Genesis Evolution Refresh Bowling Ball Wash Concentrate - 32 oz

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Genesis Evolution Refresh™

Deep Cleansing Bowling Ball Wash Concentrate

If your ball has experienced a loss in performance over time, then it’s time to Refresh™! Formulated using many of the same ingredients used in modern lane cleaners, Refresh™ is a safe, new way to extract and wash away deep down dirt and oils without harming your ball. 

  • Extracts and emulsifies the deep down build up of dirt and oils that accumulate over time
  • Refresh™ your ball every 50 games to help
  • Strong, concentrated water based formula
  • Safe for use on all types of bowling balls 

  • How to use:

(Cover holes with electric tape) In a large bucket, mix 2 oz. of Refresh™ to 1 gal. of hot water. Submerge the ball for 20-25 minutes, or until the water is luke warm. With the ball still in the bucket, pour out the dirty solution. Remove ball and rinse well with clean water. Wipe down and let air dry, preferably overnight.

Features + Benefits

Removes Deep Build-Up

Gets deep in to the pores to extract and emulsify the deep down build up of dirt and oil that accumulates over time.

Extends Ball Life

It flushes out the harmful contaminants without removing the essential ingredients of modern coverstock materials.

Super Concentrated

We based Refresh™ on our concentrated lane cleaner formulas, so a little goes a long way! Only 2 oz per gallon of water.

Easy to Use

Refresh is a drop in the bucket. Use it in place of soap during a traditional "bath method" of cleaning.


Do I need to Refresh™ my ball?

Cleaning your bowling balls with a designated spray cleaner is the recommended way of maintaining your equipment on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the formulation and construction of today's performance coverstocks leave bowling balls susceptible to accumulating deep down dirt and oils. The porous surfaces of all bowling balls are open and vulnerable to contaminants finding their way in. There is just no way around it. Spray cleaners are great at cleaning the "shallow" surface (1/8" - 1/4"). But over time, you'll need to extract the deep down build-up from your ball for maximum performance.

How often should I Refresh™?

It is recommended to Refresh™ the performance of your ball every 50 games, or approximately half a season if bowling one league. This can vary according to your needs and bowling environment. Only you can best judge if your equipment has a noticeable loss of performance. Some factors to consider are how often and how many games you bowl (ie; more than one league, tournaments, practice sessions, etc.), the volume of oil you encounter, and the fact that some bowling centers just aren't as clean as others.

How do I use Refresh™ to clean my ball?

Mix 2 oz. of concentrate per 1 gallon of hot water in a large bucket, then submerge the ball to be cleaned for 20-25 minutes to extract all of the deep down dirt and oils from the pores. The dirt and grime with simply float to the surface of the water as its extracted. For best results, please make sure to follow all directions on the label.

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