Roto Grip Idol Helios Bowling Ball

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  • Roto Grip Idol Helios Bowling Ball and Core
  • Roto Grip Idol Helios Bowling Ball
  • Roto Grip Idol Helios Bowling Ball Core
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Roto Grip Idol Helios Bowling Ball

  • Color: Radiant Orange
  • Coverstock: XtremeTrax Solid Reactive
  • Weight Block: Ikon Core
  • Factory Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.49; 15lbs - 2.49; 14lbs - 2.54
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.049; 15lbs - 0.052; 14lbs - 0.049
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): N/A
  • Fragrance: N/A


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the original IDOLTM, and due to the non-stop requests from around the globe to bring it back, we decided create a new and improved version instead.

On the inside you will find the original low RG symmetric IkonTM Core featured in each IDOL series ball to date. But on the outsideyou will find our newest creation in terms of coverstock technology in the all new XtremeTraxTM Solid Reactive Coverstock. We started with the base materials of our MicroTraxTM material and went down a new path in terms of chemistry by adding different chemicals which in turn created "chemical charges" to the nano-particles thus making a material that not only digs in on heavy oil, but also provides more angle and shape down lane than traditional nano materials.

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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Sanded 2000 Abralon
Core Type:
Solid Reactive
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49 Reviews

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    Roto Grip Idol Helios

    Roto Grip Idol Helios Ikon Core XtremeTrax Solid Cover The Helios is the newest addition the Roto Grip's extremely popular Idol line. Same core as the other Idol's but a big change with the new XtremeTrax cover. XtremeTrax has chemically charged nano particle. When I here nano, I assume a strong, smooth motion. Big difference here. The Helios goes much further down lane (before making its move) than I expected. It easier is longer and more angular than any of the other Idols have been for me. The Helios gets me downlane on medium oil and take a strong, sweeping motion at the breakpoint. For me, it is a small step down from my Roto Grip RST-X1. The Helios also responds to cover changes. I polished mine to see a sharper reaction, without losing overall strength. Another great ball with the IDOL name....and oh yeah, it has been the ball used in the last 2 usbc sanctioned 900 series (which is crazy)!!

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    RotoGrip- Idol Helios

    The Idol Helios is the newest ball from the Idol line. I was a big fan of the original Idol and the Idol Synergy so I knew I had to drill one. Since it's more of a early out of the bag type of ball we decided to lay it out with a 4x4x2 so that the ball would give me a strong but predictable reaction. My first shots were on a fresh 42ft house shot. The Idol Helios cover wanted to dig in as soon as it hit the friction but the ball didn't seem to over react on the back end of the lane. What I really like about the Helios compared to the original Idol is that the Helios doesn't seem to sail through the midlane and miss the break point, it sees the midlane and has smooth continuous backend. Keeping the cover at a dull finish is a must for heavier oil but can be shined for lanes that have less units of oil in the front. I consider this my benchmark ball out of my bag on almost any pattern.

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    Helios continues the great Idol line of balls from Roto Grip. This one reacts closest to the original for me with a similar motion but a little stronger and more continuous in the backend. If you're a fan of the Idol series don't wait to add this one to your bag.

  • 5
    Roto Grip - Idol Helios

    Idol Helios RG: 2.49 Diff: 0.052 Coverstock: Xtreme Trax Layout: 5 x 5 x 4 RPM: 360 (Left Handed) I am probably one of the few staff members that never owned the Original Idol. I absolutely loved my Idol Pearl, so when the Helios came out and people were comparing it as a “Stronger” Original Idol I was not going to pass up the opportunity to order one. This ball has become the first one that comes out of my bag at league / tournaments. I have been able to use this ball on all different patterns and in all different parts of the lane. The cover provides enough beef to be able to play in the oil, while still providing a nice change of direction when it comes off the pattern. I can see why the “original” was a favorite of many bowlers and I think they have hit it out of the park with the “Helios”!! Glen Deutschendorf Storm Staff Member

