Storm Dark Code Bowling Ball

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Storm Dark Code Bowling Ball

  • Color: Obsidian
  • Coverstock: ReX Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: RAD4 Core
  • Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.49; 15lbs - 2.50; 14lbs - 2.55
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.056; 15lbs - 0.058; 14lbs - 0.056
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.022; 15lbs - 0.020; 14lbs - 0.014
  • Fragrance: Cherry Delight

Additional product information:

The Dark Code features an extremely dense modified disc technology shape called the RAD4 Core. First introduced in the X-Factor™ series, RAD (Radial Accelerating Disc) technology produces, bar none, more torque and entry angle than traditional asymmetrical cores. It’s the new standard for high performance.

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Polished 1500 Grit
Core Type:
Pearl Reactive
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57 Reviews

  • 5
    Storm Dark Code

    Posted by Cooper Mathewson on Oct 30th 2021

    Storm Dark Code Coverstock: ReX Pearl Reactive Weight Block: RAD4 Core Finish: 1500-grit polished The Dark Code is one strong, smooth pearl. Storm pearls generally have a reputation for being skid/flip...but not this one. For my style it is comparable to the Parallax Effect in overall strength, just a bit earlier and smoother reaction. I can see it being a good ball down from my Reality/Proton Physix or maybe as a starting ball when I need pearl and rounded shape. Proven core, new strong pearl cover formulation adds a different pearl shape in the Storm line. The Dark Code will be helpful for most any bowler's game.

  • 5
    Strong but Smooth

    Posted by Bowling Bigger on Oct 27th 2021

    Specs: Storm Dark Code Core: RAD4 Asymmetric Coverstock: ReX Reactor Extreme Pearl Reactive Pearl Reactive 1500 Grit Polished Asymmetric Core Layout 55 x 4.5 x 35 (puts pin above my ring and Mass Bias about 1' from my thumb. Bowler Specs: Right Hand. PAP 5 1/8” Over 3/4 up Rev Rate 515. Tilt 17. Rotation 50. Speed at cameras 15.25 to 16.25 Review: The Storm Dark Code is another great addition to the Storm Line. This ball is extremely strong and continuous. It can definitely handle a larger volume of oil and is a little too strong for me on my THS. However, on Heavier Volumes both shorter patterns like Wolf and long patterns like Shark, this ball excels. Definitely a forgiving ball too as it doesn't overeact as much as some other pearls. If you need a really strong pearl, then this ball is an excellent option and is definitely one of the first balls out of my bag on sport shots. Daniel Schank PBA Member Storm Pro Shop Staff Turbo Grips Staff

  • 5
    Dark Code

    Posted by CHASE VALENZUELA on Oct 26th 2021

    Strong pearl ball that is really smooth and continuous. For a big core and a big pearl cover, this ball is still very readable and sees the midlane well. If you were a fan of the Code Black, this is the new and improved version! #StormNation

  • 5
    The Dark Code is explosive!

    Posted by Rick Klimowicz on Oct 23rd 2021

    Dark Code: Premier Series Coverstock: • ReX Pearl Coverstock Finish: 1500-Grit Polished Core: RADCORE4 Core RG: 2.50 (15lb) • Differential: 0.058 (15lb) • Int. Diff: 0.020 (15lb) Tester Axis Tilt = 12° • Testers Rev Rate = 325 Tester PAP = 5 1/8 R, 1/2 D • Tester Axis Tilt = 12° •Testers Rev Rate = 325 Layout =4 x 4 x 2 Test Pattern = 42’ THS • Modified, Kegel Stone Street The new Storm Dark Code delivers a uniquely solid and robust ball to your arsenal. With the combination of RAD4 Core and the new ReX Pearl coverstock, Storm has once again hit a winner! Let's take a look at how the Dark Code handled a THS. The new ReX Pearl cover was surprisingly aggressive on fresh oil. While looking up the ten board, the ReX Pearl cover read very well in the mid-lane and gave me a predictable look I could depend on. Coming off the pattern, I was impressed with how much this ball loves friction. It displayed a crisp turn off the pattern but was also smooth and continuous! As I moved inside, looking fifteen to eighteen, I liked how this cover allowed me to move the breakpoint. I didn't see the "jump" or erratic movements you tend to see as conditions break down. It's not often a box finish works for me, but the 1500-Polish surface on the ReX Pearl suits my game quite well in various THS patterns and various houses. I am a big fan of Asymmetric Cores, and the bigger, the better. And the RADCORE4 is just that - big and powerful! The RADCORE4 motion is well suited for a lower rev, high-speed player like me. It revs reasonably early for an asymmetric, yet it has an authoritative movement that gave me the strong impact I depend on. I like how RADCORE4 retains its energy to the pocket. And when it unleashed its fury, the carry potential was fun to watch! It always feels good when those pins simply seem to fall! My conclusion is that the Dark Code is an effective ball for your arsenal. The Dark Code will deliver for you night after night for speed dominant and lower rev rate players. In addition, the Dark Code will score for you on any THS pattern, especially when there is a large volume of oil! I highly recommend this ball for any player like me. Trust me – you will enjoy the Dark Code's benefits. So see your local Pro Shop operator today and enjoy the rewards of owning a Storm Dark Code. Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro shop Penndel, Pa

