• Brunswick Fanatic BTU Silver Pearl Bowling Ball
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Brunswick Fanatic BTU Silver Pearl Bowling Ball

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  • Color: Silver
  • Coverstock: BTU Pearl
  • Weight Block: Low Differential I-Block Symmetric
  • Factory Finish: 500 / 4,000 Siaair Micro Pad
  • Flare Potential: Low
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.601
  • Differential (Diff): 0.030

The new BTU Pearl coverstock is Brunswick’s newest innovation in our performance enhancing coverstock technology. The new “Better Than Urethane” coverstock offers an old-school Pearl urethane ball motion with improved consistency. Combined with our I – Block low differential symmetrical core, the Fanatic BTU Pearl offers even more length along with a smoother ball motion so that you can control the pocket with enhanced hitting power on high friction lane conditions.

The best Urethane reaction for the $$
By: John Judy on September 05, 2017

To start, I liked the original BTU, but I thought it hooked a little too much for the purpose of the ball. This ball completely takes care of the problem and the Pearl cover gets it through the front of the lane much cleaner and tames the backend reaction down to give you the classic urethane reaction with that Better Than Urethane cover! We've sold several of these balls at our Shop since it's release because we bowl in a house that has a lot of friction and all of the customers have loved this piece so they can move back in to their wheelhouse when the lanes get too dry. I would suggest for higher rev players though to have your Pro Shop or driller determine if you can use a RICO drilling as this will give you the best urethane type reaction. John Judy Northside Pro Shop Brunswick Regional Staff

More recovery down the lane than the original BTU
By: cng260 on July 31, 2017

Pin Length: 3.5 Starting Top Weight: 2.3 oz Ball Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz DRILL PATTERN Ball: 65 x 5 x 35 X Hole No Hole BOWLER STYLE Rev Rate: 375 rpms Ball Speed:17.5 mph off hand PAP/Track: 4 3/4 over 3/4 up SURFACE PREP Grit: 4000 Siaair Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Sanded LANE CONDITIONS Lengths of patterns: 41 foot house Volumes: Moderate Type: house BALL REACTION Length: Clean through the front with a strong and smooth backend Back End: strong arc Overall Hook: mild Midlane Read: smooth with length Breakpoint Shape: arc COMMENTS Likes: Length and predictable motion Dislikes: none The Fanatic BTU Pearl is the newest compliment to the successful Fanatic BTU. This version is a little longer and has a bit more of its reaction down lane. I went with a quicker transitioning layout to better compliment the differences in this ball compared to the original. Out of the box, the ball was a little stronger than I had in mind so I sanded the ball down to 4000 Siaair finish. This one has not disappointed and so far, has allowed me to play a little straighter and further right than my original BTU. The BTU Pearl is a little stronger on the backend and recovers a little better on errant shots wide on our house condition. I plan on using my original BTU on fresher shorter conditions and transitioning to this one later in the blocks. If you are looking for a better option on drier conditions than Urethane and you like a little extra movement on the backend, check out the BTU Pearl.

Great ball for drier lanes
By: Ian on July 13, 2017

The pearl btu is the newest urethane type reaction that Brunswick has.  Comparing it to the original btu, I would say the pearl is a good foot longer with more backend.  The original was great for lower volumes or flatter patterns or shorter lengths and the pearl is also.  For me the original was great for keeping my angles closed and sometimes had trouble turning the corner when I got too deep. This is where the pearl comes into play.  You can move a good 5 boards and open up your angles without sacrificing any carry.  Highly recommend this ball for drier conditions or shorter length patterns.

The Reaction you've been waiting for, this ball is Better than Urethane and MORE!
By: Rob Johnson on July 11, 2017

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but I'll take Silver any day! When we first got this ball our biggest question was “Will it be as strong as the original BTU?”. It took 1 shot for us to tell that the new reformulated pearl cover gives us exactly what you want out of a urethane ball, but with so much more! It is clean through the front with some teeth down lane, making it the fastest slow-response ball we've ever seen. No overreaction, no super early roll, just tons of power and a smooth look no matter the condition you are on or what kind of style you use to throw the ball. Even though its silver, we give it FIRST PLACE! https://youtu.be/1pjQIQ-V_aY

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