still coming back and crushing the
pocket.  The first game was a 202, the second was a 223, and the third
was a 239.  Not bad for the first three games ever with a new ball!  Of
course I couldn't use it after that game, the lanes were just toast, but
I was able to really open up the lanes like I never had before and still
keep my ball speed up around 16.5-17 mph for a nice hard hit!

Joe - Maryland

Thanks for your fast help with my order on Fri. GREAT job by Tim friendly, fast replys to my questions. Also GREAT job by Al who helped me on Mon. with tracking my order. You people are AWESOME. Now I  know why everyone picks your pro-shop. I hope to have Spare Tire ball by Fri.so I only have to make one trip to my pro-shop. It's a 2hr drive & lots of traffic. I hope I don't have to go twice. YOU WILL be my choice in the future for my bowling needs. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wayne Schanke - Wisconsin

The Guys at Buddies Pro Shop are simply THE BEST!!! Not only are they noted for lightening quick deliveries, they're customer service extends beyond the help of others!!!! Professionalism along with personalism is the key to not only getting new customers, but also KEEPING new customers. Bill and Chris (I've mainly done business with as I'm sure there are others) are GOOD people and GOOD people are hard to find! For this, I'v referred other bowlers to them and all have returned reiterating my sentiments.

to the guys at Buddies, keep up the GREAT work!


Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the great job you did on the RS-1 you drilled for me. It gets down the lane very easily and makes a good move to the pocket. That is exactly what I was looking for. Guys in my league came up to me and said, "Wow that ball doesn't have any problem getting through the heads (Guardian Overlay) and still finishes well." Made me feel I made a good choice. It always makes me a little nervous ordering a ball and telling what I want it to do without being there in person, but you guys always come through. Thanks again.


Tony - Wisconsin

Hi, I had to send you an email immediately. I placed an order Monday night and would you believe it arrived today--Wednesday!!! What wonderful service! I cannot compliment you enough on your prompt service. I was worried that it might not arrive in time for Christmas. It is a gift for my husband and what a joy it was to see it arrive today. I will recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you!


Christine - New Jersey

Everyone, I ordered a pair of shoes (size 14). It is very hard to find anything in my size, except at Buddies. These people go way out of their way to satisfy their customers. My shoes were shipped the same day and arrived extremely quickly. There is no place better when it comes to customer service. I have ordered several times from Buddies. They have come through exceptionally on every occasion. They have always gone above and beyond to satisfy their customers. I can't say enough about them. They are simply "THE BEST".

Thank You
Steve from Chicago, IL

To All @ Buddies Pro Shop:

These two new balls behave exactly as I had hoped and will be critical additions to my arsenal. The Fired Up goes long and breaks nicely on the backend. The pin carry is sweet. The Absolute Inferno appears to be one of the most versatile balls I have ever thrown - it is very consistent and predictable with a nice smooth arc.

I have the honor of bowling on the BuddiesProShop.com team (Lowell MA Brunswick Men's League) and am proud to sport the Buddies Pro Shop logo on my team shirt. I have tried several area pro shops over the years but since coming to Buddies last summer, I have had NO opportunities to blame my equipment for bad performance. Every ball feels exactly the same and fits my hand perfectly. Each ball has been drilled to work well for my game. It's awesome. Also, it's nice to know that when I ask questions or solicit recommendations, I get solid information from knowledgeable professionals.

-Steve Harter

Hi Chris,

This is John Jones from New Jersey. I placed an order today on the website for a 32 oz Ebonite Energizer ball cleaner for my new XXXCel (great job drilling it - shot 300 with it 2nd game using it).

John Jones

The 2 balls arrived today and the RS1 felt absolutely identical to the Pure Hammer. I couldn't be any happier with the results. I'll definately be ordering another ball or 2 within a couple of weeks to have you drill for me. Thanks for the great service.


I've never felt compelled to write a testimonial but your online pro shops service deserves its due recognition. I've purchased two high end used bowling balls from your site and was blown away by not only the prices but also the color matching quality of the plug work. Imagine buying a $135 ball for $40! Also, the shipping was extremely fast! I've just now ordered a Visionary Granite Gargoyle ball as well as a pair of Etonic shoes (the size guarantee gives real piece of mind). Thanks for the great prices and efficient service. You guys ROCK!!!!!

