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Roto Grip Exotic Gem Bowling Ball

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  • Roto Grip Exotic Gem Bowling Ball and Core
  • Roto Grip Exotic Gem Bowling Ball
  • Roto Grip Exotic Gem Bowling Ball Core
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Roto Grip Exotic Gem Bowling Ball

  • Color: Citrine / Apatite / Amethyst
  • Coverstock: MicroTrax Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: Defiant LRG Core
  • Factory Finish: Reacta Gloss
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.47; 15lbs - 2.47; 14lbs - 2.50
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.051; 15lbs - 0.053; 14lbs - 0.052
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.016; 15lbs - 0.016; 14lbs - 0.015
  • Fragrance: N/A

Additional product information:


Given the overwhelming success of the original GEMTM by bowlers of all skill levels around the globe, we felt it was important to make the next installment in this series something uniquely special like the first one. Lets just say it didn't take long for us to figure out that MicroTraxTM Pearl was the key element to this beauty.

So we went to work dialing in the proper ratios for each of the chemical elements to compliment the nanoparticles blended throughout the entire coverstock. This was the most crucial factor in making sure this pearl ball would conquer those Medium/Heavy Oil conditions.

Bottom line, the EXOTIC GEM will produce skid through the front of the lane while still digging into the midlane where the Defiant LRG will take over and produce the strongest continuation of any high-end asymmetric pearl ball on the market today!

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Reacta Gloss
Core Type:
Pearl Reactive
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48 Reviews

  • 5
    Exotic Gem!

    Posted by Double B Ball and Drill on May 12th 2023

    The Exotic Gem is a House Shot Killer for me. Our house shot typically has quite a large puddle in the middle of the lane and quite a bit of dry to the right. I drilled my exotic pin down with a 3.5 x 5 x 3.25. And this layout for me allows me to play the track area a little longer but still gives me a decent amount of midlane hook. I am a higher speed higher rev rate player so on house shot I like to play as far right for as long as I can and the Exotic allows me to do that perfectly. It is also a great combo with the original Gem and Infinite Physix. If the lanes are a little more puddled up that the Original Gem come out first and then the Exotic. But if they start out a little more crispy down lane then I just start right off the with Exotic and then go to the Infinite if I get forced too far to the left. The Exotic for me does have its limits when I move left but it doesn’t have trouble until I start to encroach 5th arrow but that is the Infinites bread and butter for me. The Exotic is honestly one of the best balls I’ve ever thrown and if you need something a little stronger then this would be my #1 choice for you!

  • 5
    Exotic Gem

    Posted by Casey Mattingly on May 9th 2023

    Talk about a killer combo…Defiant LRG Core which is the fastest revving asymmetrical core RotoGrip makes PLUS MicroTrax Pearl Coverstock, the earliest and most aggressive pearl cover RotoGrip offers (on any ball currently) is just a SICK combo! Also, when you walk into the pro shop this ball just jumps off the shelf! With as different of a motion as the GEM is, this ball is a great compliment. I really feel like after you can’t get any further left with the gem, the Exotic is right there to keep chasing it left. Even though its a fast revving ball, the thing keeps booming down lane This ball is unique in motion in my bag. It’s more of a tournament ball for me, I like to use it on more modified/sport patterns. Layout is 5.25X4x2 Balls getting a lot of play Infinite Physix: 5x4x2 HyRoad: 4.5x4.25x3.75 IQ Ruby: 5x4x2 Phaze4: 5x4x2 Fate: 5x4x2

  • 5
    Roto Grip Exotic Gem Ball Review

    Posted by Pete Dohan on May 4th 2023

    Bowler Stats: Speed: 15.5 MPH Rev Rate: 300 RPM Tilt: 3-5 degrees Axis Rotation: 60 degrees PAP: 5 ⅜ over 1 ¼ up Layout: 5 X 4 X 2 ¾ VLS Video Ball Review: The Exotic Gem is the pearl version in the Gem series and features the Defiant LRG Core with a strong MicroTrax Pearl Cover. With how quick the X series is for me I decided to change my VLS layout a little to slow the ball down off the end of the pattern. This ball gives me the same length as all my other asymmetrical pieces in my arsenal like the X-3 and Infinite Physix but with this stronger pearl cover is slightly slower response off the dry than the X-3 and X-2 and not as continuous as the Infinite Physix. I have been using this ball a lot on the area house shots when I have fresher conditions. As the lanes transition and the oil in the heads thins out the stronger core and pearl cover does not get down the lane far enough and becomes too slow off the dry. This ball will definitely be in the arsenal this summer for the PBA 50 National Tour where we bowl on more volume. This is a piece I can see using on the 39’ Mike Aulby pattern. Pete Dohan Storm Bowling Amateur Staff #StormNation

  • 5
    Perfect Stepdown!

