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  • Hammer Diesel Bowling Ball
All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Hammer Diesel Bowling Ball

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  • Color: Black/Red/Orange
  • Coverstock: NBT Hybrid
  • Weight Block: Diesel
  • Factory Finish: 500/2000 Abralon
  • Flare Potential: Medium
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.51
  • Differential (Diff): 0.046

Hammer Diesel - Available 6/20/17

Strong Continous Ball from Hammer
By: Michael Thompson on July 28, 2017

BALL LAYOUT: 65 x 5 3/8 x 30 The Diesel is a modified / stronger Hybrid version of the popular Rebel series earlier this year and from last year. The new core matches up with all styles of bowlers and will provide a strong continuous motion in midlanes that does not stop in the backends. The Diesel hybrid cover will allow you to play on heavier medium lane patterns and does adjust very well with surface changes if needed. I love the strong mid-lane motion of the Diesel and think this will be a great 1st ball out of the bag which that will control the mid-lanes on various medium lane patterns. Amazing amount of control throughout the lanes and will be a great addition for the league/tournament bags. A very versatile ball… You will be impressed with the Diesel, which is available now at Buddies Pro Shop!

Hammer Diesel!
By: jkaseehammer on June 26, 2017

I drilled my Diesel by using a 60 x 5 x 65 layout which put the pin under my bridge. This ball was a surprise! Considering it is listed as a mid performace ball, the Diesel gives a lot of hook for that price point! With the trusted Diesel symmetrical core this ball has a strong continuous hook. For me, this ball is about 3-4 boards weaker than my Hammer Rhodman. This ball also has the carbon fiber outer core which carries a 3 year warranty! You can search Average Joe Review on YouTube to see it go down lane.

The Diesel is back!
By: Chris Monroy on

Here is my take on remake of the Hammer Diesel. The new Diesel features the exact same symmetrical core of the original Diesel from approximately 13-14 years ago. Additionally, the new Diesel has the NBT Hybrid cover, the same cover featured on the ever popular Widow Legend. The ball comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty and its color is a striking swirl of Black/Red/Orange. Box finish is 2000 Abralon. My "vitals" are a rev rate of 405 and a PAP of 5 9/16 over and 1/8 up. I used a 45 x 5 x 40 with a P4 weight hole layout in the remake Diesel. I've tried this ball on THS, 2015 USBC Masters pattern and Kegel Abbey Road. I have thrown the ball at box and 1000 Abralon on these patterns. My intent for this ball was to have a strong, controllable ball for heavier volumes...yet still have enough to go away from the pocket and get it back. I have been with Hammer staff for 13 seasons. At box surface and at 1000 Abralon, the Diesel does require some volume to the pattern for it to be in play.(Though I could easily see this ball in play on more medium patterns with a smoother surface.) That being said, the Diesel came through for its intended use. I'd put this ball shape wise as earlier and smoother than an original Rebel, but with a stronger backend motion than a Rhodman. I had good success with the Diesel on Abbey Road at box and on Masters pattern with a little more surface. Either way, with an appropriate hand position, I was able to go away with the ball and still get it back. In combination with an original Rebel or new Cherry Vibe for when the pattern breaks down or lighter volumes generally, there is an excellent 1/2 punch in the Hammer line. The new Diesel or the new Blue Vibe can be excellent choices for a new benchmark ball to start the upcoming season. The Diesel will be at its best on medium to heavier volumes and drilled properly, this ball should match up with different styles and rev rates. The Diesel is currently available! See your local pro shop for more information on the new Hammer Diesel.

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