What have we been up to?

With the first half of 2022 about to wrap up, here's a little recap of what has happened so far in 2022.

The PBA season season opened with Tour Staffers, Francois Lavoie and Jake Peters each qualifying for their respected PBA Players Championships regions TV stepladder shows. Jake followed up the telecast with a TV show appearance at the US OPEN. Up next was staffer Packy Hanrahan finishing in 2nd place at the PBA Flo-bowling event.

The Tournament of Champions saw staffter Kris Prather take the top spot going into the TV show. Unfortuantely Kris finished second but it was a great start to an amazing run to finish tour season. Kris would go on to be the top seed of the PBA World Championship show. And what a show it was with Kris wining in a dramtic one ball rolloff. 

In conjunction with the World Championships was the PBA World series. Packy had a great World Series of Bowling. He made matchplay in all three events, while making the Scorpion TV show.

When the players went to Maine for the PBA league Jake came away with the All-Star Clash win while Packy and Kris were on the Portland Lumberjacks team that picked up its third straight league title.

And did you all see Junior Gold? Justin Bohn came away with the U20 title while Brandon Bohn won the U18 division for the 2nd straight year. 

And to wrap things up PWBA staffer, Olivia Farwell was the 2022 PWBA Rookie of the Year. 

Phew, we've been busy!

Aug 11th 2022

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