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  • Motiv Tag Cannon Bowling Ball
All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Motiv Tag Cannon Bowling Ball

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  • Color: Blue Pearl/Lime Pearl
  • Coverstock: Agility SFP Reactive
  • Weight Block: Halogen
  • Factory Finish: 5500 Grit LSP
  • Flare Potential: Medium
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.55
  • Differential (Diff): 0.037

The Tag™ Cannon makes a very bold statement on light oil conditions. It provides easy length on higher friction lane surfaces and a fast response at the back of the lane.
To create proper continuation and maximum striking potential, the Tag Cannon merges the Halogen™ core with new Agility™ SFP (Skid-Flip Pearl) Reactive cover stock.
These technologies work together to retain energy and then unload it at the backend. It's the way the Tag Cannon goes through the pins that makes this ball so great.

Tag Cannon Review
By: Darryl Carreon on October 09, 2017

The Tag Cannon will be the necessity piece for the medium to high rev player, for when lanes tend to burn up. For the lower rev players, the Tag Cannon may be more in play especially on fresher patterns and for longer blocks. I drilled my Tag Cannon to create a slightly earlier motion, but did not want to sacrifice the angular shape it can create. The more the lanes transitioned, I felt more comfortable with the Tag Cannon. Granted the cover is slightly weaker than most the arsenal, I know playing medium to bigger angles, this ball definitely helps create the shape I need when playing further in. While some may think the Graffiti Tag was too angular, the Tag Cannon creates an unbelievable 1-2 punch. The Tag Cannon will fit any arsenal whether you are a high rev, high speed, low rev, low speed. During any lane transition, the Tag Cannon now is one of the first balls out of my bag to help combat that. Darryl Carreon | MOTIV Staff | Bowlifi | PBA Member

Motiv Tag Cannon
By: Rick Zakrajsek on August 31, 2017

Tag-Cannon Longer-Stronger, Longer-Stronger, Longer-Stronger is all I can say.. The new Motiv Tag Cannon provides added length and a stronger finish and continuation than its predecessor. Drilling a pin up layout on this beauty provided the added length I need on shorter patterns like Cheetah with an incredibly angular entry to the pocket while still maintaining a great deal of predictability off the back of the pattern. Drilling another pin down provided a great compliment to the pin up version and helped to tame down a bit of the angularity off the back of the shorter patterns and allow for migration into the middle part of the lane as the pattern transitioned. The SFP (Skid-Flip Pearl) cover is what allows this ball to get down the lane and retain its energy to deliver continuous motion through the pins. Don’t miss out on this one- and its color scheme is pretty great as well! Rick Zakrajsek Motiv Staff-Ohio Vise Staff Genesis Staff Real Bowlers Tape Staff

Tag Cannon
By: Adam Chase, Motiv Staff on July 06, 2017

For me, the Tag Cannon blows the original Tag out of the water, It has so much better overall ball motion and can handle a little more oil as well. Not only does the Cannon pop on the shelf, it pops on the lanes as well. This ball goes through the pins so well and has great continuation. The original Tag did not come with me for many lane conditions but I can see the Cannon coming with me to many more tournaments and leagues especially those with lower or shorter oil conditions. This ball is a little stronger than the Freestyle Rush but a little weaker than the Octane Carbon so it is a perfect compliment between the two.

Tag Cannon
By: Mike Magolan on

Description: The Tag Cannon is the second release in the “Tag” line. Again, using the Halogen Core, which was also previously used in the Graffiti Tag, original Tribal and Tribal Fire. The Tag Cannon however uses the all-new Agility SFP (Skid-Flip Pearl) Reactive Coverstock. With the neon yellow/blue coverstock and neon orange logo, this ball provides a lot of shelf appeal and performance at a lower price point. Reaction: The intention of the Tag Cannon is for late in blocks and beat up patterns or when they just flat out hook. So far, the Tag Cannon provides plenty of length for my game on even the driest of patterns. With plenty of length and a strong shape down lane, you also get the distinguished MOTIV continuation through the pins. The Tag Cannon is just a little more even than the Graffiti Tag, so if you felt the Graffiti Tag was unpredictable at times, maybe too long or too strong down lane, you will find this release a better option. Comparisons: The Tag Cannon is being released just after the Freestyle Rush, so you have two lower performance balls that are worthy in comparison. The Freestyle Rush is noticeably weaker and is slower when exiting the pattern. I am going to prefer the Tag Cannon in most instances as for me it is not too much stronger overall, but just gets around the corner better and has more continuation as you will clearly see in the video. The Octane Carbon is a little stronger and has a little faster response to friction than the Tag Cannon. The Tag Cannon is the perfect fit in between the Freestyle Rush and Octane Carbon though. There is NO overlap, all three of these pieces can REALLY round out the bottom of your lineup, especially if you tend to need less ball due to your style or lane conditions. Summary: I do not tend to throw lower-end/weaker pieces often, for the fact that I just prefer and have more success with balls in higher performance categories. However, the Tag series has been really good for me and my style and has become the exception to that. YouTube Video: Mike Magolan MOTIV | Turbo | Bowlifi | Genesis

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