900 Global Zen Soul Bowling Ball

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  • 900 Global Zen Soul Bowling Ball and Core
  • 900 Global Zen Soul Bowling Ball
  • 900 Global Zen Soul Bowling Ball Core
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900 Global Zen Soul Bowling Ball

  • Color: Teal/Fuscia/Black
  • Coverstock: S77 Response Hybrid Reactive
  • Weight Block: Meditate Symmetric
  • Factory Finish: 4000 Grit Abralon
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.48; 15lbs - 2.49; 14lbs - 2.50
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.051; 15lbs - 0.051; 14lbs - 0.051
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): n/a
  • Fragrance: N/A

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Sanded 4000 Grit
Core Type:
Hybrid Reactive
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40 Reviews

  • 5
    Zen Soul

    The brand new Zen Soul from 900 Global features the S77 Hybrid Reactive Coverstock wrapped around the Meditate Symmetric Core! The Zen line has became a staple in my bag, whether it be league or tournaments, and the Zen Soul may be my favorite of the 3. Out of the box, it was one of the strongest symmetrical balls I had in my bag. It was very strong in the mid lane with a controlled backend reaction. I then shined it up, and felt like this was the best decision for me. It got it through the heads a little cleaner, still picked up plenty in the mid lane, with a bit more pop down lane. When comparing it to the OG Zen and Zen Master, it is the best of both worlds, with the mid lane of the Zen Master and the pop on the backend I came to love with the OG Zen.

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    Zen Soul Ball Review

    900 Global Zen Soul Ball Review Hey everyone, I’m back with another ball review, and this time it’s for the Zen Soul and in 15 pounds this ball is wrapped in the S77 Response Hybrid Cover and comes 4000 Abralon with an RG of 2.490 and a Diff of 0.051. Layout for this ball is 5x3x2 When this ball was first announced there was such a buzz about another ZEN coming out but where will it fall with the OG Zen and Zen Master still out there. Being that the Zen Soul is a hybrid it was easy to say that it will be directly in the middle. I have read many other reviews and watched many different ball videos for this one. Many had it closer to the OG Zen as others had it closer to the Zen Master. So how do you know where it will fit or if it is a ball that will fit your arsenal? First and the easiest way is to find a demo in your area. Second is to find someone that throws it closer to you with speed/rev rate and watch more of their reviews. Now I am a average speed with a low rev rate and I found the Zen Soul to be closer to the Zen Master as both balls had surface compared to the Zen. Now I didn’t find them to be directly on top of each other, so I was able to keep the Zen Master and Soul in the same bag. When the Zen Master became too much, I was abler to move a couple of boards left and proceed with the Soul in the same area. The OG Zen having shine was “for me” another step down. All three of these balls do have the same shape and work well together. BOWLER STYLE: RH - Power Stroker Rev Rate: 320 Ball Speed: 15-16 PAP: 4 7/8 right 5/8 up. #Storm #SquadRG #900Global #VISE #BowlersChoiceProShop #BabesAndBallsBowling #LogoInfusion #IAmBowling (coupon code HIRSCH 20% off at checkout) YouTube Channel: Brian Hirsch

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    900 Global Zen Soul Ball Review

    The brand new Zen Soul from 900 Global features the S77 Hybrid Reactive Coverstock wrapped around the Meditate Symmetric Core! My Zen Soul is Pin Under my Bridge and it’s nice continuous motion for me! The Zen is a staple in everyone’s bag and the Zen Master for me was to forward off the end of the pattern! If you put surface on your Zen that’s what the Zen Soul feels like! The Zen Soul will give you a smoother reaction than the Zen but more Continuous than the Zen Master! Head to your local Pro Shop and get yours today!!

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    Zen Soul Roto Grip Rick

    900 Global Zen Soul Layout: 60 x 1 ½ x 60 Finish: 4k FAST Lane types and pattern types: HPL lane panels with Don Carter pattern and SPL panels with Wolf pattern. The Zen Soul was a great addition to the Zen line. I found in the past the OG Zen with 1500 grit was a little too snappy and unforgiving for me. Once SPI released the 4KFAST, I changed the surface and it gained more confidence in the OG Zen. The Master rolled WAY too early for my style of bowling, then entered the heart of the line up, The Zen Soul, with 4K FAST I was able to use it in a tournament setting, league and practicing. Well rounded ball with great shape early and late, unlike the Master that seemed to “give up” on me, I felt very comfortable playing the ditch with it, using it inside where the other lefties were not, ie: inside of 3rd arrow. The S77 Response cover was an excellent choice to match with the ZEN core. I’m at “peace” when recommending this ball to the average league bowler, they will get great control, a versatile ball that they can depend on week after week.

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    zen soul ball review

    The newest addition to the zen the line is the zen soul. I drilled this ball 50 x 3.5 x 30 this ball allows me to see the mid lane andstrong shape off the spot. This is a great benchmark hybrid that can cover most lane conditions.

