Innovative Red Handle Insert Remover - 31/32

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Innovative Red Handle Insert Remover - 31/32"

  • This tool is used to removed bowling ball finger inserts from the ball for replacement. It is made for 31/32 inch diameter hole size. Standard hole size for finger holes with inserts.
  • Made from High Quality, Durable materials
  • Metal Blade, always for quick removal of old grips
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10 Reviews

  • 5
    Finger Grip Puller

    Solidly built. Works well. Removes grips with minimal damage (some can be reused if flipped).

  • 5

    This product is amazing in my opinion, all you do to replace worn grips is pull them back insert the remover and twist until it pulls it out enough. I love this and improve my way of grip removal

  • 5

    This is by far the best insert remover I have used to date. It is solid, quick and comfortable. Definitely would recommend this tool to any bowler who would like to find a way to save money and do their own inserts!

  • 5
    Insert remover

    Great device swapped inserts with no damage

  • 5
    Great asset for plug removal

    This is a great tool BUT it should have came with a cover over the sharp portion so that when it is in the bowling back it does not cut you or damage the bag when going from meet to meet.

  • 5
    Make quick work of removing inserts. Even if a little extra glue was used.

    Purchased this for an older Pro Shop Operator. I saw him digging out old inserts with pliers and a screw driver. I told him there was a better tool for that. He just grumbled at me. After I bought it and left it on his bench, I came in and he grumbled “that things works good” and never spoke another word about it. But trust me he uses it.

  • 5
    Red Handle Insert Remover

    Works excellent

  • 5
    Innovative Quality

    There is a reason you see a lot of red handled tools in pro shops. They get the job done. Quality tool and a must to keep grips fresh in multiple balls.

  • 5
    Red handles Insert Remover

    Use to remove old finger inserts and works just fine. Recommended by my pro-shop.

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