Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball

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Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball

  • Color: Tangerine/Midnight/Turquoise
  • Coverstock: Traction X7 Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: Aeroflo Core
  • Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.50; 15lbs - 2.52; 14lbs - 2.55
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.052; 15lbs - 0.054; 14lbs - 0.051
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.020; 15lbs - 0.019; 14lbs - 0.017
  • Fragrance: Orange Coffee Cake

Additional product information:


Every aspect of a bowling ball must serve a purpose. So, while Parallax Effect aesthetics are distinctive, they’re not simply a matter of appeal. Every shape and contour of the core; the unique chemistry of the cover; the color down to the finish is optimized to support its dynamic performance.


This novel Parallax Effect takes to the lanes like a boss, getting you from foul line to head pin with confidence and ease. With potency that looks out for you when tough oil conditions abound, this fast-moving tech keeps up with you showing off standout style that looks good on and off the rack.

Since making its debut on the Parallax, TractionX7 has made its fair share of waves. Combining seven of our best coverstock characteristics was a towering challenge, but our R&D team stood up to the task. TractionX7 headlines the durability of TX-16, the backend of R2S, and the slower oil absorption rates of SPEC. Simply put, there’s versatility encased in TractionX7’s genome that stays put for as long as it stays in your bag.

The Aeroflo Core renders a higher innate radius of gyration than the typical Storm asymmetric design thanks to the ellipsed hole in the center of the design. When the thumb hole is placed in this enclosure of lightweight core material, the post drilled RG numbers aren’t affected as greatly as its other top-shelf asymmetric counterparts. Simply put: it maintains its dynamics through multiple drilling combinations. Being driller and user friendly is extremely important today with the elimination of balance holes in our sport. Drillers are no longer able to tweak a ball’s reaction characteristics after the fact. The Aeroflo Core easily accepts many different layout combinations to fit any style of bowler.



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Additional Information

Lane Condition:
Factory Finish:
Polished 1500 Grit
Core Type:
Pearl Reactive
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45 Reviews

  • 4
    Parallax Effect

    Posted by Kassy Shumate on Jul 9th 2021

    In all honesty I like the original Parallax up until it got over 30 games on it and then I struggled with it quite a bit. I was only able to use it very seldom on specific conditions. Knowing this I decided to let the Effect rack up some games before making this review. I had quite the opposite reaction to this ball than the OG Parallax. I wasn’t so sure about it in the beginning but after about 8-10 games it really started to “take shape” pun totally intended. It reads the mid-lane much better than the OG Parallax. I have mostly used the Effect on a house shot but I believe it is going to have a spot in my tournament bag next to my Zen. I bowl on a heavier volume house shot pattern so I believe it has given me a good idea of what it will do on sport shots.

  • 4
    Parallax Effect Review by Tommy Gollick

    Posted by Tommy Gollick on Jul 8th 2021

    The Parallax Effect is the second ball released in the premier line of balls from Storm that features the innovative weight block called Areoflow core. The numbers in 15lb Effects are 2.52 Rg, 0.054 diff., and 0.019 intermediate diff. The cover on the Parallax Effect is called Traction X7, and is a pearl. The color combination is tangerine, midnight and turquoise. I drilled the Effect with the same layout as I had on my Parallax, 4.5 X 3 X 4. I liked the Parallax on the right conditions. The Parallax created good traction in the midlane, and then had a nice move to the pocket, but wasn’t uncontrollable. What I see out of the Effect is that it still has that strong midlane read, and has a much more defined move off the spot, with traction through the backends and through the pins. The Parallax didn’t respond as hard to friction as does this new Effect through the backend of the lane. I like the Effect on longer patterns, when I’m trying to trap the pocket. I have been able to use the Effect on house conditions, if I keep the ball in the puddle and my angles straighter to stay away from the dry outside. On blended patterns, the Effect has great recovery on shots outside of target. I have also found the Parallax Effect to be easier to get through the front of the lane on Pro-Anvilane, than it is on AMF HPL, or SPL lane surfaces. The Parallax Effect is a polished pearl that, for me, reads the front of the lane more like a ball with surface, but still has good response to friction downlane. Bowlers looking for a ball that responds to friction, and has a defined move towards the pins, the Parallax Effect is the ball for you. Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Storm Parallax Effect. Now go bowl up a Storm!

