DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze Bowling Ball

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  • DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze Bowling Ball and Core
  • DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze Bowling Ball
  • DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze Bowling Ball Core
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DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze Bowling Ball

  • Color: Orange/Yellow/Black
  • Coverstock: Inciter Max Traction
  • Weight Block: Hell Raiser D.O.T.
  • Factory Finish: 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.543; 15lbs - 2.537; 14lbs - 2.554
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.046; 15lbs - 0.053; 14lbs - 0.053
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.014; 15lbs - 0.016; 14lbs - 0.016
  • Fragrance: N/A

Additional product information:

DV8 Raised some hell this year with the throwback to the Hell Raiser and the Damn Good Verge. The brand is back at it with one of its biggest hook, oil-destroying balls yet, the Hell Raiser Blaze. The new addition to the Hell Raiser family uses the same DOT core system and Inciter Max Traction cover with a 1000 grit Siaair finish.

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Sanded 1000 Siaair
Core Type:
Solid Reactive
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9 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Michelle Smith on Jan 16th 2022

    If you want a ball that will make a move in a puddle of oil and still retain enough power to blow the rack, this is it!! This is the strongest DV8 ball I've ever owned and it has yet to disappoint. 5 stars for sure!

  • 5
    Its Blazin Hot!

    Posted by Sal B on Nov 9th 2021

    The Hell Raiser Blaze is insanely strong. Drilled pin up to get a little more length because this ball reads the mid lane early. Still retains energy down lane and hits hard. Recommended for heavy oil. Great addition to the arsenal.

  • 5
    Hell Raiser Blaze - I need oil

    Posted by Don Granda on Sep 30th 2021

    Drilled 70 x 4.5 x 40...This ball needs oil. What a great oil ball. Handles oil well with great continuation through the pocket with plenty of energy. First comment after rolling this ball was "we are going to need new pins" because it hit so hard ball after ball.

  • 5
    Maximum Hook and Hitting Power!

    Posted by Bryan Williams on Sep 27th 2021

    Good afternoon bowling family and friends. Been a minute since I posted a video, but I finally had some time to do a couple of videos with some help from my son, Tyler. Introducing the DV8 Hellraiser Blaze! This ball was drilled pin up and is one of the most aggressive balls I have ever thrown. This ball is a must have for oily lane conditions. This ball just flat out hooksDV8.....if you're not throwing DV8, you're just not bowling! #DV8Bowling #tonightwebowl

  • 5
    Wow! A DV8 hook monster!

    Posted by Scott Crawford on Sep 9th 2021

    Wow! Just Wow. The Hell Raiser Blaze is instantly the strongest ball in my arsenal. I drilled this one 60 x 4 x 30 to make sure and give it a little length since I was worried that the 1000 grit box surface would start to hook too early with the aggressive core and cover combo. This worked out because it definitely digs hard in the midlane but retains energy well enough to have great downlane motion still for a ball with this surface. It is earlier and overall stronger than the Hell Raiser Revenge, which I love, and a great compliment for heavy oil or fresher house conditions. This ball also had phenomenal continuation going through the pocket on a mission for the 8 pin.

  • 5
    Max Hook and Continuation

    Posted by Dustin Bearden on Sep 9th 2021

    The DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze can be summed up with one phrase, and that is, "Max Hook and Continuation." I do not think there will be an oil pattern that has enough oil to fully contain the Blaze. It will cut through the oil at the end of the pattern, but it will still manage to keep pins low and go through the rack with maximum hitting power. I do understand that the ball contains Dynamacore, and that will automatically help pin carry, but this core and cover combination is a complete winner. If you need something tackle heavy oil lane conditions, pick up a DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze TODAY!

  • 5
    Hell Raiser Blaze

    Posted by TheHopeDiamond22 on Sep 6th 2021

    Heavy oil hook monster. Tested on the 2019 D&S championship pattern. The blaze hooked from everywhere I threw it. I swear this will go sideways on river of oil. Usually with balls this aggressive they tend to burn up fast. Not in this case. Digs and digs and keeps going. Hits like a truck and has great continuation driving through the pins. Strong and snappy with surface. The amount this ball hooks is absolutely game changing. This is one Hell of a ball.

  • 5
    Hell Raiser Blaze

    Posted by Bowlstud on Aug 16th 2021

    WOW. Dv8 has a winner here. I think this is the strongest DV8 ball to date. With the DynamiCore and Dot , along with the Inciter Max Traction Cover. this ball is really strong. OTB is 500,1000. I threw this on a house shot, that has a puddle in the middle, ball had NO PROBLEM turning over. The layout I choose was 40x5.25x60 for me I get the ball to start reading the lane at 40ft and continue. This ball NEEDS oil.. Check it out at you local shop, you will not be disappointed

  • 5
    On Fire!!!!

    Posted by Randy Hawks on Jul 19th 2021

    Dv8 Hellraiser Blaze is Huge!!! Extremely strong with a continuous reaction!! You won't be disappointed!!

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