Great Service

I can tell you about how amazing Buddies Pro Shop service is. Easy to contact and talk with. I ordered a ball and after I placed the order, I thought maybe I made a mistake on the requested drill pattern I contacted the shop the next day and reached Chris. I'm sure he is busy, but he took the time to discuss the ball characteristics with me, along with the expected reaction of the drilling I requested. He never seemed in a hurry and answered all my questions. I felt a lot better about the ball when I hung up. Did I mention this was the 3rd call to Chris on this ball? This isn't my first purchase with Buddies. Each one has resulted in a quality ball, with the specs I requested. I have also dealt with Chad in the past, and his level of service is also outstanding. Buddies drilled my last ball, off of my favorite ball that I sent in. The drill was spot on the old ball. I expect this one will be the same. Nice place to do business with!

Terry K. - Pennsylvania