  • 5
    Storm Dark Code

    Posted by David O'Sullivan on Oct 14th 2021

    Storm Dark Code Layout - 55 x 5 x 35 Really liking what I've seen out of this ball! One of if not the cleanest big core ball we have made in a while! My standard layout is optimal for the design intent of this ball, very clean through the front of the lane with lots of down lane continuation! I personally found this ball best used taking the factory shine off of it, it seemed to "match up" better with 2000. When the Proton Physix gets too early and lazy in the back its because it is burning up, that when its time to go to Dark Code! This is one is a must have!

  • 5

    Posted by Gil Barkman on Oct 14th 2021

    Dark Code is all i expected and then some. It features the rad4 cover wrapped in the Rex pearl cover stock. This ball clears the fronts with ease reads the mids very aggressively and makes a smooth continuous motion down lane and through the pins. Love using this ball when i am trying to open up the lane and play bigger angles. This ball is a perfect and must have in your arsenal,

  • 5
    Dark Code

    Posted by Evan Mitten on Oct 11th 2021

    The Dark Code has quickly become one of my favorites. It's been a staple in my bag since I drilled one. The RAD-4 core is incredibly strong, but provides a round and very continuous shape through the pins for me. The new cover is a blend of the NEX pearl seen on the axiom pearl, and the iconic R2S pearl seen on balls such as the hy-road pearl. This gives it plenty of friction response and strength, while still giving it a controlled reaction. I think players with more hand will love this ball from deeper angles, while players with less hand will benefit from the shape this core/cover combination provides throughout the lane. Comparing it to another popular pearl asymm out right now, the UC2, the Dark Code is stronger overall and picks up much sooner. If you're looking for something that reads the middle of the lane well, handles angle great, and shapes downlane, this is a must have!

  • 5
    Dark Code

    Posted by William Tefft on Oct 5th 2021

    Ball Specs Storm Dark Code 1500 ReX™ Pearl Reactive Weight Block: RAD4™ Core (Asymmetrical) Color: Obsidian Review: The Dark Code continues the tradition of strong performances from the Code series. The Dark Code offers a unique blend of NeX and R2S cover stocks. The combination offers a strong midlane with an angular backend motion. Even with this strong backend motion the ball is overall very predictable and can be enjoyed bowlers of all skill levels. I put this ball in my bag as a replacement for my Code Black and I have not been disappointed by that choice one bit. If you enjoy striking you should pick up one of these balls ASAP. Will Tefft Storm Staff Member #Stromnation

  • 5
    Cracked the Code

    Posted by Shaun Ciesielski on Oct 3rd 2021

    The Storm Dark Code is a ball that gives me everything I want and need on our house shot. I’ve been using it every league night on our 44ft House shot. Scores have been great 761, 730, 770 to start the season. This ball has the proven RAD4 core that has been around since the X-Factor series nearly 20 years ago. This pearl reactive REX combines r2S and NEX covers. It rolls a bit sooner than the old Code Black. I drilled mine 4.5x4x2. To me its on of those balls that reads the midlane well and transitions to the dry with control. Very nice clean motion off the spot. I can get away playing almost any line. Been most comfortable starting around 17 at the arrows and just bumping it out to the 5-10 area. I have a ton of area with it. It carries very well, I see a lot of those old late trip 4’s. To compare, when it gets to be too much or I need something a touch less, I switch to my shined IQ Tour Nano Pearl. My PAP is 5-1/8 and 1/8 up. Usually around 15-16mph, I’d probably be classified between and tweener and cranker.

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