• 900 Global Covert Ops Bowling Ball
All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

900 Global Covert Ops Bowling Ball

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  • Color: Blue
  • Coverstock: S72 Solid
  • Weight Block: Break Asymmetric
  • Factory Finish: "C" Pad
  • Flare Potential: 5-6 Inches
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48
  • Differential (Diff): 0.058
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.021

The all new Covert Ops™ will be the strongest Ops ball to date!!  The all new S72™ cover stock will provide the most traction within the Preferred Line.  This cover will give bowlers the perfect balance of traction and backend on medium-heavy oil.  The venerable Break™ Asymmetric Core is back to provide the reaction that made the Black Ops™ so famous.  Expect the Covert Ops™ to have the same motion as the Black Ops™, but to be about 3-4 more boards overall hook.   


900 Global Covert Ops
By: Jennifer King on October 04, 2017

Coverstock: S72™ Solid Finish: ICE “C” Pad (2,000 Grit) Core: Break™ Asymmetric Flare Potential: 5-6? As a fan of the Black Ops, the Covert Ops was a no-brainer. While earlier and smoother than the Black Ops, the Covert Ops gives me the subtly aggressive versitility I loved with the Black Ops. I am able to play right and transition left with ease, never losing energy on the backends. It's no doubt the Covert Ops will help you combat medium/heavy oil patterns and outlast your competition.

Covert Ops
By: Lawrence on October 03, 2017

Another great addition to the ops lineup. Easily 3-4 boards stronger than the black ops and smother overall. This will be the first ball out of my bag to smooth out the fresh backend and blend out any wet dry house shot conditions. 900 Global Regional Staff member Lawrence Marquez

Covert Ops
By: Tim Janz on September 21, 2017

drilled this one with low flare layout ( 90 x 2 3/4 x 45). absolutely love this ball on the fresh to smooth out the crisp backends or later when they get really wet dry. first game out of the box, 300. I don't really need to move much with this ball once I'm lined up but I kept moving left and throwing it to the same spot and didn't disappoint. should be a great ball for anyone looking to smooth out any pattern with volume! 900 Global Regional Staff. Tim Janz

Covert OPS
By: Greg Thomas on September 18, 2017

COVERT OPS Coverstock: S72™ Solid Finish: Ice "C" Pad 2000 Grit Color: Covert Blue Core: Break™ Asymmetric Preferred 600 Series 2.48 Radius of gyration .058 Differential .021 Intermediate differential Positive Axis Point 5 7/16 by 1/4 up Layout 5 1/2 x 4 x 3 1/2 Here is a ball with the same shape core as the BLACK OPS with a slightly different reaction and its called the COVERT OPS. The cover on the COVERT OPS is a little earlier and smoother than the BLACK OPS. This ball has a strong mid-lane reaction, and might outhook any in the 900 Global line. It's well worth its mid-price point and it definitely has a bunch of hook for the money with this rock. This ball will work well on a higher volume of oil and those sport patterns you might encounter within the tournament scene. The COVERT OPS will do wonders, so don't get left out! Remember to get added performance and get one of these for YOUR game. Greg Thomas 900 Global staff

Sneaky Good!
By: Scott McCleery on September 14, 2017

This ball is sneaky good! It is controllable yet strong. On fresh THS I was able to play further right and get the ball to read the midlane and have true continuation through the pins. As the night went on and break down happened I fully expected to have to switch balls to something like the Honey Badger. I was absolutely surprised that I could move left and just keep moving left without worrying if the ball was going to make the turn. The ball just does not quit. I shot 777 first set out of the box with this ball. This will be my new benchmark ball, period! May have to get few backups as well!

Covert Ops
By: Jes Lesagonicz on August 09, 2017

The Covert Ops is the latest ball in the ops line containing the Break Core and a new coverstock from 900 Global the Covert Ops is sure to be one of the hottest new balls of the summer. The more angular shape of the newest Ops lends its ability to carry those corner pins in medium oil lane conditions. The Covert Ops would make a great addition to any arsenal for a more angular medium oil ball. If you liked the Black Ops this ball is slightly stronger and a bit earlier. Compared to the Desert Ops this ball is designed for the Medium oil conditions.

Covert Ops
By: Donny Carr on July 13, 2017

The Covert Ops For a very hard snap action at the breakpoint on Medium heavy lane conditions this will be your ball. As a fan of the Ops series of balls all that was missing was a ball that would read the mid lane sooner. The Covert Ops will do this. The Covert Ops allows you to play a little deeper on the lane than what you may be accustomed to. With the new S72 cover you will get plenty of traction with a deep inside line. The cover is not to strong where the ball would lose too much energy. A great versatile ball, get one. Donny Carr 900 Global staff, Ft. Meade pro shop

Covert Ops
By: Brendan Bierch on June 18, 2017

The new S72 solid, iCe (2000) coverstock paired up with the original Ops core, gives this ball the roll in oil one previously had only by dulling the cover of the black ops. I drilled mine 45x 4 1/8 x35, pin down. On a THS, the Covert read the midlane and made a nice,controllable, arc off the spot.Pin carry was excellent. As the shot became more wet/dry, small moves left to keep the Covert Ops on the oil to the dry, allowed me to stay with this ball for 3 games. I was bowling with 5 high rev right handers and all of us were playing the same area. The Covert Ops will be a great addition to your Ops arsenal. Brendan Bierch 900Global Advisory Staff

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