• Motiv Power Gel Clean - 16oz

Motiv Power Gel Clean - 16oz

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Motiv Power Gel Clean

Power Gel Clean has been USBC tested and is acceptable for use anytime. It is an incredibly effective ball cleaning gel. Power Gel Clean utilizes powerful degreasing agents to remove marks, dirt, lane oil, and grime from the bowling ball surface. And, because it is a gel, it works harder and longer to restore ball performance.

The low VOC Power Gel Clean formulation is biodegradable and formulated with natural solvents, making it and environmentally responsible ball cleaning solution.

Bargain ball cleaner
By: Brian on November 24, 2016

Power gel clean is awesome stuff, especially if using with a spinner. Cleans deep and easily with no residue, and being gel it doesn't get absorbed into the coverstock or evaporate. At $10 for 16oz it's a steal! And 16oz lasts quite a while.

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