Motiv Flex Tape - Gray (Medium Release) - 40 Pieces

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Motiv Flex Tape - Gray (Medium Release) - 40 Pieces

  • Flex™ Protective Performance Tape is a simple 1-2-3 system with Fast, Medium, Slow release options. Each type provides a different level of surface friction and release control.
  • It is a protective tape that also comes in different thicknesses to allow it to double as a fitting tape: Fast = thin, Medium = medium, and Slow = thick.
  • Flex™ Tape utilizes a very strong adhesive with low residue.
  • Available in 1" width.
  • 40 Pieces
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4 Reviews

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    works ok, but not as well as orange/black slick tape

    I think the orange / black slick tape works better because it has less resistance out of the thumb hole. Usually one piece of tape last four five games. With the gray medium tape, I have to change the piece at least once during a three-game set. I believe it needs a stronger adhesive to compensate for the greater amount of friction. It doesn't seem like it should make that much difference but it does. All right you probably have a pretty tight thumb hole fit.

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    Sticks well and provides smooth and consistent release

    I have had great luck with Motive thumb tape. I stays put and allows different levels of thickness and release.

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    Help me for the release my ball

    I like this tape.

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