    Posted by Zack Newman on Apr 11th 2023

    The Exotic Gem is almost exactly what I expected out of a pearl version of the Gem, however one surprising takeaway is the sheer midlane strength this core continues to provide, even with the shiny pearl cover. I drilled mine with a 5x4x4 layout for control through the front and a little smoother transition down the lane. I am a low track player, 470RPM, 14 degrees of tilt and 55 degrees of axis rotation, avg 16.4 MPH. It's a perfect combo along with the original Gem! I'm not able to stay right on top of where I begin when I transition out of the Gem (or Reality), but a nice 3/2 or 4/3 move inside gets me exactly where I need to be to continue striking on most conditions. I did adjust the surface to 500/1000/Step 2 polish just based on personal preference as I think I get a little truer read with a bit more teeth under the surface along with the extra traction the compound provides me.

  • 5
    Roto Grip Exotic Gem review

    Posted by Mike Craig on Mar 31st 2023

    I drilled my Exotic Gem 5 x 3 x 2. I left this one at the box finish to see what it could do but then hit it with a 2000 pad to smooth it out. The early scuttle on this one from other staffers is strong motion. When I hear that I immediately think of putting more surface on it and throwing it when I am getting a flaky reaction on slick patterns with solid covers. I compared it to the INFINITE PHYSIX, GEM, and ABSOLUTE. Compared to the INFINITE, the EXOTIC is a stronger motion down the lane. INFINITE gives me more control, EXOTIC gives more forgiveness if I give the pocket away more. Compared to the original GEM, it is obvious a mismatch as the original GEM is just too much cover/core. It was a nice ball down when I surfaced it and needed to get left and the original GEM was sputtering. The ABSOLUTE was closer especially when both had surface on them. The EXOTIC was sharper down lane while the ABSOLUTE got more length. These two when surfaced the same can play off one another quite well. Drill up a EXOTIC GEM if you want a good house shot killer. It also makes a great compliment to the ABSOLUTE.

  • 5
    Exotic GEM by Roto Grip Rick

    Posted by Rick Mitchell on Mar 31st 2023

    Roto Grip Exotic Gem – Defiant LRG core with e-Trax Pearl reactive cover stock – with Reacta Gloss finish. My specs: Ball speed 15+, Rev rate 425, PAP 4 and up 13/16 Layout: 50 x 2 x 60 used on SPL and HPL lane surfaces with Typical house pattern – both with a BIG cliff on the end of the pattern. Was quite excited when Schlem at Roto Grip decided to bring back one of the best asymmetrical cores back the Defiant LRG core, which means to me the fastest, captivating and STRIKING core Roto Grip has had, then they even made the ball sweeter, by wrapping that alluring cores with the most aggressive pearl cover to date, the e-Trax pearl. To put it in very simple terms for me, the ball was simply a “GEM” in both centers. The Exotic Gem with the strong combination of this cover and core, gives you the angular reaction in backend like a normal pearl, but you don’t have to “wait” to see the motion, and the direction the Exotic GEM goes through the pins is still strong, even though the ball starts up a little sooner, the ball does not QUIT. The Exotic GEM on the HPL lanes was a little bit strong on fresh, but with just changing a little bit in my set up and just use more of the middle part of the pattern, the ball struck A LOT. As the carry down starter, I did not have to change balls like I would normally do to stay inside of the other lefties I was bowling with, I was able to move my eyes down lane and close the angles up a little, and the Exotic GEM did not fail me. The center with SPL, it was the only ball I needed all throughout practice and scoring. By changing my release a little, I can manipulate the weight block to stand of a little bit earlier, to help with getting for end over end roll, which creates more energy down lane and still blow the racks apart. Don’t be afraid to invest in a Exotic GEM, even though it is an asymmetrical ball, it can be the best ball in your bag. Now for longevity of the Reacta Gloss on the Roto Grip demo balls, I usually have to touch up the surfaces with polish after they are used for a few events. I have not touched up the demo balls other than cleaning them with Reacta Foam to get the condition and grime off of the balls. The cover bonds very well with the new Storm Reacta Gloss “polish”. So, maintenance is very light over the course of its life. Thanks to the crew at Bowlers' Supply, Inc, Roto Grip, Colony Park Lanes and Vise Inserts for all the support and assistance! Remember to Bowl Up a Storm! #SquadRG #Coolwick #ViseInserts

  • 5
    Exotic Gem

    Posted by Gil Barkman on Mar 30th 2023

    Yikes the Defiant core with a reactive pearl coverstock. Yes lets go this ball is already a favorite. I was happy with the original gem but it was a little much for me. But this exotic gem is what i was needing. This ball is giving me a different shape for me down lane that i was missing and needs. The core rolls heavy up front but the pearl lets it get through the fronts. Down lane for me it def reads the friction but seems to set up for me and really gets through the pins well. I have thrown this with success from house to middle volume sport shots. love this gem

  • 5
    The Exotic Gem is awesome!

