Thanks again Chris

Hey Chris,

I just received my Storm Intense from you. I want to thank you for drilling it up and sending it out Friday so I had it to use in league Thursday. I really appreciate it.

I like how you left the wax pencil markings on the ball showing my 4x4x2 layout. All measurements are dead on, even the 23/32 cut to cut span on my ring finger. Very accurate sir, thanks!!!

A neat idea might be for you guys to scribe a bowlers PAP with a little X or dot for the bowlers reference. I’m going to scratch mine so I can check if my PAP measurement that I gave you is accurate by putting a piece of tape on my PAP and see how it rolls. The PAP dimensions I gave you are probably 10 years old, and I guess they can change.


And thank you for the microfiber towel. You have gained a very satisfied customer. Thanks for the time on the phone you spent with me and for your exceptional accuracy and service. I will be sharing my experience with my fellow bowlers. Unless I bowl bad with it!  LOL  Just kidding. That would be on me.

Thanks again Chris!

Bobby L. - Indiana