Michael Carver
Minneapolis, Mn

Dear Chris and Everyone at Buddies Pro Shop,

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for all the help you gave me this week. I received the Big Blue, and Big Blue spare both on Saturday and had them punched up for the tournament I was shooting this past weekend. Because of your extra effort to ensure a satisfied customer (which I am), you allowed me to do a lot better this weekend than I would have done had you not made sure the ball was able to be delivered on Saturday. The tournament shot this weekend was a very heavy shot, and because Big Blue got here on time I was able to match-up with conditions better with that than anything else in my bag, and as a result I ended up taking 2nd in the tournament. Had it not been for some insert problems I had just before my final match I could have won, but none the less I credit how well I did in the tournament to your willingness to help me.

Thank you very much for your support and effort, and I will definitely be purchasing more products from you in the future.

Thanks Again,
Jon Parks
Somerdale, NJ

Dear Buddies Pro Shop:

I just wanted to let you folks know that you are doing an incredible job. I have ordered a number of balls in recent weeks from you guys and EVERY ONE of them was EXACTLY as specified with pin and top weight as well as ball weight. As a result, I have recommended you to my bowling friends both locally and around the country. Not one of them has come up to me and indicated a problem with anything they ordered. You deliver the requested ball as requested and quickly. I really appreciate that. Keep up the good work. Needless to say, when I am looking for equipment in the future, I know where to go.

Thanks guys.
Jim Reynolds
Hutchinson, KS


I just got back into bowling, and was in need of some new gear. Since I needed everything I was looking for a good package deal, and you guys really delivered with the U.S. Power Package. There is nothing comparable in price or quality on the internet...I know, I spent 3 days looking. The Power Groove Reactive ball that comes with this package was going to cost me $92 dollars at my local shop. I got the ball, bag, shoes, and shipping for only $2 more than that. That is incredible. Your prices and service have earned you a lifelong customer.


Tony Tucker

Dear Buddies Proshop


I just want to thank you for your expert service I want you to know I Received my Equipment(order) less than 24 hrs from ordering it (amazing service) and this is not the first time I have had excellent service. I have ordered in the past for not only me but my 2 children and have always received great courteous fast service. I have recommended you to many of my bowling peers and they have received excellent service . You and your company are the best I have had the privilege of dealing with and I have dealt with many in the past, you've consistently shown your the best is response, service, mailing, and customer service.


So in conclusion I just want to say Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you you are truly an exceptional business.

Yours truly
Jeff Kenney
Jersey City NJ

Dear Buddies staff,

I just got my order of Tour Ultra shoes. Thank you for the fast service! I couldn't believe how fast they got here. I wasn't supposed to get them until tomorrow! I guess everything I've heard on ballreviews.com is true: You guys rock! Thanks again.

Dave Prewitt

I purchased a used ball from you and received it promptly and in very good condition: plugged, polished, and ready for drilling. I am extremely satisfied and appreciate the great service. I look forward to purchasing more items from you in the future.

Austin, Texas

Just wanted to say a HUGE ---- THANK YOU ------ from Australia. We just received our order (in just under 8 days) and we are absolutely delighted!!! The tracking system was great - we followed the progress day to day - only took a couple of hours to get through customs and was delivered to our door a day after.

We bought a Storm Eraser Banshee (our first order but definitely not our last!) - arrived in perfect condition, exactly as specified - couldn't be happier.

We will be letting everyone know about your excellent prices and service so thanks again - hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!

Kind regards..
Wendy & John Allen

Thanks guys! The Hammer bags arrived today and I only ordered them yesterday. Once again you prove that you are the premier proshop to order from online. "I'll be back" for more!!!

Mark in Allen, Tx.


I just wanted to say Thanks for your super fast processing and shipping of my 14 lb Vicious Strike. I have recommended your website to my bowling friends in North Alabama. I look forward to doing business with you again. Again, Thank you!





Everything I have to say about Buddies Pro Shop is all good. This order was no exception.

As you can see below, I ordered 2 bowling balls from you guys Wednesday evening, 9/29/04. I received them in excellent shape (as usual) Friday afternoon and my wife & I had them drilled Friday night (10/1/04) and bowled 4 games each with our new balls.

Where else can I get that kind of good service?

Thank you for being there for us "die hard" bowlers...

Charlie McCoy


I had been having a lot of trouble getting my local pro-shop's distributor to fill the ball weight requirement that I have. I have now ordered from Buddie's three times, asking for exactly 15lbs or no more that 15lb.2oz. All three times I have received what I wanted and in a very timely manner. I also ended up saving $20 to $30. I will recommend Buddies's to anyone who asks where there's a good place to order on-line.


