Storm Rolling Thunder Signature 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag - Black/Opal

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Storm Rolling Thunder Signature 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag - Black/Opal

4 wheels are better than 2! The new 3-Ball Signature bag is designed to help you travel with ease while also protecting your gear with advanced engineering and superior quality. With a new innovative base, four 360-degree swivel wheels, and room for up to 3 bowling balls of your choice, this bag is sure to make rolling your equipment from the car a breeze. Through rigorous testing, we added a scratch and impact resistant aluminum handle and additional stability to the ball cup holders to ensure that the balls stay safely in place even when standing upright. This bag is ready to change the gear game forever!

  • Color: Black/Opal
  • Material: Soft Shell Mock Leather
  • Strong durability withstands external impact
  • High strength dual stage aluminum handle that is scratch and impact resistant
  • Tightly stitched bottom handle for easy carrying and lifting
  • Four 360-degree swivel wheels for free direction change and movement
  • Stable ball cap holders which allow the balls to stay in place even when upright
  • Heavy-duty frame and hardware
  • Luxurious logos and smooth fabrics which are easy to clean and maintain
  • Dimensions: 14”W x 18”D x 31”T (40” fully extended)
  • Warranty: 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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1 Review

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    Terrible Bag - just buy a 3 ball slim tote and backpack.

    Posted by Justin Pharis on Dec 14th 2023

    This bag is a great idea, but the design and build are terrible. To start with the worst, this bag scratches your bowling balls. There are molded pieces in the plastic ball dividers that act to keep the ball from falling out when the bag is opened vertically. Problem is the angle and tension of these molded pieces. When you insert a ball, the edges of the molded pieces drags across the ball leaving 2 scratches on the ball on both the top and bottom. The marks are light, but cannot be wiped away with just a rag. I don’t believe a bag should leave any marks on a ball. In addition to this, when all 3 balls are in the bag, it requires an unbelievable amount of force to remove the center ball. And if you do yank it out of the center spot, the marks are much worse because of the amount of pressure on those molded pieces that secure the ball. I even tried adding some tape to prevent the scratches, but the tension is just too much. Moving past that, the wheels are the cheapest swivel wheels I could imagine. Think Walmart luggage level cheap, but even worse. I messaged Storm about my issues with the bag and they just sent me a warranty card and told me to deal with the dealer. I feel bad doing that because it isn’t Buddies fault this bag sucks. Storm made a terrible bag and is marketing it for a very high price. It will take a while for me to buy any other Storm products after this embarrassment of a bag.

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