  • 5
    Storm Parallax Effect

    Posted by Cooper Mathewson on Jul 7th 2021

    Storm Parallax Effect Core: Aeroflo Cover: TractionX7 Pearl For me, a nice upgrade from the original Parallax. I found the Parallax to be very sensitive to any change (oil pattern, volume, my speed) , which made it a ball I rarely used. I am a 210ish league bowler...I need all the help I can get:) The Parallax Effect gave me a lot more versatility. I can use it on medium to heavy oil and the ball seems to read a bit better and give me more miss room than my Parallax. I did take the factory polish off of the Parallax Effect. I took the cover to 4000 sanded. At this cover the ball seems to look best on a heavier oil volume. This one will be best for your lower rev bowler looking for a stronger benchmark pearl or as a nice heavy oil addition to a higher rev bowler's tournament bag.

  • 5
    Storm Parallax Effect

    Posted by Brian Watson on Jul 6th 2021

    The new Premier Storm ball is the Parallax Effect. This is the pearl version of the original Parallax. I found the original Parallax to be very smooth ball reaction. I've notice in the past with the Storm Pearl covers to me that they seem stronger than the solids and hybird covers. So the Parallax Effect is a stronger ball overall with the pearl cover. I drilled mine 5 x 4 x 3 which puts the pin in my middle finger. I see an earlier midlane roll out of the effect but with a little stronger backend motion. Reminds me a lot of the Storm Intense Fire. Very controllable motion but can handle more oil than the original. Ive seen bowlers change the surface on the effect and the ball motion is stronger overall. I think it depends a lot on rev rate and speed, but the effect is a very good addition to our Premier line. Brian Watson PAP - 4 up 1/18 RPM - 400 Speed - 16-17 Tilt 17

  • 5
    Path to Perfection

    Posted by Shaun Ciesielski on Jul 1st 2021

    The Storm Parallax Effect is a ball that gives me controlled angle like the original Parallax did. Very easy through the fronts and a nice finish on the backend. I drilled mine 5x3.5x4 which puts the pin down. To me its not as strong as other recent releases such as the Axiom Pearl . But compared to my original Parallax it does move more off the spot when it hits the dry obviously due to the Traction X7 Pearl Reactive Coverstock. This ball does reads the midlane a little later than my Phaze 3 and finishes with more angle. My PAP is 5-1/8 and 1/8 up. Usually around 15-16mph, I’d probably be classified between and tweener and cranker.

  • 5
    Storm - Parallax Effect

    Posted by Kristijonas Sergejevas on Jun 25th 2021

    The Storm Parallax Effect core yields a higher RG than what you typically see with asymmetrical bowling balls. This Aeroflo Core combined with a pretty versatile TractionX7 coverstock results in a quite unique motion that is a bit different for a strong asymmetric bowling ball. I used a simple pin up layout on my Parallax Effect: 60 x 5 x 30. After throwing this ball on several different lane patterns, I can tell that this ball is quite angular down the lane, which is somewhat unusual to see from a strong asymmetrical bowling ball. The coverstock on the Parallax Effect seems to be very clean as I had no problem getting this ball through the oil pattern even on older lane surfaces. For slicker/newer lane surfaces, I felt that the Parallax Effect was a little to clean – even after putting a little bit more surface on the bowling ball. I can see myself using the Parallax Effect on some longer patterns where I would need some help from the bowling ball down the lane. This bowling ball also allows for more open launch angles as it has so much backend motion, which may be useful for some medium oil patterns where steeper launch angles are required.

  • 5
    Introducing he Parallax Effect!

