• 900 Global X2 Bowling Ball
All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

900 Global X2 Bowling Ball

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  • Color: Black/Red Solid
  • Coverstock: S59 Solid
  • Weight Block: Pod Symmetric
  • Factory Finish: 2000 Grit
  • Flare Potential: Medium
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.49
  • Differential (Diff): 0.035

The  ALL NEW X2™ will be the premier benchmark ball for the serious bowler as well as the obvious choice to conquer demanding lane conditions. 

The Pod™ Symmetric Core from the original X™ has been brought back for the X2™.  This core provides early revs with a very predictable downlane motion.  Perfect for tougher lane conditions where the backends are very touchy.

Wrapped around this core is the ALL NEW S59™solid coverstock.  This coverstock will provide the perfect balance of traction in the oil combined with a predictable backend motion.


900 Global X2
By: Brent Ritchie on March 13, 2018

Drilling pattern: 78x3.75x70 Pin placement: Below ring finger I drilled this ball almost identically to one of my favorite all time balls, the Chemical X, looking for that very smooth, very controllable reaction. I ended up with about 90% of what I was looking for. While the ball is certainly very controllable, and versatile, this ball was significantly stronger (to me at least) than both the Chemical X and the X. With the fresh coverstock I personally needed a decent amount of head oil to keep the ball from checking too early. This ball will be fantastic as a first ball out of the bag, but once the flat 10's and noticeably early roll appear, it will be time to put away. Brent Ritchie 900 Global Regional Staff

By: Donny Carr on December 03, 2017

X2 The X2 can be the first ball out of your bag. It fit’s between a medium heavy and light oil ball. Bowlers with slow speed can use the X2 on slightly higher volumes of oil, medium speed bowlers will be good on the fresh as well as higher speed players. For lane conditions that are hard to figure out, the X2 will give read the lane and make it easier to adjust. If you need a benchmark ball or a ball for tough conditions, you need the X2. Drill this one up for control. Donny Carr, 900 Global Staff

x2 Ball Review
By: Mark Benston on December 02, 2017

The x2 is a great ball to be first out of your bag. My experience with the x2 is this ball is very good in the midlane it doesn't pick too soon or roll out it will still store plenty of energy and be rather strong on the backend and threw the pins. This ball will be great benchmark ball for any medium lane patterns or house shots.

By: Greg Thomas on December 02, 2017

X^2 Coverstock: S59™ Solid Finish: ICE "C" (2,000 Grit) Color: Red/Black Core: Pod™ Symmetric Tour Preferred 700 2.49 Radius of gyration .035 Differential Positive Axis Point 5 7/16 by 1/4 up Layout 6 x 5 x 4 The new X^2 by 900 Global is going to be one of my favorites down the road because of its nice smooth ball reaction from start to finish. This ball reminds me of the previous released X with the only diffence being a little cleaner in the front part of the lane with a slightly stronger mid-lane and back end reaction down lane. You can't go wrong with this ball on those wet-dry house shots and those fresh medium to short length sport patterns. This will be a popular ball with its mid price point and cool looks. The X^2 will be a benchmark ball in the 900 GLOBAL lineup. Every bowler should get a X^2 if you want added performance for YOUR game. Greg Thomas 900 Global staff

By: Tim Janz on November 26, 2017

x2 has same great motion as the x but with the stronger cover comes stronger reaction. have mine pin down just under bridge, PAP is 5 right .25 up. love using this on fresh patterns that have medium volume with clean backends, it really blends out the wet dry nicely. have used it on 37ft low volume sport pattern and the best look I had was with this ball. 900 Global Staff, Tim Janz.

900 Global X2
By: Chuck Holt on November 20, 2017

This is a great ball!! 900 Global X2 is stronger than the original Chemical X and Black X. X2 is smooth through the fronts with a strong motion on the backend. Definitely a ball to have in your bag. Very versatile!! Go 900 Global!!

By: Brendan Bierch, 900Global Advisory Staff member on November 02, 2017

Do not be fooled by the Rg/Diff numbers of this ball. The low Rg 2.49 .035 Differential with the new S59 (2000 ICE) cover stock is one strong ball. On Kegel Stone Street the box finish provided excellent length, energy retention, and pin hitting power. The X2 moves strong off the break point with a controlled back end. I drilled mine 50 x 4 x 25 to be used on fresh house shots and heavier volume sport shots. The X2 will be an excellent complement to the X on medium to heavy volume oil patterns

As good, if not better, than the original X
By: Scott McCleery on October 23, 2017

This ball is just flat out great! It has everything you are looking for when trying to control the breakpoint as your ball exits the pattern. The X^2 does not overreact when it exits the pattern and allows you to control the pocket on those tuff tournament patterns. If this ball is not a benchmark ball, I don’t know what is! This ball is literally just a pinch stronger than the Original X. It continues with 900 Global’s Tour Preferred 700 Series expectations and quality. There is nothing better than throwing a ball that you know will work on just about anything. This is that ball!!!

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