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  • Radical More Cash Bowling Ball
All colors vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Radical More Cash Bowling Ball

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  • Color: Navy/Teal Solid
  • Coverstock: More Cash Cover
  • Weight Block: Cash Core
  • Factory Finish: 500/2000 Siaair
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.504
  • Differential (Diff): 0.048
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.020

While the original Cash was and still is the hookingest ball ever made, we have figured out a way to improve on it by keeping the total hook the same and just increasing the backend reaction. More Cash delivers by offering a bit more length, a lot more backend reaction, and most importantly, more continuation. So who wants More Cash? Savvy bowlers do, that’s for sure.

More backend, great looking ball
By: Bill Richardson on September 17, 2017

Advertised as more length and backend as the original Cash the More Cash delivers. Drilled with the same dual angle layout (50x4x30) and the More Cash with a hole in the double thumb position the More Cash was 1 board left with my feet with box surface. The surface of the More Cash is very versatile working well with surface around 500 all the way up to 4000, havent tried polish yet. As always the core design from Radical delivers some serious pin action from any angle. The color of this ball also looks great going down the lane.

More versatile than the original
By: Bryan Bannach on September 08, 2017

After the powerhouse that is the Cash, Radical has tweaked the cover to create a more versatile version in the More Cash. I like the Original Cash, but one problem I have with it is it works for its specific purpose, but once I start having to make adjustments, I have to go away from it. This is not the case with the More Cash. I used Radical Layout B to drill my More Cash. The More Cash has a cleaner cover that is more responsive off the backend than the original Cash. This allows me to start playing fairly square and stick with the More Cash longer into the block. I can keep moving left with the More Cash and it continues to perform and go through the pins. The More Cash is not for the light of oil, this ball needs a large volume of oil to show off it’s potential, but if the oil is there, this ball is great from multiple angles. If you are looking for a versatile ball for heavier volume house shots, or sport patterns, the More Cash is for you!

Wow! More Hook, More Cash $$
By: Kelly Chapman on September 07, 2017

As a Pro Shop Operator, I've seen a lot of bowling balls go down the lane, but I've never seen a ball have this much mid-lane hook AND continuation. This is definitely a great addition to the line and improvement on the original Cash. No matter what kind of player you are (low rev, med rev, high rev, slow speed, med speed, or high speed) this ball has a place in you're bag. We also love the sample drilling instructions that are included with ball and give you a great representation of different ball motions to fit the needs in your arsenal! Kelly Chapman Northside Pro Shop Radical Regional Staff

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