Radical Trail Blazer Bowling Ball

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  • Radical Trail Blazer Bowling Ball and Core
  • Radical Trail Blazer Bowling Ball
  • Radical Trail Blazer Bowling Ball Core
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Radical Trail Blazer Bowling Ball

  • Color: Emerald/White/Black
  • Coverstock: MOtion Magic
  • Weight Block: Asymmetric (DynamiCore)
  • Factory Finish: 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad/ Crown Factory Compound
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.495; 15lbs - 2.484; 14lbs - 2.500
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.045; 15lbs - 0.052; 14lbs - 0.052
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.017; 15lbs - 0.020; 14lbs - 0.020
  • Fragrance: N/A

Additional product information:

The TrailBlazer features a new design concept that Mo had been working on for a few years. This new design has an RG of 2.484 with a differential of 0.052 and an intermediate differential of 0.020. The coverstock is strong and is finished with 500-1000-1500 Siaair pads and compound. The new MOtion Magic cover creates our largest footprint on the lane. This combination of core and cover creates plenty of hook, backend motion, and tons of continuation.

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Crown Factory Compound
Core Type:
Hybrid Reactive
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10 Reviews

  • 5

    Trailblazer solid I’m a left handed bowler. My ball speed is around 14.5 mph. My Rev rate is around 275 rpms. I recently punched up this ball. The layout is 55 x 3 3/4 x 30. Out of the box this ball hooks a lot for me. It is a great choice for longer patterns and heavy oil. I ended up take the surface to 3000 grit. Now I’m able to use it on my house shot league. This ball has a lot of continuous on the backend. If need a stronger ball in your bag. This is the ball for you. Thanks, Robert way

  • 5
    Trail Blazer

    If you are looking for a strong asymmetrical Hybrid then look no further.  The new MOtion Magic cover creates Radicals largest footprint on the lane. The beauty of this ball is, you still get length, without sacrificing the predictability on the backs. I am a huge fan of Hybrids, so this ball is a win-win in my book.  The MOTION Magic cover comes 500, 1000, 1500 SIAAIR with a crown factory compound polish, but the cover accepts change very well. On my house shot I was able to use the ball for a complete 3 game set and never struggled to keep my carry as I chased the oil inside.  WOW! THAT'S RADICAL.

  • 5
    Anomaly of Physics

    The Trail Blazer is unique. The first time I threw it was at a ball demo and from the first shot, I knew it was something special. While it is your typical high performance skid/flip type reaction, the breakpoint angle is where it loses all similarity with other balls in its class. It is actually pretty forward off the spot. And unlike other balls, it doesn't achieve this by burning up in the mid-lane. By some anomaly of physics or something, it seems to be very forward off the spot but still roll strong through the pins. It is like I get to have my cake and eat it too! A very strong and manageable reaction without sacrificing pin carry. Ball works great from inside or outside lines. I actually love this ball.

  • 5
    Super clean

    If you like hybrid covers then you will definitely want this ball. I bowl on wood lanes weekly and have no problems getting this ball through the front of the lane. Drilled 75x2x40 it gives me a great roll up into the pocket and really keeps the pins low.

  • 5

    Radical Trailblazer I’m a left handed bowler bowler. My Rev rate is 275 rpms. Ball speed 14 mph. This ball has a new cover. Which allows this ball to be very clean thru the fronts. And with its new core allows it to have a larger footprint. Saving more energy for the backend. This ball is very continuous motion. A great addition to the Radical Bowling Technologies. Robert Way

  • 5
    You Need This Ball

    This ball was stronger than anticipated and more angler as well. The carry you get with this ball is amazing and very forgiving. This strong performing ball will be a great first out of your bag for heavy conditions. Very happy with this one.

  • 5
    Another Radical Innovation!

    THE Mo Pinel's influence can still be felt! The Trail Blazer features an all new core design and MOtion Magic hybrid coverstock that continues to innovate the game. I put a 55x4 1/2"x30 layout on my Trail Blazer. This layout in combination with the core and cover creates plenty of hook, backend motion, and tons of continuation. This ball has been great for me on both sport and house conditions. This one will be a mainstay in my bag! Stats: Right handed, 450rpms, 17mph, Tilt: 12 degrees, Rotation: 45 degrees

  • 5
    Trail Blazer the pins

    The Trail Blazer will fill the gap between the incognito pearl and solid. Baseball is one of the better hybrids in the radical line. It features a new core design From Mo ( one of his cores not used yet) it will be earlier than the incognito pearl and it will be stronger on the backend than the incognito solid. I Drilled mine 45x4x35 and it has become the first ball out of by bag. Responds really well to surface change. I have had it at 1K and as much as 4K. I use it mainly as a first ball out of the bag control ball. I see it being in both my house shot and sports shot bags.

  • 5
    Awesome Hybrid Ball!

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 14.5 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. The Trail Blazer is the latest asymmetrical piece from Radical Bowling Technologies. It features a new Mo-designed core and is wrapped in the new hybrid MOtion Magic coverstock. I drilled mine 50x4x25, which is close to max flip for me. This ball fits perfectly between the Incognito Pearl and Incognito Solid. For me, the ball has more overall backend than the Incognito Pearl and more length and a sharper backend than the Incognito Solid. I have been using it as my transition ball on league after starting with the Informer and it has been working well for me. Definitely a great addition to any arsenal if you are looking for a ball that will still give you some length, with a continuous rather than skid/flip motion.

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