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About Us

You may ask: Where did the name Buddies Pro Shop come from originally? 

We would like to give you a little background as to where Buddies Pro Shop started and why it is called Buddies Pro Shop

Through the vision of Paul Forry, two friends were able to start their own pro shops. The first Buddies Pro Shop was started by Chris Forry in Fairfield, CT. While the second shop was opened by Dennis Reale in Philadelphia, PA. 

Since they were best friends while growing up, Chris and Dennis decided that Buddies would be a great name. With the help of Chris' father, Chris and Dennis were able to establish successful pro shop businesses. 

There have been a number of shops opened over the years, in the Buddies Pro Shop name.
  • Fairfield, CT - Chris Forry
  • Philadelphia, PA - Dennis Reale
  • Harrisburg, PA - Paul Forry
  • Reading, PA - Kyle Hatter
  • Cherry Hill, NJ - Paul Forry
  • Baltimore, MD - Mr. Vanderhoef
  • New Brunswick, NJ - Jeff Mark
  • Branford, CT - Chris Forry
Only one remains and that is Buddies Pro Shop in Fairfield, CT. Chris left the pro shop business for a year to pursue other interests, before deciding to return to his first love, the pro shop business. 

We appreciate you visiting Buddies Pro Shop and we hope that you stop back soon and check out our great Must Go Items, along with today's hottest bowling equipment. 

Chris along with the other staff members look forward to seeing old friends, along with meeting a lot of new people over the coming years. We would also like to wish a special thanks to all those people who have helped out along the way. 

Pro Shop Staff
Chris Forry - President
Tim Gillick - Store Manager
Chad Autore - Customer Service Manager
Bill Gross - IT Manager
Al Ferraro - Shipping Manager
Dan Sciglimpaglia - Sales Assistant