Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball

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  • Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball and Core
  • Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball
  • Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball Core
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Motiv Fatal Venom Bowling Ball

  • Color: Neon Green/Clam Shell Pearl
  • Coverstock: infusion Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: Gear
  • Factory Finish: 5500 Grit LSP
  • Flare Potential: 3+"
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.48; 15lbs - 2.48; 14lbs - 2.52
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.031; 15lbs - 0.034; 14lbs - 0.029
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): N/A
  • Fragrance: N/A

Additional product information:

The Fatal VenomTM provides a deadly combination of length with an angular strike on light-medium oil conditions. It features the latest MOTIV® cover technology and the outstanding original GearTM core from the VenomTM Shock.
The GearTM core gives the Fatal VenomTM both low RG and low differential so it spins super-fast with minimal track flare. The result is a stable ball motion with massive energy retention.
Utilizing the latest InfusionTM Pearl Reactive cover, the Fatal VenomTM offers great length and angularity. These traction characteristics joined with the control of the GearTM core provide a clean and moderately angular motion that is ideal for scoring on drier lanes.
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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
5500 Grit LSP
Core Type:
Pearl Reactive
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6 Reviews

  • 5
    Fatal Venom

    This ball is destined to be a classic. I had Buddies Pro Shop drill mine 5x4x3. Finish is out of box. Ball starts early for a pearl and is not overly angular. That said it drives hard and has great carry. Most league nights its the only ball I pull out of the bag. I throw all brands but would have to say if you owned the Venom Shock and the Fatal Venom for most leagues you would have the perfect one two punch.

  • 5
    Another great Venom

    I drilled my Fatal the same way as my Venom Shock (4 1/4x70) and they compliment each other quite well. When my Shock runs out of energy and doesn't corner as well, I pull out my Fatal Venom. The ball gets through the fronts nicely with a nice smooth motion on the backend. Not only is it a stunning looking bowling ball, it's REALLY good. Some nights I use it all 3 games in league and it does not quit. Very predictable motion. Absolutely recommend this ball! Jason Lettau MOTIV Staff

  • 5
    Fatal Venom

    The layout I used on my Fatal Venom was 60x5x30. I have thrown this ball a ton since it arrived in the mail. When the lanes hook this ball is in play! I can throw this ball on a range of pattern lengths, sport/house shots. When comparing this ball to others in the line, for me, it provides the same amount of hook as the Venom Shock, however it is a little longer and quicker off the friction. Comparing to the Supra, the Fatal Venom is earlier than the Supra and it is also more ball overall. I have had a lot of people asking what the difference is to the Venom Shock Pearl. From what I have gathered, the Fatal Venom is about 3-4 boards stronger and provides a sharper, more angular response. I would suggest having one of these in your bag, especially when the lanes are going through transition. Also, the color combo is nice too! Drew Crain Motiv Staff

  • 5
    Panic on Steroids!

    This ball makes me feel like I'm really good. The gear core and I have gotten along so ridiculously well over the years, and I've been missing a pearl version ever since I got rid of my Panic when I switched to 16#. I'm not afraid to say this ball is everything the VSP should have been, not to say that the VSP was bad, just that this one is so good that there's not really even a comparison. (I'm now going to do a comparison haha) Compared to the VSP, the Fatal handles more or less angle much better. It's far less forward when I come around it, and has less of a tendency to blow through the breakpoint when I miss it at the bottom due to the stronger cover. Not to mention, this one is far prettier. In St. Louis, owning a VSP was imperative, but now it only comes out in late block/extremely high friction scenarios. Compared to the Supra, the Fatal is much more forward, lower flaring, and a tiny bit stronger for me. They're different enough to justify having both in a tournament bag, not so much a 3 ball league bag in my opinion unless you're bowling on very high friction surfaces/wood. My first tournament throwing the Fatal I had front 10 twice and a 300 (Second 300 this month with this cover system (Jackal Flash)) I was able to stay in it for 6 games and never really gave the pocket away. Let me also say that in tournament settings, I historically suck, so this ball quite literally makes me feel better than i am. I laid this one out 4.5x35, and took the finish down to 360, then all the way back up to 4000 and that made this ball infinitely more versatile. To sum it up, this is my new go-to pearl when the Flash is too big. Jamison Peyton Motiv Staffer

  • 5
    Flashy Fatal!!!

    Anyone that loves the Original Venom Shock will definitely LOVE the Fatal Venom. The GEAR core with the combination of the new INFUSION Pearl Reactive cover is a successful hit! As a tweener, this ball has provided me with better length and ball for later on in the tournament block and especially light-medium oil House Shots. The finish of the ball Out the Box provided me A LOT of angular bite initially, and a little break point. However, after manipulating the cover stock with 500, 1500, 3000 grit surface pads I was able to tame the angular motion down and still keep the drive through the pocket.

  • 5
    Fatal Venom Review

    The Fatal Venom gives a combination of length with angularity on light-medium oil conditions. It has the latest MOTIV cover technology and the original Gear core from the original Venom Shock. The Gear core gives the Fatal Venom a lower RG and lower differential so it is fast down lane with less track flare. The result of that is a stable ball motion with energy retention. The Fatal Venom uses the latest Infusion Pearl Reactive cover. Joining this with the control of the Gear core provides a clean and moderately angular ball that is ideal for scoring on drier lanes.

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