Thanks very much
Pam Haught

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the fantastic service you recently provided me. I ordered a pair of shoes from your website on Wednesday morning. Since my league started on Thursday, I figured that I would have them for next week. Imagine my surprise, and delight, to find them waiting for me when I got home yesterday. I was able to wear them for the start of my league. I wish I could tell you that I bowled some kind of honor score, but then I'd just be lying. However, they came to me in excellent shape, and were very comfortable and effective right out of the box.

I appreciate such fine service, and will have no hesitation about doing business with you again.

Thank you.

- Joe Verdaasdonk

Just picked up a couple of balls at Buddies today. I live close enough to go there and pick up. I called last week and they were drilled and waiting when I arrived. Great service and quality...bowled three just to try 'em out...687. Thanks Chris!!!

Charlie L
River Vale NJ

I have purchased 3 balls (with drilling) and a pair of Dexter bowling shoes on 3 different occasions. I live in Illinois and gave them my hand specs and drill layouts, for the balls. All purchases have just been, well, Phenomenal!!!

My latest purchase was a Storm XXXextreme. I purchased it online. Within one hour I got an email telling me the transaction was accepted. I then sent in my hand specs and layout with the order number. Within another 10 to 15 minutes, this is all within the same hour; I got an email telling me the ball was shipped, and had with a tracking number. I couldn't believe it. I then received the ball three days later. The ball was in perfect shape and fit like a glove.

To all who are contemplating whether or not to purchase online from this fine establishment, you can just get rid of your bookmarks to all other online pro shops. This place is FOR REAL!

To the staff at Buddies Pro Shop, I take off my hat. You are, again for a lack of a better word, Phenomenal. Keep up the great work.

Thank you,
Steve N from Illinois


I received the bowling balls you worked on for me today (Thursday). I just want to thank you for the quick turnaround on them. I also want to say you did a great job on both balls. Since having you install Ultimate Thumbs on my equipment I can't tell you how much easier to just go and bowl, instead of sanding and working out the thumbhole before I can use it.

Thanks again.
Tony Cifaldi
Cumberland Wi

I just recieved my linds shoes and my storm 4ball roller in perfect condition.I will definately be a repeat customer for years to come.The prices are unbeatable and the products are first rate.I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchases and the PROMPT delivery.

Thanks to Chris, Bill and all the staff at Buddies!!!!!!!

Joseph Novak
Riverdale, IL

Hello, My name is Brandon Ross from Columbus, Ohio. I just wanted to say thanks to both you and AZO, for making my first purchase an overall good one. Dispite some minor miscomunitcation and small delay in shipment..you guys were GREAT! My special thanks go to Chris...he called me twice to let me know just what the hold up was, and to me that is GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! So to anyone that reads this...BUDDIES PRO SHOP WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT!!!

Thanks Again your new and loyal customer
Brandon Ross

Hey Buddies,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your efforts in getting my order all the way to Ireland. It arrrived in perfect condition, unfortunately customs grabbed it and I had to pay them their usual over the top taxes etc. to get the stuff. Worth it in the end. The ball is exceeding my expectations (the pins don't stand a chance!!) And the bag is doing a great job of carrying it and my other gear!!

Keep up the good work and the low prices,

Barry O'Hanrahan.


Gotta love it: 699 first set out of the box. Usual great service drilled the way I requested.

Thanks again.
Charlie Lindholm
River Vale NJ

Thanks for the lighting quick delivery. I ordered a SonicX on Wednesday afternoon and received the ball on Thursday with regular UPS shipping. Lighting quick again. I'm glad your my buddie.



I'd just like to say "thanks" for your simple and straightforward online ordering service. My Dexter SST6 shoes arrived very quickly and in perfect order. You were recommended by a friend and I'll be doing the same!

T. Boyle
Scotland, UK

To all employees,

I just wanted to thank you all for the great service. The website was very specific, in which helped me to learn more about bowling... now I know how top weight and pin positioning play a part in buying a new ball. I searched numerous places and found the best pricing at buddiesproshop.com. Not only was the pricing very reasonable, but the delivery time was remarkable. My girlfriend and I ordered 3 balls and a 4 ball bag of ebonite's and I can truly say that this is the 1st time that I have ever been able to order online early in the AM and have it show up a in 3 days. On top of that, I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for special shipping. Once again, thanks time and time again for the excellent service and choice of shipper.