    Posted by Rick Klimowicz on Mar 29th 2023

    Exotic Gem • Roto Grip• Hp4 Series Core • Defiant LRG (Asymmetric Core) Coverstock • MicroTrax Pearl Reactive Finish • React Gloss Weight • 15 lbs. RG •2.47 Differential • .053 Intermediate Diff •.016 Layout • 4 x 5 x 2 Tester PAP • 5” R, 5/8” D Tester Axis Tilt • 11° Tester Rev Rate • 300 Test Pattern • 42' THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street Roto Grip has taken its Hp4 line to incredible new heights with the release of the Exotic Gem. First, the Defiant LRG core brought a well-defined motion to the original Gem. Then building from the Defiant LRG's success, Roto Grip combined it with the MicroTrax Pearl reactive coverstock. And this proved to be a winning combination making the Exotic Gem a phenomenal new release. So, with its brilliant results, let's take a closer look at why the Exotic Gem belongs in your arsenal! The Defiant LRG core is a big and beefy asymmetric core. And as down and in player, I like that the Defiant LRG has a robust and decisive motion. But unlike other bulky asymmetric cores that tend to become angry and violent in their motion, the Defiant LRG revs smoothly. And impressively, it has a more methodical attack behind its roll. And when the Defiant LRG stood up and headed to the pocket, I was impressed with its powerful impact as it struck the pocket. And being a low-rev player, I loved the strong and continuous roll I saw with the Defiant LRG, as it makes the Exotic Gem a continuous crushing machine. The MicroTrax Pearl reactive coverstock delivered success to the Exotic Gem's outstanding potential. I found the MicroTrax Pearl provided biting traction early in the midsection. And although I liked its aggressive nature, I loved how the MicroTrax Pearl was smooth off the pattern. The MicroTrax Pearl reads earlier than you would expect from a pearl, but I liked how it maintained a well-defined motion as it made its way toward the pins. Now, being a straighter player, surface is my friend. And for my speed and rev rate, the Reacta Gloss finish needed some tweaking for a THS league night. So, I sanded my Exotic Gem to 1500-Grit Abralon and followed it up with Storm Step 2 finishing compound (320-1500 grit.) And this surface adjustment made the Exotic Gem fun to roll all night long. Early on, I could play my A game - rolling up twelve with a powerful down and in motion. And as the night went on and the lanes transitioned, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to move my angles in and not stress over it. And even with my weak rev rate, the Exotic Gem retained plenty of energy that exploded at the pins. So, for me, the MicroTrax Pearl reactive coverstock was the missing ingredient to kick out the annoying tens pins I left with the original Gem. In conclusion, the Exotic Gem is an excellent release from Roto Grip. And for down and in players, the Exotic Gem is smoother and cleaner than the original Gem and retains much more energy. And with the right surface adjustment to fit your speed, style, and rev rate, the Exotic Gem is a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal. So, talk with your local Storm VIP Pro Shop Operator and have your Exotic Gem ready for tonight's league. And be prepared to crush the competition! Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro Shop Penndel, PA

  • 5
    Roto Grip Exotic Gem Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

    Posted by PJ Haggerty on Mar 27th 2023

    One of the latest additions to the HP4 line at Roto Grip is the Exotic Gem. From a shelf appeal standpoint, this ball is loud and flashy. From a performance standpoint, it strikes a TON! I’ve been very impressed with the Exotic Gem thus far and continue to take it with me to all types of events. Similar to the original Gem, the engine inside is the Defiant LRG core, but the biggest difference with the Exotic is the coverstock. Big Schlem and the minds in Utah created a pearl version of the MicroTrax coverstock and wrapped the Exotic Gem with it. I’m a big fan of the Exotic Gem and drilled it with the following numbers: 5 x 4 x 2. This puts the pin above my bridge, a slight shift of the CG, and the mass bias is just to the right of my thumb. I’ve had the most success when using this ball on medium/longer patterns with heavier volumes. The Exotic Gem is strong enough in the mid-lane and down-lane to still create shape and go through the pins the right way. Once my Gem has done it’s job and it’s time to put in the bag, the Exotic Gem is the perfect ball to use. I’ve also adjusted the surface for those heavier volume conditions. By hand, I used a 1000 pad to create a bit of an earlier shape but to slow down the response time a bit too. If you need a ball that digs, continues, and is a perfect complement to the current lineup, go drill an Exotic Gem!

  • 5
    Exotic Gem

    Posted by Todd B on Mar 27th 2023

    The new Roto Grip Exotic Gem features the same Defiant LRG core found in the original Gem, but wraps it in the Micro Trax pearl reactive coverstock. The 15 pound version features a low RG of 2.47 with a differential of .053 and an intermediate differential of .016. With my slower ball speed, I was looking forward to this release. I drilled mine 5 x 4 x 2 which puts the pin above my middle finger. The Exotic Gem is a fantastic complement to the original Gem. Both balls have that early rolling heavy roll making them very controllable on harder conditions. For me the Exotic Gem went about 2 to 3 feet further down the lane with a much more angular backend motion than the original. For my game, the original Gem was just too much too soon. The Exotic is a ball I can throw on just about any pattern as long as there is oil in the front half of the lane. This pearl does not shy away from oil, and although it is more angular than the original, it is very controlled arcing motion for a pearl coverstock. This is a ball that will get a lot of lane time on medium-heavy conditions for me. This is a great pearl ball for tougher conditions.

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