Robby's Thumb Sock

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  • Robby's Thumb Sock
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Robby's Thumb Sock

  • Slip over thumb for a smooth consistent release
  • Made with ultra stretch lycra
  • Package of two thumb socks
  • Large - Blue
  • X-Large - Black
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    This thing WORKS!

    Posted by Ken Simmons on Jun 2nd 2018

    I purchased this item out of curiosity as my bowling thumb has a tendency to "stick" at times.
    Even though I use the black "Turbo" fitting tape on my thumb, normal "expansion/contraction" of my thumb, plus perspiration on "exposed" skin, sometimes makes it a challenge to maintain consistent thumb hole fit/feel and release.

    I tried the item tonight @ league with the following results:
    * My thumb is 3-3/4" around, so I used the "XL" size "sock" (The "L" size is TOO SMALL for me to use, even with its' "stretchiness"). I think the "L" size if for thumbs SMALLER than, say, 2-1/2" around? Unfortunately, there is no "sizing" information on the "Robby's" web site for this item.
    * The stretchy Lycra material "forms" well around the thumb and doesn't add a lot of extra "thickness". Even the "seam" isn't noticeable when it's placed under the "pad" of the thumb.
    * "Rough" skin requires a little more effort to apply the "sock". BE PATIENT and take your time in application! * Depending on your thumb's "length", there may be a "collar" of material at the base of the thumb. As long as the sock covers from the tip of the thumb to the base, you're fine!
    * The "external" surface is REAL SMOOTH - my thumb "shot out" of the thumb hole very speedily and with no "sticking". If you're used to a "delay" in release, this will take getting used to!
    * The Lycra material applies a light "compression" to my thumb - it never "expanded" during bowling. Also, because of normal skin "friction" (see above), the sock NEVER "CAME LOOSE" (i.e., "slid down" the thumb) - I never had to "hike it back" during league.
    * Because of the "compression" and the "slick" nature of the material, I had to insert 8 (EIGHT) pieces of black fitting tape to maintain a decent fit (and I may have to insert MORE!). Normally, with the "Turbo" fitting tape, I have to sometimes REMOVE tape from the thumb hole due to thumb expansion, etc. "Your Mileage May Vary" depending on how your thumb "changes size" while bowling.
    * Removal of the "sock" was a "breeze: just "roll" it down the thumb, then turn it right-side-out after it comes off the thumb (using your "little finger" may help here). For storage, I put it back in its' shipping package (along with the other sock in the package).
    * If it gets "dirty, etc." from use, hand wash it in WARM water with "hand soap", rinse it out, squeeze out the excess water, and let it air dry.

    I know it'll take time to get totally used to the "sock", but I can already tell it'll save me A LOT OF $$$ in bowling supplies. If you have "sticking" or "size maintenance" problems this item may be what you need. Just remember to measure around your thumb and pick the "sock" size appropriate to your thumb's size (see above for my example/suggestion).

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