Hammer Obsession Tour Bowling Ball

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Hammer Obsession Tour Bowling Ball

  • Color: Burgundy
  • Coverstock: TourV2 Solid
  • Weight Block: Obsession Tour
  • Factory Finish: 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.484; 15lbs - 2.469; 14lbs - 2.485
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.029; 15lbs - 0.034; 14lbs - 0.034
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.011; 15lbs - 0.013; 14lbs - 0.013
  • Fragrance: N/A

Additional product information:

The advantage of this two-ball launch is that the Obsession Tour should provide bowlers with a different way of balling down from a high-end hook monster. The Obsession Tour will create a unique reaction that will allow many players to stand closer to the dry and be great for higher rev players.

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Medium/Heavy Oil
Factory Finish:
Sanded 1000 Siaair
Core Type:
Solid Reactive
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25 Reviews

  • 5
    Hammer Obsession Tour

    Posted by Dante Davis on Sep 17th 2021

    If you’re looking a good strong benchmark asym then look no further. This ball has proven to be a great versatile piece that is works wonders on tough tournament patters and house shots with a fair amount of volume. It’s response to friction is very smooth and controllable.

  • 5
    Obsession Tour

    Posted by Corey Umbrello on Sep 14th 2021

    As all "Tour" balls end up being, this ball is a benchmark Asym Ball. It's as predictable as it gets while being one of the most versatile balls on the Hammer Branch! You can be sure to have plenty of consistently high scores with this ball. Now that's something to be Obsessed about!

  • 5
    Hammer obsession tour

    Posted by Steven A on Sep 7th 2021

    This ball is just flat amazing. This was my first hammer ball I’ve drilled since the big EBI Brunswick deal. And i must say I’m extremely impressed. First time using it i shot 767 for singles at USBC. I couldn’t believe how much forgiveness this ball gave me. It doesn’t fly on the backend and doesn’t hook super early. It’s just a smooth controllable arching ball. I put my favorite layout on it which is 70X 4 1/4X 30. It almost reminds me of the original radical intel just a little stronger. This will be in my bag at every tournament without a doubt.

  • 5
    Ultimate tournament ball

    Posted by Marcus on Aug 22nd 2021

    This ball is an incredible piece of my arsenal. I drilled this ball 55 X 5 3/4 X 40. As a stronger ball, it blends the pattern better than some equipment in lower levels, however it does not over hook/read. I prefer balls that have lower flare potentials, and this ball fit the bill. For tournaments, I drilled another one RICO. This gives me the ultimate tournament ball on flat patterns.

  • 5
    The Obsession Tour

    Posted by Gabe on Aug 5th 2021

    The Obsession Tour on a typical house shot, I could play a similar line as I did with the Web Tour Hybrid , but I was able to keep my angles a little more closed. I was also able to play further outside into the friction without sacrificing control. Overall, the Obsession Tour has slightly less hook and a smoother response to friction. The benchmark motion of the Obsession Tour makes it a great ball to start with to read the pattern. The Obsession Tour will go to all my tournaments or league when starting out. It reads the mid-lanes very well and gives a smooth predictable reaction down lane. The Obsession Tour is a great piece to have in your arsenal.

  • 5
    Obsession Tour

    Posted by Matt Murtishaw on Jul 18th 2021

    I decided to drill this ball because I loved the specs. Loved the Web Tour, love low RG cores, love low diff cores. I drilled this ball with the pin near my grip center about 6" from my axis with the MB on my VAL. This is a favorite layout of mine because I like to see my ball float down the lane and then have a controlled, slow hook. The Obsession Tour performed exactly how intended, but I was actually very surprised with the overall hook I achieved with it. It almost hooks too much. Almost. For me, this ball works best when I am playing steep trajectories through the front and need something with adequate continuation. If the back ends are dry, the ball is too continuous, but under normal circumstances, this is probably the only ball I can trust to recover from extreme trajectories through the front. If you are a speed dominant player, you should probably drill this with a lower VAL angle, so it pops on the back enough to carry well. If you are a rev dominant player, you would use this ball when there is a good amount of head oil or pattern length. Overall, would drill again. 10/10

  • 5
    Got to Have!

    Posted by C Miller on Jun 25th 2021

    The Obsession Tour by Hammer is your " get out of jail free " ball. It let's you control the lanes when they get tricky. The Obsession Tour and the Obsession really do compliment each other on a variety of patterns.

  • 5
    Great Tournament Ball!

    Posted by Chris Klerk on Jun 9th 2021

    The Hammer Obsession Tour is a very unique ball. The coverstock allows the ball to read the fronts, but the core being lower diff helps it continue down lane. I really like the shape this ball creates on both sport and recreation patterns, and I’ve found it to be very successful early in blocks for me. If you’re a tournament bowler I think this is a must have!

  • 5
    Obsession Tour

    Posted by Todd Allred on May 27th 2021

    I never thought I would ever write a review on a control Asymmetrical but the Obsession tour is just that. I’ve seen multiple reviews from two handed and high rev players but I’m here to tell you this ball fits in everyone’s bag regardless of rev rate. I’m a slow speed tweener and this ball will still get plenty of play. The obsession tour will allow you to get closer to the friction without over hooking which is something I have never had. Normally with my Asyms. I need to get left and slow roll it to the dry and use my Symmetrical when I want to get more on top of the pattern. To say I’m impressed is an understatement. The Obsession Tour is an industry game changer and a must add for all.

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