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"THE" Ultimate Thumb - Loaded Inner - Black - 5 Pack

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  • "THE" Ultimate Thumb - Loaded Inner - Black - 5 Pack - 1 1/4
  • "THE" Ultimate Thumb - Loaded Inner - Black - 5 Pack - 1 3/8
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"THE" Ultimate Thumb - Loaded Inner 

“THE” Ultimate Thumb – this unique two-piece system is simple, durable and reliable! For Pro Shops, our patented auto-depth flange eliminates any guess work or need for a stopper on your drill bit. The inner contains a stopper at the bottom which will leave the thumb insert about an 1/8″-1/4″ above the auto-depth feature, allowing you to use a plug-cutter for simple removal.

Our four-tab inner allows for easy, quick removal and insertion from ball-to-ball which will minimize time when needing to use multiple balls on your pair. And because the tabs are located above and below mid-point, our system doesn’t attach at the bottom therefore, any tension is evenly disbursed which nearly eliminates any possibility of breakage – allowing bowlers to focus on…Relax, Release, Repeat!

Because the outer is installed with a 9am-3pm tab placement, your hand will be in the ideal position in relation to your finger holes, after just a short quarter-turn of your thumb insert.

Secure locking of “THE” Ultimate Thumb will be felt and heard, providing the confidence that your thumb won’t move up and down, when gravity takes over during your arm swing. Our interchangeable system will be available in Pro Shops around the world!

FIND YOUR FIT to ensure the consistent fit and feel you deserve! “THE” Ultimate Thumb…Will Be Your Game Changer!

*Requires a 1-1/2″ drill bit.

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1 Review

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    THE" Ultimate Thumb insert

    Posted by gman0775 on Nov 22nd 2018

    Purchased 5 inner and 10 outer Ultimate Interchangeable Thumb inserts. Found one inner insert out of spec and would not fit into any of the 10 outer inserts. Called Buddies Pro Shop and spoke to Chad who said he would send a replacement. Within a couple of hours I was sent a tracking number for the replacement. 5 stars to Buddies Pro Shop for their customer service. Installed 4 of the IT inserts per their instructions, all 4 inserts were stuck and would not rotate out. I was able to remove 2 of the inserts with a Vice Change IT tool. I had to made a tool with a taper golf grip and shaft to rotate and remove the two inserts with a smaller thumb size. After spending a lot of time shaving, screening and sanding the inserts I was finally able to get the inserts to work properly. I would not recommend Ultimate Interchangeable Thumb Inserts until some changes are made. I do like the design concept and simple installation using only a 1 ½” drill bit and plug cutter.

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