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    The Idol Helios

    Idol Helios • High performance • HP3 Coverstock •XtremeTrax Solid Reactive• Finish 200 Grit Abralon Core Name • Ikon Core • Core Type Symmetric Weight • 15 lbs. •RG 2.49 • Differential .052 Layout • Pin up = 70x4x20 Pin Down 80 x 5 x 80 Tester PAP • 4 ½ R, 3/8 D Tester Axis Tilt • 12° Testers Rev Rate • 325 Test Pattern • 42' THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street The arrival of the Idol Helios marks another success in the Idol line for Roto Grip. Built on the trusted Ikon Core wrapped with the all-new XtremeTrax Solid coverstock, the Idol Helios will quickly become the "go-to" ball you can count on! So, let's take a look at what makes the Idol Helios so impressive! The Ikon core is a proven well-balanced, symmetric core that brings consistency and predictability you can trust in many situations. Whether drilled pin up or pin down, I found the Ikon core to rev smoothly in the early-mid lane while still producing a strong continuation down the lane and through the pins. I found the Ikon core provided a strong benchmark look I could trust in the pin-down drilling. It gave me total confidence in reading the lane conditions quickly and accurately. It also eliminated that frame or two of guesswork that can cost you a game! In the pin-up version, I found the Ikon core to be a bit stronger in the mid-lane. And further, I enjoyed the angular motion the pin-up drilling provided, especially as it uncoiled its tenacious energy through the pins! Whether drilled pin up or pin down, the Ikon core is the heart of the Idol Helios, and it is a proven workhorse that delivers results you can trust! The all-new XtremeTrax solid coverstock delivers performance from the moment you lay the Idol Helios down on the lane. The XtremeTrax solid clears the heads smoothly and reads effortlessly in the mid-lane in medium-heavy oil on a fresh THS. I liked how the XtremeTrax solid doesn't overreact or "bite" too hard when your speed is a bit slower or you miss right and find friction early. Further, I liked having a smooth, clean roll down the second arrow on a fresh THS. Then, as the night progressed, I enjoyed the cover's ability to blend the wet/dry conditions as I could easily open the lane with confidence. It's always fun when a straighter player can open the lane and not worry if he has enough "hand" to get to the pocket! In conclusion, the Idol Helios is simply a great "go-to" benchmark ball! The pin-up drilling will suit your game well and provide you with many nights of predictability and success for the THS once-a-week bowler. However, for the more advanced THS/modified and challenge pattern players, you will find the pin-down drilling of the Idol Helios to be your choice to start the night. Then, it will easily dictate where to go from there. Whether you ball up, ball down, or stay where you are, the Idol Helios from Roto Grip belongs in nearly everyone's arsenal. So, see your local pro shop owner today and see where Idol Helios fits in your bag. You will be glad you did! Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro shop Penndel, PA

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    Roto Grip Idol Helios

    The Idol line has been a huge success for Roto Grip. And with the discontinued Magenta Idol which was very popular there was void in this lineup. Welcome the new RG Idol Helios. With its great shelf appeal Orange Color the void was filled. There was a 900 series shot with the Helios the first week! I drilled mine 5 inch pin down and added a little Storm Step 2 to give me a little more skid with our house shots. The Helios is close to the original Idol, but its a little cleaner and more pop down lane. But the Helios still has the great ball roll that we all loved. This Helios has been very popular among league bowlers, hardly a night goes by without seeing one on the rack. Helios can be a good bench mark ball also. Stronger than the Hyped series and below the RST X-1, X-2. Go drill one of the hottest balls on the market and start striking! Brian Watson Pro Shop Staff

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    Idol Helios

    Solid symmetrical balls have always been my bread and butter and the Idol Helios is no different for me. I never had the original Idol but from what videos I have seen and others throwing it, it seems the Helios reads sooner and reacts to friction better. I was able to control the lane really well on both a short and longer pattern. That is what I am always looking for in a ball when going to tournaments, it is very versatile. The solid colored balls have never been my favorite to look at but after seeing all the honor scores and a 900 being thrown with it I just had to have it. It did not disappoint. I put it right up there with my Phaze 2 as far as being the first ball out of my bag to best understand what the lanes are doing. If you are looking for a new “benchmark ball” to add to your bag, I would say look no further.

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    Strongest idol yet

    The Idol Helios is the new and improved Idol. With the same Ikon Core and an updated, stronger coverstock, this Idol can handle more oil and overall is much stronger than the magenta Idol. This is the earliest symmetric ball in my bag. When my big asym pieces get to be too much but there's still a lot of oil on the lane, the Helios is the ball i'm going to reach for because i can count on it to pick up and i know i'm going to see that reliable Idol shape.

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    Roto Grip Idol Helios by Lonnie Pemberton

    Core: Ikon Symmetrical Cover: XtremeTrax Solid Finish: 2000 RG: 2.49 Diff: 0.052 Right-Handed Tweener Speed: 12-13 mph Rev Rate: 315 PAP: 4 7/8 Right 3/8 Up Ball Layout: Pin Up 5 3/4 Pin to Pap 1 inch pin buffer Roto Grip has added a new solid to the Idol line. When the original Idol became unavailable many people missed it in their bag. I think Roto has come back with an upgrade in the Idol Helios. I'm sure all the other bowlers who have been racking up honor scores with this ball would agree with me. The Idol Helios features the same Ikon core that made the original Idol one of the most powerful balls on the market. They upgraded the Helios from the Microtrax cover to a new cover called XtremeTrax™ which features "chemically charged" nano particles. The result is a much quicker response when the ball sees friction. For people like me with lower ball speed the early roll of the original Idol could make it very forward off the back of the pattern. No such issue with the Helios. I threw the Idol Helios on the long, heavy house pattern at my home center. Where many "strong balls" can bog down in the extra length and volume of this pattern, I felt like the Idol Helios opened up the whole right side for me. It responds so well to the friction that it felt a little like cheating. Second week out I bowled 300. This ball fits so many games that I feel like it will match up with anyone. As a pro shop guy, it's an easy sell that creates a lot of happy customers. As a bowler the hardest part is giving the rest of my equipment a chance.

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