Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball

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Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball

  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Coverstock: Infusio Hybrid Reactive
  • Weight Block: Symmetrical
  • Factory Finish: 4000 Grit LSS
  • Flare Potential: 5" +
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.47; 15lbs - 2.47; 14lbs - 2.49
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.054; 15lbs - 0.055; 14lbs - 0.054
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): N/A
  • Fragrance: N/A

Additional product information:

The new Forge™ Fire brings the heat to the medium-heavy oil Forge™ line.   Featuring the new Infusion™ Hybrid Reactive coverstock, the Forge™ Fire has a much faster response to friction than the original Forge™.  This eye popping low rg/high differential symmetrical piece is a must have for people looking to stand out and strike!

The Infusion™ coverstock, previously used on the RipCord is an incredibly angular hybrid shell.  Bowlers reported creating more angle with the Ripcord™ than any ball previously manufactured by MOTIV® Bowling.  Now, we are offering this shell with a much lower radius of gyration and a substantially higher differential using the Detonator™ core.  The combination of an angular cover with a fast-spinning, high differential core is a ball that can create angle in high concentrations of oil. 

Bowlers who are speed dominant will be able to use the Forge™ Fire to create angle when friction begins to develop.  This larger core in the Forge Fire allows speed dominant bowlers to see the shapes that other players have with high rg cores. Rev dominant players who like to create angle will be able to do so with this ball earlier in the block or on higher concentrations of oil than they can normally use fast responding coverstocks due to the added traction from high flare and control of a low RG core.  Balanced bowlers can expect the Forge™ Fire to perform best on medium-heavy oil patterns when they need to create angle, but cannot “ball down” into truly skid/flip bowling balls.

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
4000 Grit LSS
Core Type:
Hybrid Reactive
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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Forge Fire

    Posted by Kenneth Whitley on Feb 21st 2020

    clean though the front, hits hard. good compliment to the solid

  • 5
    I love ❤️ my new motiv ball!

    Posted by Joyce on Dec 17th 2019

    I needed a ball that was more aggressive and Chris suggested this ball for me which is turning out to be very successful for me!

  • 5
    Forge FIRE!!!!!

    Posted by Darryl Carreon on Nov 21st 2019

    With the ongoing successes I was having with the original Forge, I was instantly excited upon notification of the Forge Fire. It was fitting that I compared the two side-by-side. With a lower RG, I knew going in that the Detonator Core tries to create an early motion which allows for a controllable shape downlane. As the Forge has been a huge weapon for me on the fresher conditions, I based my layout for the Forge Fire to be used primarily as the lanes transition. The Forge Fire was quite surprising at first with how much more motion it creates downlane. The core and cover combination is amazing together because it gives me a controlled view of the lane, and allows me to attack with a bit more aggression downlane.
    The Forge Fire will easily become one of my favorites, especially within the current lineup (not that any of it is bad). To simply put it, I’ve never seen a lower RG Hybrid or Pearl, perform so well. The controllability and aggressive is highly impressive. With the numerous patterns that I encounter, I will definitely have plenty of use for the Forge Fire both now and in the future. Paired with the original Forge, this 1-2 combination is going to be hard to be beat.

  • 5
    Get Fired up!

    Posted by Stephen Mohn on Oct 21st 2019

    So I received my forge fire a few weeks ago and I've got a few thoughts on it.
    First, let me say this a nice compliment to my original red forge. This ball has a hybrid cover and just feels very different than the original forge. I know they have the same guys(same core) but that cover really makes the ball feel very different.
    For me, I drilled both of my forge series balls the same way 60*5*30. The OG forge was very strong but smooth and it didn't have much down lane change of direction. But was a great compliment to the trident abyss and the jackals.
    What makes the Forge fire seem so different is the shape down the lane for me. You can see this ball slowing down and picking up the mid lane but really wants to change direction with authority. It, not the most angular ball that motiv makes but for a super low RG ball with lots of Diff its a bit different from the norm that you might expect from motiv.

    On a side note, the colors are fantastic in person! Looks amazing going down the lane, looks like a literal fireball

    Specs PAP 4 over 1/2 Up
    Tilt 15degree
    Axis Rotation 60

  • 5
    Drill it WEAK!

    Posted by Jamison Peyton - Motiv Staffer on Oct 20th 2019

    The new Forge™ Fire brings the heat to the medium-heavy oil Forge™ line. Featuring the new Infusion™ Hybrid Reactive coverstock, the Forge™ Fire has a much faster response to friction than the original Forge™. This eye popping low rg/high differential symmetrical piece is a must have for people looking to stand out and strike!

    I’ve drilled two of these, one being stronger (5”x35) and a second one being weaker (6”x35). For me, the stronger one sees the lane too fast for a house shot, and I find it being a much better option when polished. On a sport shot, it’s very good for straighter angles. Even at 5”, it flares a ton.

    The second one rolls absolutely amazing on just about everything I’ve thrown it on. I can swing it and it gets back from the dry, or stay straighter on higher volume shots, and it’s probably become one of the most versatile balls in my bag, and takes to every surface I’ve tried very well. It now has a tendency to be the first ball out of my bag if there’s oil. My takeaway from this is: DRILL IT WEAK.

  • 5
    Forge Fire

    Posted by Alex Wagner on Oct 19th 2019

    I usually match up well with hybrid ball motions. The Forge Fire Was what I expected it to be. The Fire Fits in my line up right between my ghost and golden. when the ghost is to early and smooth and the golden is to long and sharp all I do is pull out the FIRE! First 2 nights out I was able to play where no one else could and score higher. Great Gap filler in any arsenal.

  • 5
    A Strong Angular Symmetrical

    Posted by Adam Chase on Sep 26th 2019

    The new Forge Fire not only looks like fire but it reacts like fire going down the lane. This ball is not only strong for a symmetrical but it is also pretty angular creating a great ball for many bowlers. Compared to the Forge, the Forge Fire is a little cleaner in the front part of the lane but creates a lot more angular movement in the back part of the lane while still being able to control the midlane well. This ball can be used on a wide ray of oil patterns but is overall a better ball on the heavier oil patterns. As a tournament bowler, the heavy volume patterns call for this type of ball when the lanes start to break down. This ball gives a very similar shape to balls such as the Jackal Ghost and Trident Abyss while the cores symmetry allows it to be more controllable overall. To anyone who loves the Forge, Jackal Ghost or Trident Abyss, this is a must for your bag.

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