    Posted by Rick Klimowicz on Jun 23rd 2021

    Parallax Effect: Premier Series Coverstock: TractionX7 Pearl • Finish: 1500-Grit Polished Core: Aeroflo Asymmetric RG: 2.52 (15lb) • Differential: 0.054 (15lb) • Int. Diff: 0.019 (15lb) Tester Axis Tilt = 12° • Testers Rev Rate = 325 Tester PAP = 5 1/8 R, 1/2 D • Tester Axis Tilt = 12° •Testers Rev Rate = 325 Layout =4 x 4 x 1.5 Test Pattern = 42’ THS • Modified, Kegel Stone Street The Storm Parallax Effect is a sensitive, finely tuned bowling ball. With its unique Aeroflo core combined with the Traction7 Pearl coverstock the Parallax Effect can bring a new aspect to your game. Let’s take a closer look at how it might fit into a higher speed/lower rev player’s hand on a THS. I drilled into the Aeroflo Core looking for a consistent midlane read and a sharp turn off the pattern. From the first shot, this core reacted pleasantly stronger than expected. Early on, I had to move inside (looking 12-14) to give this core the space and time it needed to make its move. I liked how this core rev’d up moderately for my style and, being a higher speed/lower rev player, the Aeroflo Core provided a smooth and convincing look in the mid-lane. Because of its stable and balanced mid-lane attributes, this core retains a good amount of energy off the pattern and has a tenacious roll through the pins. This core is the better of two worlds, continuous and relentless! The TractionX7 Pearl cover is very strong for a pearl and it excelled for me as the night went on. All night it cleared the heads well and I especially liked how the TractionX7 handled the transition. This cover gripped strongly without being overbearing through the wet/dry conditions and allowed me to use the friction down lane to my advantage. For my higher speed and lower rev game, the 1500 grit polished finish worked quite well overall, but when I lightly scuffed the shiny surface with 4000 grit the TractionX7 really came alive for me. I saw that crisp, clean motion I have come to count on. In closing, the Storm Parallax Effect is a great combination of core and cover and has its place in the Storm Premier line. This strong and effective ball will score quite well for the more advanced player who rolls on multiple THS’s and challenge/sport conditions. The Parallax Effect is clearly a “top shelf” ball with a well-defined performance. Talk to your local pro-shop operator about where it belongs in your arsenal today! Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro shop Penndel, Pa

  • 5
    The Effect is Real

    Posted by DeeRonn Booker on Jun 18th 2021

    Storm Parallax Effect Rg. 2.52 Diff. .054 Int. .019 Layout 5 ¾ x 4 x 2. I used my normal Asymmetrical Layout on the Parallax Effect. I didn’t have the Parallax so I compared it to the Storm Incite. In comparison the Parallax Effect and Incite are very similar. The biggest difference between the two is the Parallax comes off the spot harder than the Incite when I am bowling on more front oil. The balls are similar and because I polished the Incite, but the incite at box finish would be earlier. The Parallax Effect is a ball I use on longer patterns with low volume when the lanes are transitioning. The cover is still clean and with a cleaner layout (longer pin to pap) I am able to see great mid lane read and continuation for my ball roll. It’s definitely a different shape, but one everyone needs in their bag. Rev Rave 425 Pap 5 ½ over ¼ up Axis Tilt >5 degrees Axis Rotation 45 degrees Storm Pro Shop Staff

  • 5
    Storm Parallax Effect

    Posted by Dean Stewart on Jun 4th 2021

    Introducing the brand newest addition to the Premier line the Storm Parallax Effect! This ball features the Traction X7 Pearl Reactive Coverstock wrapped around the the Aeroflo Core which is previously seen in the original Parallax! This is a motion I have been looking for, for a long time now. It goes a bit longer for me and is more angular on the back end. My first time throwing this ball out of the box I proceeded to throw 23 of 24 strikes the first two games (264-300-208) (772) and, shooting 300 the 2nd game with it. This ball is a must in your bag and it doesn't disappoint and, definitely made its place into my bag the very first time I threw it.

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