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    900 Global - Zen Soul

    The 900 Global Zen Soul bowling ball features the same Meditate symmetric core; however, the Zen Soul is the first ball in the Zen line-up to have a hybrid coverstock. This combination should put the Zen Soul right in the middle of the Zen and the Zen Master. I will start by saying that previous Zen balls didn’t seem to match-up with my style very well, so I drilled my Zen Soul with a pin-down layout, different from my other Zen’s: 55 x 5 x 75. I wanted to see how this core rolls for me when it doesn’t flare as much as my other Zen bowling balls. After throwing the Zen Soul, it seems like this core rolls better for me with the pin-down layout, as the ball was a little bit easier to keep in front of me and still maintain enough shape through first transition of the pattern. The Zen Soul is probably my favorite ball out of the Zen line-up. As I think this ball likes to roll early, it seems to work well on shorter to medium patterns when I need a slower response bowling ball to control the motion down the lane. Zen Soul is still more of a “specialty” ball to me because it just tends to be to early and to flat down the lane for my ball roll. Because of this “rolly” core and strong coverstock, I can see this ball being good when a bowler needs to blend the wet/dry conditions, especially for bowlers who like throw it faster or tend go around the ball a little more. Want to see me throwing the Zen Soul? What my video on YouTube:

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    Zen Soul

    900 Global Zen Soul Cover: 4000 S77 Response™ Hybrid Reactive Core: Meditate™ (Symmetrical) Color: Teal/Fuchsia/Black Review: The Zen line has been growing in popularity since the original Zen was released. You may have heard someone say “Zen Ball Good”, well Zen Soul Ball good too! The Zen Soul fits perfectly between the Zen and the Zen Master. The Zen Soul never leaves my bag and on is generally the first ball out of my bag on league night. This ball came with a 4000 finish on it, which gave it a very smooth reaction that give you plenty of versatility on the lanes. This ball has the versality to be used on all conditions from house shot to sport shot. This ball is going to be great in anyone’s hands. If you haven’t gotten yours yet go out and get yours today! Will Tefft 900 Global Staff Member #GoGlobal

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    900 Global Zen Soul

    Core: Meditate Symmetric Cover: S77 Response Hybrid Finish: 4000 Grit RG: 2.50 (14 lbs) Diff: 0.051 (14 lbs) Right-Handed Tweener Speed: 12-13 mph Rev Rate: 315 PAP: 4 7/8 Right 3/8 Up Ball Layout: Pin Up 5 inch pin to Pap 2 1/4 Pin Buffer The Zen series has been one of the most successful ever. Starting with the clean controllable motion of the original zen and then continuing with the stronger earlier reading Zen Master. It was a no brainer to produce a hybrid cover to wrap the very successful Mediate Symmetric core. Enter the Zen Soul. This ball surprised me a bit with how aggressively it sees the mid-lane. For me it definitely runs closer to the aggressive earlier roll of the Zen Master. It is noticeably cleaner but felt much further for me from the original Zen. My best look with the Zen Soul is on fresh lane conditions. I do very much like it's continuation and I feel like I have a bit more miss room right with it compared to the Zen Master. My Zen Master was cleaner than alot of other i watched go down the lane, due in large part to my layout. I opted for a layout closer to how I had drilled my original Zen for the Soul and it definitely has a much earlier response by comparison. The upside is I feel like the Zen soul matches up very well with people who are a bit more speed dominant or have lower rev rates. It is a good first ball out of the bag and will let you stay with it until the fronts dry up, which is when you'll like the original zen better.

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    900 Global Zen Soul Ball Review

    The 900 Global Zen Soul features the S77 Response Hybrid Cover and the Mediate Symmetric Core. The Zen Soul has a low RG of 2.49 a high differential of 0.051. To bring this all together, the S77 Hybrid coverstock which is two parts peal and 1 part solid, that was made to be closer to the original Zen then the solid Zen Master. The review is being done on a typical house shot 42’ with 25ml of oil. The layout chosen was a 60 x 4 x 40 which will give you a strong angular arc reaction shape, normal transition time and a hook/set ball roll. With this layout the Zen Soul will be great on a variety of patterns such as a medium to long sport or a fresh house shot. I did a ball comparison to the 900 Global Zen Master & the original Zen. First up is the 900 Global Zen Master. The Zen Master features the solid S77 Response coverstock and Mediate core. The Zen Master is great for a long sport or fresh house pattern that has a lot of volume. The Zen Master is stronger by 3 and 1 left. Next is the 900 Global Zen. The Zen has the S77 Response Pearl cover and Mediate Symmetric core and a great compliment to the Zen Soul. You will see how the Zen Soul starts up quicker, but the original Zen will help you out when the Zen Soul starts to burn up leaving the flat 10. Here is a little tidbit with the Zen, the surface I used a 1000/1500 polish to have it blend out the lane better because at 4000 it was a on top of the Soul which defeats the purpose. In my bag, the Zen Master will be the first out the bag, followed by the Zen Soul, then the Storm Dark Code, the Zen, then the Hyroad Pearl.

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