South Carolina


I just want to thank you for the excellent service you gave to me. I order ABS shoes on June 8 and I receive them 20 days later in Mexico City.

The service is great because I receive the shoes 1 week in advance to the promise date. I will recommend you with my friends.

Luis Enrique Orozco

I ordered a hammer single bag from ya'll and was worried that it might not get to me in Texas before I went to Reno. The bag arrived in 2 days. Kudos to you for providing great service to go along with great products. Thank you very much.

Tracy Brockette
San Antonio, Tx.

Hi all at buddies
I have just received my Dexter SST6 shoes and they are superb! thanks for an excellent service I will definitely use you again and recommend you to all of my bowling friends

Best regards to all
Wayne Mattison

I ordered 2 balls on the 12th of Feb and recieved them as promised on the 16th. This is by far the best bowling site I have ever used. Both balls came in excellent condition and we can't wait to get them drilled up. I reccommend Buddies to anyone and everyone looking for any new equipment.


I would like to thank everyone at Buddies Pro Shop. Not only were all of the bowling balls more affordable than anyone else (both on and offline), but the shipping was less expensive and the balls arrived within 3 business days after the order. A good buy for me, and I will definitely continue shopping at Buddies Pro Shop.

-- Thanks again,
Mick Jundt

You guys rock!
Thank you for the fast delivery and proper ball specifications
I'm sure to buy from you again

Thanks Again

It was a pleasure doing business with these guys.Got my ball on time as agreed.Definitely would recommend Buddies Pro Shop (excellent Service).


I would like to take timeout and thank Chris, for all of his help in getting me the bowling ball that I ordered, what happened was that the ball was being sent to me from the warehouse the order somehow got mixed up and the wrong ball was delivered, I call Chris and explained to him what had happened on the next afternoon I had the original ball ordered at my front door, (WOW) unbelievable service, thanks again for the great service that Chris and your staff is providing to the public I look forward to doing business with Buddies Pro Shop in the future.

Thank you
Ben Williams
Grovetown, Ga.

I received my Super Charge right on schedule, and in perfect shape. Just wanted to thank you guys again for the excellent customer service, and fast shipping!! I hope to do business with you again in the future, and will recommend you to anyone looking for bowling equipment. Now I'm just looking forward to my sweat hog :) Heh, have a good one.

John Chitwood

! just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have received both the bowling balls (monday) and the bag (today). They were all received in excellent condition. Thank you again for the excellent prices and the prompt service, shipping and communication. If I need anything in the future, I will be sure to check your website first!

Tom Bacon

I would like to say that Buddies was a pleasure to do business with. I have bought 2 balls through them, a Buzzsaw XXL and an original X Factor. Both were shipped and received within one week. Weights, pin placement, and top weight were exactly what I requested on my orders. Keep up the great work.

Nick Schneider

Good afternoon, I wanted to write to you and let you know how pleased I was with your service. I had read many good things about Buddies on Ballreviews.com and when I started to look for new shoes this was the first place I went. After doing a little comparison shopping I realized the prices couldn't be beat and if the service was as good as the prices I would be more than satisfied. I ordered a pair of ABS Tour Ultras on Wed. Feb. 4th and the order was processed and shipped out the next day and I received them in Michigan on Mon. the 9th. The shoes were excellent as was the service and I will be recommending your company to all my friends and relatives. Thank you.

Eric Mullikin
Jackson, Mi.

Chris and Bill,

I just want to thank you for the years of help and advice, and obviously for my recent ball purchase!

Winning the All-Events Scratch title, has been a life long dream of mine, and it would not have been possible without you guys!

I look forward to more good bowling!

Thanks again,
Jim Gillick
Milford, CT

As if this is a surprise. Another order and yet again, incredible service from Buddies. I order late on Friday and it arrives on my step early Thursday. Your prices are the best I've found in the world and your response time is unheard of. I constantly recommend you to folks who want something our pro-shop does not carry. Keep up the great work.

Don Scott
Minot, North Dakota

I wanted to thanks all the people that were involved with me receiving the Icon 300 ball in record breaking time...and it was shipped regular ground UPS. It's a great ball and you people really did an outstanding job.

Thank you again and I'll tell all my bowling friends about your business.

Jack Pericolosi

You are, by far, the best in the business. Not only do you do an excellent job drilling balls, (showing the layout), but I never expected the incredible customer service you have just provide me.  WOW!

