Roto Grip Hustle Wine Bowling Ball

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  • Roto Grip Hustle Wine Bowling Ball and Core
  • Roto Grip Hustle Wine Bowling Ball
  • Roto Grip Hustle Wine Bowling Ball Core
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Roto Grip Hustle Wine Bowling Ball

  • Color: Cranberry/Merlot
  • Coverstock: VTC Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: Hustle™ Core
  • Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Flare Potential: Medium-Low
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.53; 15lbs - 2.53; 14lbs - 2.55
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.030; 15lbs - 0.030; 14lbs - 0.030
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): N/A
  • Fragrance: N/A

Additional product information:

There are plenty of expensive high-performance bowling balls out there for bowlers who are looking for that. But how about those bowlers who want more performance, for less money? That is the sole reason we developed and created the Hustle lineup of bowling balls. Whether you are a casual bowler looking for your first ball, or a serious tournament competitor looking to fill out your arsenal, the Hustle line of balls has you covered. And if you look past the pretty colors, you will find this lineup of balls offers a few versions of the VTCTM (Versatile Traction Control) Coverstock, created to take on those Lighter Oil conditions.

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Polished 1500 Grit
Core Type:
Pearl Reactive
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27 Reviews

  • 5
    Hustle wine

    I had my hustle wine ball to go straight when the lanes were dry this ball does the job

  • 5
    Hustle wine

    Too my surprise I found the hustle to be a very aggressive ball on light oil.It is truly a good bang for the bucks.

  • 4
    Hustle Wine

    Exactly what I was expecting, good length! Allows me to play more outside

  • 5
    Hustle Wine

    The Hustle Wine. What a good looking Ball love the color and the look going down lane. Another hit out of the Hustle Line with a different shape. The Hustle Wine with the pearl coverstock really gets deep down lane and has a very sharp break in the Back end. If you are looking for the hockey stick shape this is the ball for you . This is a great piece for when those lanes really break down and you want to play that steeper angle. This would be a great addition in anyone's bag.

  • 5
    Hustle Wine

    If you're looking for a ball with a ton of length and backend motion look no further than the hustle wine. This ball when the lanes break down is a hook monster. It gets through the front part of the lane with ease and has loads of power down lane. For the price point you can't beat the motion in this ball. Get to your local pro shop and put your favorite layout on this ball and you won't be disappointed.

  • 5
    NEW Roto Grip Hustle Wine

    Roto Grip Hustle Wine Layout: 4.5 x 3.5 x 2 Rev Rate: 325 rpm, 7 degree of axis tilt, 40 degree of axis rotation Testing information: 40 foot THS (medium to light volume) Bowling Center: Fulton Bowling Center Kegel Machine – Brunswick Anvilane The Roto Grip Hustle Wine utilizes the Hustle Core and VTC Pearl coverstock. I finally found my go to ball when the lanes are hooking. The first night out this ball showed me all I needed to see. The Hustle Wine cleared the heads easily and have very good hook off the spot. The energy stored up was evident in its ability to continue through the pins. If you are looking for an entry level ball to start league, the Hustle Wine is the ticket. In comparison to the Hustle PBR, which I liked a lot, the Hustle Wine was a foot longer and more backend hook. The PBR was more of an even arcing ball for me. The Hustle Wine is going to be most effective on medium-light to light conditions. I am looking forward to using the Hustle Wine in tournaments after the breakdown in lane conditions happens. Visit your local Storm VIP Pro Shop! #Stormnation #SquadRG

  • 5
    Check out the Hustle Wine!

    Hustle Wine • Performance Line • HP1 Coverstock • VTC Pearl Reactive Finish • 1500-grit, Polished Core •Hustle Symmetric Weight 15lb •RG 2.53 •Differential 0.030 Layout • 70 x 4 x 25 Tester PAP = 4 ½ R x 3/8 D • Tester Axis Tilt = 12° •Testers Rev Rate = 325 Test Pattern = 42’ THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street When Roto Grip released the Hustle line of bowling balls, they delivered an industry standard for level one or entry-level bowling balls. With the release of the Hustle Wine and Hustle Camo, that industry-standard has elevated to an even higher standard. So let’s take a closer look at the Hustle Wine and how it works on a THS. Initially developed in the Hustle INK, the Hustle Core is a well-rounded and smooth-rolling core. This ball has a low/medium RG and low/medium differential – meaning the Hustle Core is stable as it rolls in the front part of the lane. That roll creates a predictable motion you can depend on when the ball makes its turn to the pocket. As a result, this core is excellent for beginner bowlers learning to understand skid, hook, and roll. For the seasoned bowler, the Hustle Core provides a stable, sweeping motion when those more expensive cores are just too much to handle. The new Cranbury/Merlot VTC (Vertical Traction Control) Pearl Coverstock gives a great new look to the Hustle line. And its performance delivered for beginner bowlers. I adjusted the cover to 500-grit Polished for a few entry-level bowlers. I was pleasantly surprised at how this cover performed on a THS throughout a night of league competition for them. For myself, on a late-night, broken-down THS, I hit the 1500 polished finish lightly with 4000 grit Abralon, and the VTC Pearl coverstock was fantastic! It gave me a smooth look while allowing me to stay in my comfort zone as it blended the broken-down conditions quite smoothly. I would definitely say that the Cranbury/Merlot VTC makes for an excellent versatile cover. To sum things up, the Roto Grip Hustle Wine is a durable and versatile ball that works well for many levels of bowlers. Beyond its warm color appeal, this ball will keep the beginner bowler wanting to come back again week after week. And for the seasoned bowler, the Hustle Wine will provide a great alternative to your game when all your strong cover/core combinations are too much to get the job done. The Hustle Wine has a place in any arsenal, and I suggest talking to your local pro shop operator today to see where it fits into yours! Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro shop Penndel, PA

  • 5
    Hustle Wine Review

    The Hustle Wine features the VTC Pearl coverstock and Hustle core, which comes in at a 2.53 RG and .030 differential in 15 pounds. It’s a rolly, light to medium oil ball that controls the lane a lot like an IQ, just a bit weaker. The Hustles have been popular because they’re a triple threat, they’re versatile, they fit the majority of regular league shots really well, and they’re way cheaper than they should be. The Wine brings a bit of the balance back to the line, the RAP is virtually an Idol Pearl, which is insane back for the buck, but doesn’t quite fit what you’re expecting from a ball marketed as light to medium. The Wine is easy length with a rolly shape, and a firm continuous motion on the backend. It’s going to fit the majority of bowlers well, and even if it’s not a first ball out of the bag for league, it’s a great step down for game 2 or 3, and I think will play well on tougher patterns also.

  • 5
    Dry lane dream!

    Roto Grip Hustle Wine #15.3 2" pin 3.0 oz top Rt. hand 14 mph PAP 4 9/16 1/4 over Drilling: 5 x 3 x 2 OOB finish Volume 38-41ft THS, Kegel Challenge patterns Drilled up the Roto Grip Wine Hustle 5 x 3". Pin down over middle finger. Kept in OOB finish. With my ball speed and axis rotation I need skid and control. Was excited to see a short pin, threw a fav layout on it and headed to league. 711 out of the gates. Lot of friction in this house,. This release was the combat to early hook for me. Great length without over squirt. More backend than expected. Was able to open up the lane. Misses wide recovered to the pocket. Without sounding crazy its an aggressive dry lane ball for me. The free skid up front was the key. Looking for pearl performance on drier conditions the Wine Hustle is a must! #RotoGrip #WineHustle #strikingworldwide

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