3G Formula Interchangeable Bowling Shoe Heel (H11) - Average Brake

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3G Formula Interchangeable Bowling Shoe Heel (H11) - Average Brake


Discover the game-changing innovation that will take your bowling experience to the next level – the 3G Formula Interchangeable Bowling Shoe Heels. Elevate your performance on the lanes by customizing your sliding ability effortlessly. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual enthusiast, these heels are your secret weapon for achieving the perfect slide. 


  • H3 Heel - Most Brake: Maximize your stopping power with the H3 Heel, ideal for those seeking superior control and precision. Achieve consistent slides and confidently conquer every frame. 

  • H5 Heel - Standard to More Brake: Strike the perfect balance between control and slide with the H5 Heel. From standard slide to enhanced brake, this heel adapts to your playing style. 

  • H7 Heel - Standard Brake: The H7 Heel offers a standard level of brake, giving you stability and ease of movement. Elevate your technique without sacrificing comfort. 

  • H11 Heel - Average Brake: Optimize your sliding ability with the H11 Heel. It provides an average brake to suit various lane conditions, helping you maintain control without compromising your approach. 

  • H15 Heel - Average to Less Brake: Tailor your slide to changing conditions with the H15 Heel. Transition smoothly from average to less brake for versatility that matches your game. 

  • H17 Heel - Least Brake: For those seeking minimal brake, the H17 Heel delivers unmatched precision. Enjoy ultimate stability and exceptional control as you dominate the lanes. 

Upgrade your bowling shoes effortlessly with the 3G Formula Interchangeable Bowling Shoe Heels. Unleash your true potential with these innovative heels that enhance your slide, control, and overall performance. Elevate your game today and experience the difference. 

Invest in excellence. Invest in victory. Invest in the 3G Formula Interchangeable Bowling Shoe Heels. Order now and step up your bowling game like never before! 

*Replacement heels come in both Regular (up to size 9.5) and Large (sizes 10-15) and may also need to be trimmed to size.

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