Thank you so much, 
Steve NaNamnick

I would like to thank you on a very quick, efficient, and reliable service you provide for us , the consumer. I have ordered 2 balls and supplies and have received them all in awesome time. Not to forget about you're pricing,
which is like rock bottom . I will continue to use and recommend this site to others.
Thanks  again,
Dave Fukumori 

I just wanted to say thank you for a great online purchasing experience. Your company has some of the best prices on the net the ball i got was 10.00 cheaper than anywhere else, your selection of equipment is one of the best and you have all the brand names a person could want. I can't say enough good things about my experience. So thank you and I will look forward to purchasing from your company again and again.

Daniel Koch
Fort Wayne, Indiana

I recently purchased a bowling ball & shoes from Buddies.  Any questions I had were answered immediately.  There was a problem with  a bowling heel. You said I would have it the next week.  The next week it's at my door.  I am very happy with the customer service  you show your customers.  I look forward to purchasing bowling equipment from Buddies in the future.
Thank you
James Collins

Just wanted to send my thanks for the amazing service you provided for me last week.  I ordered a pair of Dexter SST6's over the web at 6:00pm on Wednesday evening.  I was in no immediate rush, so I just opted to have the shoes sent UPS ground.  Before noon the next day I've got the shoes!  Just amazing!  Keep up the good work and I wish you all the success you most certainly deserve.
John Bekish 
Southington, CT


To Buddies Pro Shop,

Just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job.  I had ordered some of the New ABS shoes from you and 2 days later, even though I'm all the way in Hawaii, I received the order promptly in the time promised.  I will definately be doing business with you again and thanks.

Keep up the good work,
Justin Stevens


I ordered a ball from you on Tuesday at about 2:00 PM (EST) over the internet and received the ball on Wednesday afternoon. I didn't asked for any special shipping and was not charged for any. That is some of the best service I have ever encountered (in person or over the internet). Keep up the great work and I'm sure most of your customers will be repeat customers like myself. Thanks.

Ron Fregede   

I just wanted to say what a great job you guys do! I ordered a Silver Streak Pearl and Sonic X and came with the exact specs I asked for. I also ordered a 6 ball roller last month, and it came in two days. Really prompt shipping, and service. This is the only Internet pro-shop I would ever buy from, period! Just a great place to buy from, very friendly people.

Keep up the great service,
Josh Green


I ordered a Icon 300 from you on Wednesday it arrived on Friday. What a great surprise! I want to thank you for all your hard work!



Calvin Wallace 


I just received my order which is the 4th or 5th time I have ordered from you.  I can't say enough about how nice it is to do business with you.  Everything arrives in excellent condition and is the correct items each and every time I order.  Great job and keep it up.




Brian Pearson



Once again, I have to thank you for the excellent ball layout on my most recent purchase, the Neotac Khameleon. I got it on Monday and shot a 299 ( 728 series) last night in the first night of a Summer League. That makes us two for two ( The Inferno shot 300) for honor scores on the last two purchases. Great Work !!!




Just a quick note to say, "Thanks" for a trouble-free order.  I received the ABS shoes today and I am very pleased.  I will definitely be purchasing from your company, BuddiesProShop.com again for my future bowling needs.

Thanks Again,

Roger & Kathy Sampsell 


Dear Sirs,

I must say that my first experience with your pro shop was a great one. I found your site through bowlingballreviews.com and noticed that your prices were like Crazy Eddies; INSANE.

I ordered on Monday, told that it was shipped Tuesday, and I received it Wednesday.  Holy crap, that is unbelievably fast service.  Why should I conduct business with some overpriced pro shop, when I can buy my bowling accessories online?

I will recommend Buddies to my friends.  Thanks again.

Peter P. Kim




Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am at the service I received from Buddies Pro Shop.  My ball came in quicker than expected and was in perfect shape, and exactly as I had ordered.  I am very pleased with the excellent service, and you can be assured that I will be doing business with you again in the future. 

Thank you very much, 
Tim in Evansville.



Buddies Pro Shop,

My order, an inferno bowling ball, arrived Friday afternoon. I ordered it on Wednesday and couldn't believe it came so fast! The ball is exactly what I ordered regarding pin location and top weight.

I want to thank you for your service. I have added your sight location to my "favorites" list and have told many friends about your sight. You are the best!

