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  • Ebonite Matrix Bowling Ball
All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Ebonite Matrix Bowling Ball

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  • Color: Black/Red Pearl
  • Coverstock: GB 12.7 Hybrid
  • Weight Block: Matrix Reload
  • Factory Finish: 500/1000 Polished
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.53
  • Differential (Diff): 0.049
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.007

Ebonite Matrix- Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? One of Ebonite's most iconic bowling balls has returned with all new performance. Our GB 12.7 coverstock wrapped around the Matrix Reload core is going to give great length through the front part of the lane with plenty of back end and continuation just like the original. What are you waiting for? It's time to enter the Matrix.

Matrix Ball Review
By: RJ Alman on December 03, 2017

BALL SPECS Pin Length: 2” – 3” Starting Top Weight: 3.0 Ball Weight: 15 DRILL PATTERN Pin slightly below and to the right of ring finger with a 75 degree drilling angle. A P3 extra hole was used. BOWLER STYLE: RH - Stroker – slightly speed dominant Rev Rate: 280 Ball Speed: 17-18 PAP/Track: PAP: 4 11/16” and 7/8" up SURFACE PREP Box Finish and 2000 grit abralon LANE CONDITION House COMMENTS The first time I threw the Matrix, it immediately reminded me of the Mission Unknown. The Matrix reads the lane at about the same point as the Mission Unknown, however it is slightly more angular at the break point. The polished hybrid cover acts more like a solid than a pearl and will need some head oil to perform up to its potential. It’s a good ball for those who like to play closer to the friction. The cover blends out the over/under reaction sometimes present in today’s conditions. Even though the cover is polished, I think it’s important to keep the surface clean. After some use, the ball seemed to lose its reaction, so I decided to scuff it lightly with a 2000 grit Abralon pad. That plus a good scrub with clean and dull ball cleaner did the trick. The added surface gave the ball some additional traction in oil, but did not affect the backend motion. I’m reluctant to do much to the surface of polished pieces, but this ball will definitely take surface adjustments well. While I haven’t used this ball on conditions other than house, I think the Matrix would be a very good number 2 ball behind the Verdict on medium length sport or challenge patterns. RJ Alman Ebonite Regional/Amateur Staff

Easy Length!
By: Jeremy King on August 23, 2017

50x6x35 (Pin above middle) Another throwback in the upper-mid performance line. The matrix provides an all new core with a hybrid version of the mission unknown cover released last year. The Matrix by comparison is much cleaner in the front part of the lane and with the very low intermediate differential provided by the core, this ball retains enough energy to be used even late in blocks when asymmetrics are normally out of play. This ball has no problem making the corner from deep inside angles. With the particular layout I chose, I was looking for a bridge between my HP balls that I would use early in blocks, and the flippier symmetric pieces I use when the pattern forces me left. The matrix provides that bridge and is the definition of a benchmark for me. There are some balls you just have confidence in and this is one of those balls for me.

By: jay stephenson on July 07, 2017

Drilled 50*5*40. Ball is long and strong. More backend that mission unknown for my style. Matrix is a great addition to the Ebonite line up. It is stronger and more angular than the game breaker series, and smoother than the mavericks. Great for medium to heavier lanes conditions. Ebonite staff player USBC Silver coach Jay Stephenson

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