Ultimate Thumb Information

What is the Ultimate Thumb?

The Ultimate Thumb is a mold of your best feeling/fitting thumb hole.  We then use the mold to make 1 1/4" or 1 3/8" thumb slugs.  You can then insert them into any ball.


Will it harm the original ball?

This process doesn't harm the original ball that we take the mold from. 


How long does this process take?

We can create a mold in 24 to 48 hours after receiving the ball.


How many slugs can I make from one mold?

Most of the time, we can get around a 30 slugs from one mold.


What is the material used to make the thumb slugs?

We use a urethane mixture to create each slug. This material is similar to that used to make solid urethane thumb slugs.


Will the slugs have the same feel as my other balls?

The slugs will have the same feel and bevel as the original.


How do I install these slugs?

You have your local pro shop drill the correct thumb size (1 1/4 or 1 3/8), with your normal thumb pitches, and then install the slug with 5 minute epoxy. We put a small notch at the back of the original thumb hole, this helps insure that the Ultimate Slug is installed straight and accurately. Super Glue may be used for installation but recommend 5 minute clear epoxy.


What type of epoxy should be used in installing these slugs?

We have tried several epoxies, and the one that we find best is Loctite Quick Set Epoxy - 5 minutes or Gorilla Glue 5 Minute Clear Epoxy found at your local home improvement store.