Mike Wendel



To Buddies Proshop:

Thank you ,I have received the balls sooner than i ever expected and would like to say thank you for your courteuos and profesonal manner in which you have provided,You have restored my faith in getting equipment thru the internet and I will remain a loyal customer to you I will also recommend your site to other bowlers as I have had already and let them know that your is the most reliable site on the internet along with having fantastic prices and i will post your site along with these prices on my league wall so all the members on my five leagues I bowl on will see.

Once again Thank you
Jeffrey Kenney



I wanted to let everyone know what a great job Buddies Pro Shop does to keep their customers happy. I recently received an email on Friday Nov 8, 2002 from Buddies notifying everyone that the new ABS shoes were in their warehouse. I wanted a pair of these so bad, but I didn’t have much information on them especially the size. I emailed Chris a number of times and always got a quick and courteous reply. I ordered My ABS Sport Ultra Shoes from them on the 8th of November and they were sent out of the warehouse on Tuesday the 12th. I just received them and couldn’t have been happier with my order. I have ordered many used balls from Buddies and Bill and Chris would have to be some the best businessmen on the Internet. Thanks again for the great service and look forward to doing business again.


Jay Riha



I had Chris drill me out an Apex Adrenaline, which he recommended for me to use in Billings. I gave him my specs and PAP, and left the layout up to him. He drilled it out on a Wednesday and on the following Monday it was on my doorstep. I practiced with it twice and then competed in an over-50 scratch 24 game match play event this past weekend. Let me tell you, the fit and ball reaction were awesome. I bowled my first sanctioned 300 game since 1984 and had the front ten/solid seven and the front 8 in other games, with a 277 game as well. I averaged over 227 for the 24 games, won 18 matches, and finished third to two association hall-of-famers. I played anywhere from 5 to 15 and stood as far right (I'm a lefty) as 34. This ball was magic in my hands, and although I didn't win, I felt like I did.

This ball has the best fit and layout of any ball I've ever had, and I highly recommend Chris to everyone. You can't throw a great shot without a great fit. Your business has it all - great prices, fast service, and professional workmanship. Count me as a regular: it's worth the extra trouble for me here in Colorado.

- K. Lucas



I ordered two balls the Friday before Memorial Day, and was told not to expect them until Thursday of the following week. But the balls arrived early Tuesday! The speedy service was great. I also had a question about drilling, which Buddies promptly and accurately answered. You don't usually get this kind of service with a discount house. I'm sold!

I recently competed in a Senior All-Star Bowling Association event, in which the condition was brutal. I had just bought a Columbia Total Chaos from Buddies, and pulled it out with about 10 games to go. The ball "read" the track remarkably well, and I was one of the few righties to average over 210. I won the tournament, thanks to the Total Chaos, and Buddies!

-D. Wayne



I had a ball drilled from my local pro shop, that I was not happy with. I called buddies, and they were very helpfull. I bought 3 balls from buddies pro Shop. Rock, Rock ON, and Rock Star. I sent my ball in. I got all four balls back, and they were perfect. They all felt the same. I will buy all my balls from them. And I saved about $65 per ball. These people are great. Talk to Chris. Thanks so much

-Dave Wroblewski



Thanks to Bill and Chris at BuddiesProShop.com for the prompt, economical and expert service. You guys saw my internet posting and went out of your way to communicate that you had a used ball I was looking for, at a great price; were willing to talk bowling and shipped promptly. These guys are excellent internet suppliers of bowling balls, advice and services. You can trust these guys to deliver! This is a proshop internet buyers can rely on.

-Tim Westphal



I recently purchased a ball form you. An Ebonite clear/skull ball. I just wanted to say that I am Totally satisfied with Both the service I received, and the ball itself !! I received the ball in a timely manner, and the price was Very competitive. Rest assured I will tell friends about your company/website, and will not hesitate to order from you myself in the future.

Nice Job, and Thanks,
Bob Casler

All Testimonials Submitted will be reviewed, and posted at a later date.



I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the PBA Inferno. The shipping was faster than I expected and was delivered in three days. I have a friend that wants me to order him a bowling ball. Your prices are about half of what I would pay at my local pro shop, thanks for the great service.

Gary Klinger - Springfield , IL


Just got the Hammer Doom I ordered from you. I would like to thank you for the quick service and getting me a ball with the exact specs I asked for. As always Buddies comes through. Thanks again!

Tony Cifaldi - Cumberland ,WI